IGACOS | Tagbaobo Falls Natural Mist and Showers

Tagbaobo Falls in Samal Island

Coming from a brief stop at the copra workers of Tagbaobo, we continued driving for about 10-minutes before finally reaching Tagbaobo falls entrance. Tagbaobo Falls, found in Barangay Kaputian is less frequented by visitors since its farther southeast of Samal Island unlike Hagimit Falls. There’s a small shed for registration and entrance fee (Php 40/head) for visitors. The falls is also known as Mangongawong Falls by the locals but they prefer the former name since it is easier to pronounce.

Cagayan de Oro Stay | Tune Hotels and DDD Habitat Pension House CDO

DDD Habitat (left) and Tune Hotels (right)

We are now at the last leg of our Travel Mindanao journey and our final stop is the city of Cagayan de Oro in the province of Misamis Oriental. After our adventure-packed, the group needed a much-deserved breather and we are glad our Cagayan de Oro stay offered those and more. For the first two nights we were billeted at the fast growing budget hotel chain Tune Hotels and in out final night the small but cozy lodging at DDD Habitat Pension House CDO.

IGACOS | A Stop at the Copra Workers of Tagbaobo Samal Island

A copra worker in Tagbaobo

Coconuts spread like a carpet out under the sun, flanking the dirt road of a small community in Tagbaobo. I see people busy and absorb with what they are doing with the coconuts. “They are copra workers!” my motorbike driver, Ginjan tells me. I was supposed to go to my next waterfall destination coming from Hagimit Falls in Peñaplata, north of Samal Island but this scenery of copra workers in a small community of Tagbaobo caught my attention. Since I had the luxury of my own vehicle, I told Ginjan to head back.

Travel Mindanao | A Daring 6-hour Atugan River Trek at Impasug-ong Bukidnon

Travel Mindanao at Atugan River

As if our unexpected night trek from Dila Falls in CEDAR Impasug-ong would quell our adventurous spirit that day, we are again lurched into the unknown adventure. Well not completely unknown but the degree of activity would challenge not only to our group in this trek but also the people who are attempting to organize the Atugan river Trek in Impasug-ong as an eco-tourism destination. Members of the Travel Mindanao team were willing guinea pigs in this exploration of trekking more than 8km of the Atugan river stretch.

Nasugbu | Stay at Pico Sands Hotel: A Taste of a Life in Endless Vacation

The Pico Sands Hotel

I’ve always imagined myself living in a coast close to nature. A beautiful beach cove just a stretch away, mountains surrounding my home and cool fresh air naturally in abundance. I got to experience what is like to live in a community as such when we visited Pico Sands Hotel in Pico de Loro, Hamilo Coast, Batangas. An exclusive private residential development, the Pico Sands Hotel caters to guest and club members within the area.