Pasonanca Park Tree house

Pansonanca Park Tree house

Hi guys, advance Happy All Souls day to you all! The next update will be sometime next week as I’m sure some of you will be out on a trip either for visiting their departed love ones at their provinces or out on a personal trip. Whichever it my be, have a safe journey and bring back more stories as well. This is my last entry on Zamboanga, I think I’ve already exhausted my materials and it’s time to get some more. I hope you guys enjoy this entry on Pasonanca Natural Park. The park which was opened last June 2004 in Sitio Canacutan in Barangay Pasonanca, which is around 20-minutes drive from city proper is considered as one of Zamboanga’s Pride.

Inspecting the tree house

Inspecting the tree house

The park boast at least 17,400 hectares and 90% of the area is a forest high in biodiversity of flora and fauna. And what better way to experience the area is by staying at Zamboanga’s famous Tree House. I’ve always wanted to stay at a tree house since a kid I’ve envied those children at TV with their tree houses at their backyards. This tree house has been here even befre the park. It was built by local legend Mayor Cesar Climaco in 1960. They said visitors are allowed to stay at the tree house for a night or two with permission from the Mayor’s office. The house was locked when we were there but looking inside it seems to have the basic facilities one would need. if I had known we could stay here we could booked ahead.

Scout Tents at the park

Scout Tents at the park

The park has also been a popular setting for camping activities especially for boy scouts and girl scouts. Fitting place indeed with such a wide ground area. Also to make it easier for the scouts, they already made some huts there for their use.

Goofing around the park stage

Goofing around the park stage

Nearby the camping area is a multi purpose outdoor auditorium and stage. And in the middle there are these circular stands for purposes we do not know. But it was a nice place to get some decent pictures for our purpose.

Hanging bridge

Hanging bridge

While on the road we saw this hanging bridge. Nothing really special about it we just figured in checking it out. There’s a river there were some locals were doing their laundry.

Freedom Park Canyons

Freedom Park Canyons

We also managed to visit what the legendary Mayor Climaco considered his “labor of love”, the Freedom Park. Here at this hill, you could have an overlooking view of the Pasonanca Park. There we found some canyons also known as the “Guns of Aggression”, probably used during the war. Also placed there on what seemed to be a large helmet designed mausoleum is the remains of a unknown soldier.

Climaco memorial and Mt. Columbato behind

Climaco memorial and Mt. Pulumbato behind

Also nearby is the burial ground of Zamboanga’s well loved mayor Cesar C. Climaco. He has done a lot of good in Zamoanga and it was a shocking news when he was assassinated in November 14, 1984. He was shot in the head with a .45 caliber pistol. This hill is also the jump-off point to Mt. Pulumbato. It was fairly an easy climb to the peak as the trail has the stations of the cross. We didn’t climb there though as my companions were already tired out and the sun was just blazing at that time.

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Ferdz Decena is an award-winning travel photographer, writer and blogger. His works has found print in publications such as Singapore Airlines’s Silver Kris, Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay, Cebu Pacific’s Smile and Seair InFlight. He has also lent his expertise to various organizations like the Oceana Philippines, Lopez Group Foundation, Save the Children and World Vision, contributing quality images for their marketing materials.

31 Responses to “Zamboanga: Pasonanca Park Fun”

  1. hi Ferdz 🙂

    I love the tree house. Like you it is also a childhood dream..well actually I still want to have a tree house but I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen hehe

    The hanging bridge btw looks scary hehe

    Enjoy the long vacation and I hope you don’t mind if I link you. Cheers!

  2. ei fred, i’m joeyalaiza, also a finalist in the PWA personal category. i just found your blog very interesting and i believe we have a lot in common. i also love travelling and photography. invite me sometime. there’s a lot of place i wanna see. goodluck!

  3. I’ve been to this place quite a number of times already, since I was a child, but going back there is always an experience, giving harbor and fresh breather from the urban environment, with nature still lush and the air is still fresh.

    By the way, it’s Mt. Pulongbato and not Columbato. The path that leads to the cross is just hafway to the peak. But the trail to the peak is not that hard to climb, and the view is so good up there.

  4. i just met with my friend from zamboanga and he was telling me a lot of nice things about zamboanga. he was inviting me to visit, and maybe next year i would be free from work and attend the la hermosa festival.

    i just came back from my recent trip to bacolod city for their annual masskara festival and took pictures and shot some videos. i also visited silay city, dumaguete city, and siquijor. i would like to share them with you.

    here it the link of my blog at

  5. Loved the photos of the tree house, the Boy Scout Camp, the “Guns of Aggression” and the hanging bridge. The hanging bridges were always scary to me as a kid, especially when there were a lot of people crossing at the same time because you couldn’t balance too well as the bridge swayed this way and that! My dad’s gravesite looks well cared for.

  6. zamboguy

    I believe those circular stands represent the number of zamboangueno boy scouts who perished in the plane crash that was to take them in an international jamboree. That camping site is named after the scoutmaster of the Zamboanga delegation, Scout Limbaga, who also died in that plane crash. I don’t remember the date but there’s a memorial in the background. I need to visit the place again to refresh my memory. It’s been a while since I last visited that area of the park.

  7. zamboguy

    I stand corrected. The circular stands actually represent all the members of the Philippine Boy Scout delegation that was to attend the 11th World Jamboree sometime in the 1960’s in Greece. Scout Limbaga was the only Zamboangueno member of that group.

  8. S.E. Z.C.,BSP

    The 3rd photo shows the wigwams which may accomodate up to four medium sized adults. There are 24 of them and each represents the tent of each member of the 24 Scout and Scouter contingent who, on July 28, 1963, perished in a plane crash while on way to Marathon Greece to attend the 11th World Jamboree. The camp was built in their honor. One of them was Scout Antonio Limbaga from Zamboanga City. You may have heard of 11th Jamboree St. and the streets bearing the Scout’s names. Zamboanga City Council, BSP annualy commemorates July 28 Scouts Memorial Day with a mass and floral offering ceremony. An overnight vigil preceeds the mass. We are, in fact, busy preparing for this year’s camp which opens on July 25, 2009 (Saturday) Around 500-700 Scouts from all over Zamboanga City take part in the Scout Memorial Camp.

    The 4th photo shows the center of the amphitheater. The “circular stands” are stools representing each of the 24 Scouts. The greyish mound inside the circle are ashes. That’s the campfire circle.

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