Everyday El Nido from East to West in 25 Photos Captured using Honor 6

Corong-corong Panorama with the Honor 6

I could never get tired of walking by the beach in the afternoon after work. In fact I look forward to what the sunset would be like that day. It’s never the same, especially when the amorphous clouds roll in to paint the sky towards the end of the day. El Nido, Palawan has been my home for almost three months and it’s one of the places in the country I wouldn’t mind staying long. When an opportunity arose to work on a project there, I grabbed it immediately. How can I say no to a place surrounded by inviting turquoise waters, dramatic karst islands and captivating sunsets almost everyday? While I go around my ways in El Nido, most of the time walking, I didn’t carry my DSLR or compact camera all the time. It was my smartphone that captured most of the everyday scenery I see, and quite recently the 13MP prowess of the Huawei Honor 6 takes center stage. Here are photos of El Nido that made me appreciate the beauty of the destination every day.

Photo Tour | Batanes Travel Photography May 2015

Backpack Photograhy Batanes

Experience Batanes in a new light. Be there when the landscapes unravel at sunrise. Marvel at the changing nuances of light at sundown. Venture to the wilder coasts of Sabtang Island. Be captivated by Batanes the Backpack Photography way.

El Nido | Bike and Climb to Mt Mansilawit Pasadeña

Trail dog Tsatik overlooking the summit of Mt Mansilawit

The mountain’s Hersheys chocolate kisses-like shape makes it an eye-catching roadside attraction when passing through the main highway of Pasadeña to Barotuan, about 12km north of El Nido from the town center. But it took a while before someone conquered the summit of Mt Mansilawit despite its low elevation as there were tales of giant snakes and notorious monkeys living on this mountain. Pasadeña Native couple, Sylvia and Alex were brave enough to explore and are now lead guides to share the wonders of this little mountain. I decided to bike here from town since I’ve been curious about this mountain and I thought biking would be the best way to see other places en route. It took me almost an hour to reach the signage pointing the way to the mountain.

Anda Stay | Little Miami Beach Resort: Home by the White Beach

Little Miami Beach Resort's gate

Anda’s Quinale Beach is such a gorgeous beach. I knew the moment I saw its stretch of white sand I didn’t go wrong on choosing an accommodation just a stone’s throw away to the inviting sea and to the attractive shores. Little Miami Beach Resort is a small 9-cottage resort along Quinale Beach and served as my home in Anda for a couple of nights. I wasn’t expecting much at first but the cottages were a surprise and the location very pleasant.

Linapacan | South Island Hopping at Magransing and Mausonoan Islands

White Beach at Mausonoan Island

Being one of the “35 Clearest Waters to Swim Before You Die” from the viral list site of Daily News Dig, has placed the municipality of Linapacan, Palawan in the world map. While the main photo there is a bit misleading (since that one was from El Nido), being part of the list made people curious of this set of remote islands found in between the north Palawan mainland of El Nido and south of Calamianes Archipelago. My curiosity led me to east of El Nido where I had a chance to go island hopping to the southern islands of this famed municipality to see if the claims were true. Are the waters truly clear as they claim?