San Vicente Stay | Ursula Long Beach Traveler’s Inn

View from my room at Ursula Long Beach

I have ran to the northern most part of the famous San Vicente Long Beach when I stayed at JuRiSu Inn situated in the central stretch of the beach. For another couple of nights I decided you stay at the southern end so I decided on booking at the only resort found on this side of the beach which is Ursula Long Beach Traveler’s Inn. An interesting family ran resort amidst a fishing village.

San Pascual | Balinsasayaw House: Home to 80,000 Swiftlets

Close up with a couple of swiftlets

At the towering limestone cliff walls in Palawan or high up the ceiling in the deep cave chambers in Cagayan, I have seen harvesters risk their lives climbing sharp walls or hanging by the ceiling supported only by a rope in order to gather the swiftlet bird’s nest. The swiftlets locally known as the Balinsasayaw uses their saliva to build their nest. When the nest is submerged in water, it becomes gelatinous and has been used as an exotic ingredient by the Chinese in their Bird’s Nest soup for over 400 years. People risk their lives for this as this lucrative nest cost about US$2000 per kilo. A house however in San Pascual, Burias Island in Masbate have another story. There is a Balinsasayaw House where an estimate of 80,000 swiftlets live right under their basement.

Manila | City of Dreams DreamPlay : Play, Create, Learn

Dreamplay at the City of Dreams

I got a couple of nieces from Guam having vacation in our house. With their parents still out of the country, it’s up to us on how to keep these hyper-active kids of 5 and 9yo busy. One way would be the occasional visits to amusement parks. One such newly opened park is the DreamPlay at the City of Dreams in Manila. If you (and your kids) are a fan of DreamWorks animation like Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon to name a few. This would be really interesting to visit.

Palawan Stay | Microtel by Wyndham Puerto Princesa: Emerald Beach and Mangroves

Emerald Beach and Microtel by Wyndham

Staying for the fourth time in a hotel means I like the establishment a lot. That I trust in the quality of the rooms and also the service they provide. That I could say for Microtel by Wyndham Puerto Princesa Palawan. If I ever wanted to stay in a beachfront property in Puerto Princesa, this is a top choice in mind. It has been five years since I first came here and I have to commend how well they have maintained the place. Yes a few little changes here but it’s the same old Microtel I liked.

San Pascual | Chasing the Light at Tinalisayan Islet and Sandbar

Shooting sunrise on a hill at Tinalisayan Island

The day was quickly coming to a close. When I thought we were heading back to mainland we were told that we’ll visit one last island on our way back to San Pascual proper. Tinalisayan islet is only 1.5 nautical miles from mainland, roughly a 20 minute motorboat ride from town. After seeing the two islands Animasola and Sombrero Islands, I thought I wouldn’t be surprised anymore but Tinalisayan islet has a little bit of everything. A white sand beach, a scenic hill with nearby rock formations, a long sandbar off the coast and burst of sunrise and sunset colors.