Nokia N82 Field Test


Nokia N82 5 megapixel camera phone with Xenon Flash

Nokia N82 5 megapixel camera phone with Xenon Flash

Who said the megapixel race is only for Digital SLRs? Right now mobile phone manufacturers are also into the megapixel race on their camera dedicated phones. Though I always argue that bigger megapixel isn’t really that big of a deal in real world use, I guess it’s comforting to know that you have a crop option when you have more resolution available. Recently, Nokia Philippines was kind enough to loan a few select photobloggers to test, use and experience their latest 5 megapixel Camera Phone, Nokia N82 with built-in Xenon Flash.

Testing the Built-in GPS capability of Nokia N82

Testing the Built-in GPS capability of Nokia N82

I was able to take this gadget along with me on my most recent trip with the whole family and was able to field test some of its features. I will post some photos and yes some videos as well that I’ve taken with this cameraphone. I’ll post my full review in a couple of weeks after the testing period. So far there are features that I really like but with a few minor quirks as well.

The first Nokia Cameraphone with Xenon Flash

The first Nokia Cameraphone with Xenon Flash

The Camera Phone market has been dominated by Sony Ericsson’s Cybershot Kxx series phones. I’m not really a Nokia user, so it’s really refreshing to get to try this one and actually compare to my good ol’ and reliable Sony Ericsson K800i. I would have wish if Sony Ericsson could also loan me their latest 5 megapixel K850i so I could actually compare head-to-head but right now I have to use my old phone. So will I be a Nokia convert with their latest offering of Nokia N82? Will see in a week’s time .

17 comments on “Nokia N82 Field Test

  1. verns on

    I’m actually using K800i too…I kinda love it.

    Anyway cp buyers should be careful because I’ve heard there are a lot of fake cellphones going around…of course, lucky are those who can determine the difference of the original ones from the fake ones.

  2. rayts on

    Ericson user din ako. but every now and then i go back to Nokia. as Sidney said, they are easy to use and to navigate. so bagkano naman ito sa market? 😀

  3. Eric on

    Technology has started to govern and rule our lives whether we like it or not…modesty aside,I still using the old Nokia phones but I decided to buy a new chinese phone which has a good mega pixel that takes pictures clearly.

  4. Ferdz on

    @ Oggie: Yeah! ito yung 5MP ng Nokia to compete with the other brands.

    @ Major Tom: Impressive feature set indeed.

    @ Sidney: Nokia phones are user friendly, I guess its what makes them quite popular.

    @ May: Fancy and Stylish

    @ Verns: Love the K800i as well. Yes, people should buy from those reputable stores instead of the stalls at the streets. Your unit may be a second had one, snatched, worse, even frankensteined.

    @ Rayts: They’re positioning this at the same price as the K850i. So that would be around 22k-24k on initial release if I’m not mistaken

    @ Eric: I heard about that China Phone, me TV tuner pa. hehe

    @ Mimi: Haven’t checked the stores yet but I’m guessing its around 22k-24k. Will update you guys.

    @ iRonni: Buy na!

    @ Ivan: Pahiram pag nagkita tayo! hehe

  5. nhick on

    Thanks Ferdz. The CP that the salesman’s offering me said it was N95 8GB ( with a free added movie of the latest film). It sounds very convincing and thank you for the tips.

  6. Kyels on

    I’d like to have this cellphone but it is too new in the market and it will be too high a price for it. Anyway, I heard that the cellphone is awesome and haven’t had the chance to test it yet.


  7. pink panther on

    aba! may bago kang phone…parinig ba talaga sa sony ericsson hehehe… kahit naman yun dati mo phone ok rin. magaling ka magcapture ng magagandang angles…yun ang mas ok.


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