Nikon Shot | Lighthouse Family

Cotta Fort Lighthouse

For this week’s Nikon Shot, here’s a very recent photo (taken yesterday) at the Cotta Fort Lighthouse in Ozamiz City. It’s my first time in this city and province. It was great experience as I had the opportunity to share my blogging expertise to the students here through La Salle University’s “9th Culinary Congress: Promoting Food Tourism through Social Media”. I was there to represent my other blog After the talk, we walked down the street of Ozamiz towards the Cotta Fort. We had a lovely light that afternoon that I had to take a photo of my companions along with that lighthouse atop the fort. I called this photo “Lighthouse Family”

Tawi-tawi Stay | Almari Beach Resort: Dr Ibbo’s Famous Beach

The beach stretch of the famous Dr Ibbo's beach in Tawi-tawi

If you have ever seen Christian Bautista’s music video “Masusulan Tawi-tawi” and wondered where that picturesque beach was where most of the budding romance scenes from the video were shot? Look no further than in Pahut, Bongao in Tawi-tawi. This is the famous Dr Ibbo’s Beach now known as Almari Beach Resort. The landmark mangrove tree, the white beach, clear sea waters, peaceful garden and native cottages makes this a local favorite in Tawi-tawi.

Hanoi | In and Around the Old Quarter : The Familiar Old Town

A cyclo speeds through the Old Quarter of Hanoi

I can’t help but feel nostalgic. Six years is quite a long time to return to a place. Hanoi was such a favorite destination of mine back then. Yes I’ve treaded the streets of the Old Quarter before, went to an overnight cruise at Ha Long Bay and even enjoyed the misty coolness of Sapa Valley during my first visit in Northern Vietnam. But I don’t mind going back to see what has changed that’s why I didn’t think twice when an invite for a familiarization tour of Hanoi, organized by Cebu Pacific Air and Stratworks came in the email. There’s the certain comfort of stepping back into the familiar and also a certain anxiety to see how things have transitioned from now to then.

Nikon Shot | The Multi-Colored Heavenly Palace Cave

The Heavenly Palace Cave in Halong Bay

I thought this shot has nothing spectacular in terms of composition, nor am I a fan of the multi-colored lights this Heavenly Palace Cave or locally known as Thien Cung Cave of Halong Bay has. The cave itself though, a huge chamber, with winding pathways really has impressive stalactites and stalagmites. What made me choose this photo of the Heavenly Palace Cave has more to do with Nikon D7100’s high ISO capabilities. I wasn’t able to bring my tripod inside the cave and had to rely on the camera’s high ISO to get steady shots. This photo I took hand-held is already at ISO 8063 (and extended ISO mode) and it still has very impressive detail.

Baguio Stay | C Boutique Hotel: Artsy, Fancy and Mountain Views

C Boutique Hotel Deluxe Room

Figuring out Baguio’s transport system can be daunting at first due to its winding and narrow roads. But staying there for four nights, I got a gist of commuting and can go comfortably off town. While not centrally located downtown near Session Road, C Boutique Hotel has its own special charm. Coming from the mountain haven of Sagada, C Boutique Hotel was a quiet transition. It’s away from the bustling city center and closer to the mountain views in which Baguio is known.