San Vicente Stay | JuRiSu Resort: Home by the Long Beach

The Premium Traditional Hut

Having my stint in El Nido officially done, I decided to explore more of Palawan before heading home. San Vicente, Palawan has been getting quite some attention lately so I decided to visit that area. I wanted to stay by the vicinity of the famed Long Beach but looking for an accommodation, I noticed that most of them are within poblacion (town) which is 3km away. JuRiSu Resort popped up from my search and found their location amidst the famous beach. It became my home for 3 days in San Vicente.

El Nido | Wak-wak Hunting in Sibaltan

Wak-wak hunting on sunrise

My curious gaze fell upon a group of people wandering the beach even before the first light of the day came. I was shooting the sunrise but I was wondering what they were doing by the low tide beach. Searching for shells? No. They seemed to be digging through the sand. “Nagsimula na silang maghanap ng wak-wak. (They’re starting to hunt for wak-wak)” I heard from Arvin, a native of Sibaltan and the current tourism officer of El Nido as he called my attention. Wak-wak hunting as he fondly called. I head on to investigate.

El Nido Stay | Tapik Beach Park: Serene Home at East El Nido

El Nido sunrise at Tapik Beach Park

Discover East El Nido, the cultural side of this paradise region of Palawan. West El Nido with its dramatic karst islands and stunning beaches in Bacuit Bay may be the main draw for tourist but there’s fulfilment in discovering the quiet side of El Nido East with unspoilt beaches, island and incomparable marine life than the other side. The perfect home base in discovering the wonders of the east is Tapik Beach Park, a rustic, family-run, beachfront lodging in Sibaltan El Nido offering spartan native beach huts accommodation to more sophisticated beach cottages with elaborate designs.

El Nido Stay | Mahogany Beach Resort: Beachfront Bliss in Corong-corong

Dusk by the infinity pool at the Mahogany Beach Resort

Modern tropical-inspired bungalows and villas widely spaced apart for the guest’s utmost privacy. A private beachfront garden with sand and bermuda grass patterns forming natural pathways where people can pleasantly walk barefoot. A small but scenic pool facing the beach where guest can lounge around and watch the changing hues until dusk. For a pace like El Nido town bustling with development, El Nido Mahogany Beach Resort is a breath of fresh air from the often cold and characterless lodgings in El Nido Town.

Everyday El Nido from East to West in 25 Photos Captured using Honor 6

Corong-corong Panorama with the Honor 6

I could never get tired of walking by the beach in the afternoon after work. In fact I look forward to what the sunset would be like that day. It’s never the same, especially when the amorphous clouds roll in to paint the sky towards the end of the day. El Nido, Palawan has been my home for almost three months and it’s one of the places in the country I wouldn’t mind staying long. When an opportunity arose to work on a project there, I grabbed it immediately. How can I say no to a place surrounded by inviting turquoise waters, dramatic karst islands and captivating sunsets almost everyday? While I go around my ways in El Nido, most of the time walking, I didn’t carry my DSLR or compact camera all the time. It was my smartphone that captured most of the everyday scenery I see, and quite recently the 13MP prowess of the Huawei Honor 6 takes center stage. Here are photos of El Nido that made me appreciate the beauty of the destination every day.