Nikon Shot | Landingan Viewpoint Quirino Province


This week’s Nikon Shot was taken just last week when I was in a tour with fellow travel bloggers to explore the province of Quirino. One of the striking scenery during our tour was this Landingan Viewpoint in Nagtipunan, Quirino. Beautiful ridge and a commanding view of Cagayan River cutting through the valley. This one was taken with a Nikon D7100. I used the HDR feature of the camera since I forgot to bring my GND filter during the trip. I thought the in-camera HDR did well in keeping things natural. OF course this one already went to my preferred post processing. Thank you very much to Tourism Promotions Board (TPB), DOT, Guys from Binary Digital, and the LGU of Quirino Province for that adventurous weekend. May thanks to my fellow travel bloggers Mica, Christian, Atty Julius, Eric, Edgar, Marky, Sinjin and the one on the photo Kara for being a willing model for this shot. Watch out for the Quirino post to follow early next year.

Vinh Phuc Stay | Flamingo Dai Lai Resort: A Cool and Classy Escape near Hanoi

Our villa at the the Hill Top

While I enjoy Hanoi’s old world architecture and bustling city streets. Sometimes the crowd and constant noise of speeding cyclos can get tiring especially when one has to deal with the daily routines of urban life and work. A change of pace and a new environment is a welcome change to recharge and find solace in a hectic environment. Just an hour away from Hanoi is the province Vinh Phuc where the Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is located. I may not live in Hanoi, but as a tourist, I found this immense resort with well-maintained gardens, established pathways, scenic lakes, elegant villas and top-notch staff and ideal peaceful getaway near the city.

Nikon Shot | Beauty in Simplicity

A dilapidated house in Pasiagan

This was one of the first few images I shot with the Nikon D7100. I liked it so much because of the simplicity behind it hence the title “Beauty in Simplicity”. I found this dilapidated house while walking the road stretch of Pasiagan, Tawi-tawi coming from Sandbar Lepa Beach Hotel to Beach Side Inn where I was billeted that time. I had to stop and try to compose something given that the afternoon sky is starting to show it’s color. Simply one of my personal favorites.

Tawi-tawi Stay | Sandbar Lepa Beach Hotel and Restaurant

Night at the Sandbar

“Oooh! I got my own water dispenser in the room. That’s something new and unexpected for a place like this.” That was my first reaction when I saw my room at Sandbar Lepa Beach Hotel and Restaurant. Back in 2008, when I first visited Tawi-tawi, there were no cottages in this Sandbar Lepa beach. Only the lepa-styled (a house boat by the native Sama people) restaurant stood there since year 2000. Almost six years after, they now have a hotel and a huge convention hall.

Misamis Occidental | Wonders of Sapang Dalaga: From Scenic Hills to Alluring Waterfalls

View from the Sapang Dalaga Shrine

San po tayo papunta? Wala na po tayo sa road sa GPS map ko? Kala ko lake tong nasa kaliwa natin. Dagat na pala! (Where are we going? We’re far off the road from my GPS map. I thought this water on our left side was a lake. It turns out we’re near the sea already!)” I excitedly asked Mam Fe, the tourism officer of Sapang Dalaga in Misamis Occidental. Prior to my trip in this province, I never really did any research on the places to see here and just concerned myself with the lecture I did for the 9th Culinary Congress held in La Salle University in Ozamiz City. Since the event was over, we had a few days free to explore the province. The provincial tourism led by Sir Gain and Mam Pretzel, took us around to discover the attractions of the province. I just kept my mind open to what hidden gems they have and one municipality that clearly made a mark for me in terms of natural wonders is Sapang Dalaga. They got wonderful coastal scenery, breathtaking hills view and a beautiful waterfall that would surely attract nature lovers and adventurers.