Tarlac | Mt Pinatubo Aerial Tour

Approaching Mt Pinatubo crater from the air

The beautiful blemish of the Earth, Mt Pinatubo, has constantly been an impressive sight to behold. It’s hard to imagine that the destructive power of this stratovolcano has transformed its surrounding area into a magnificent alien landscape that’s constantly changing and molding. I have been to Mt Pinatubo many times already on land and have appreciated its sandy trails and oscillating cliff walls. Recently I had the fortunate chance to take a helicopter tour of this famed volcano. The Mt Pinatubo Aerial Tour was offered by ArchipelagoPH as I accompany their photo contest three winners and document their winning flight. It was also my first time to ride a helicopter so it was an opportunity that’s too hard to pass.

San Andres | Follow the Flow to Tigbi Falls

The many cascades on the lower levels of Tigbi Falls

destination which is Tigbi Falls, but I guess we were not ready for the tough and rough road (which is an understatement) ahead. Suddenly, I was harkened back to those butt-beating rides to waterfalls like in Asik-asik Falls in Cotabato and Tulgao Palan-ah Falls in Kalinga. While it’s certainly not of the same level of difficulty, it is that close to a tough ride in at least half an hour for me to recall them. But all that was a rewarding transit. Aside from the scenic landscape of Banaba village on the way, Tigbi Falls is where stuff of enchantments and lore are born.

San Vicente | Port Barton Island Hopping

Approaching an unnamed beach in Port Barton

There’s an advantage and disadvantage of staying in San Vicente town proper as I have learned. Advantage is that I get to stay real close to San Vicente’s Long Beach, the longest white beach in Palawan which I have immensely enjoyed combing through. Disadvantage is that Island Hopping here is costly unlike if I stay in Port Barton. The Island hopping tours (A to D) only cost Php 700 per head for a minimum of four people in a group. But since I’m travelling alone, I would have to shell out Php 2,000 to get to Port Barton by boat. The people at tourism office said if there are any groups from here that would do the tours I could always join in but from the looks of the people coming and going through this town, chances are pretty slim. I was resigned to spend my last full day in San Vicente by the beach when Ate Flor, the owner of Ursula Long Beach Travaller’s Inn called me up while having breakfast that she’s at the tourism office and managed to get me a slot to join a group doing a Port Barton Island Hopping Tour. I immediately said yes, quickly packed my camera and gear and hopped on a motorbike to take me to the port.

Romblon | Follow the Stream to Tuburan Falls

The upper layer of Tuburan Falls

It was mid-afternoon already and I was contemplating whether to visit another falls. One thing is for sure, my motorbike driver Alex is not familiar with all these places we’ve been visiting. For him, it was also an adventure but for me, it takes a bit more time stopping by, asking for directions and at times getting lost. I decided to gamble on the last fall on my way back. Tuburan Falls is already within the municipality of Odiongan so we left the main road again to find this falls on our way back from San Andres.

Romblon | San Andres Mablaran Falls and a Pag-alad Falls Side Trip

Mablaran Falls in San Andres, Romblon

I asked the locals what their favorite waterfalls is on the island of Tablas, Romblon. Mablaran Falls in San Andres always seem to pop up so it got me curious. The group of teen boys I met at Garing Falls in Odiongan told me it’s much easier to go there from the main road. The way is paved like a highway and people can swim at night because there are now lights. Not that I’ll go there for a night swim, but I’m interested how it looks and why is it a local favorite. From Odiongan town proper, we rode our motorbike 23km to the northern region of the island for San Andres.