Looking for Bassist and Guitarist

Hey pips!! Helping out a friend here, maybe some of you or you know someone who’s interested.



Our band is looking for a bass player and a guitar player . Our music genre ranges from Metal sub genres Grindcore , Hardcore, Nu-Metal to Alternative, Punk, Ska, Thrash. (Well you’ll get the idea.)

Deftones, Hatebreed, Hum, Sepultura, Incubus and Soulfly. (just to name a few of our our influences).

You can get in touch with me via e-mail:
[email protected] I could e-mail you zipped mp3 of our demo.

Muchoz Graciaz,



Corporate Christmas

Been busy lately, it seems that christmas parties are everywhere, left and right. Well as for us we’re busy thinking of a presentation for our “Safari” themed christmas. And we’re having a hard time…

What we thought of recently just for participation are our “animal” masks.

Sigh… lots to do….

Auditory Brainwash

I swear if I hear another note or song from Martin Nievera, I’ll just drop dead and vanish. Just this afternoon on my way home from Quiapo, I rode an FX back home, traffic was slow and the driver was playing 2 CDs of Martin Nievera over and over again that it’s kinda irritating. Maybe more than halfway towards home I had a breath of relief as he changed the cd only to find out that it’s the 3rd CD of Martin Nievera playing. What a fan he is!!!

Well anyways I can’t do anything about that. But I did manage to buy one of the things in my wish list, a Nextbase MDV1 Handy DVD Player. I could have gotten it cheaper by 300pesos but the stock at Watsons Electronics ran out just that morning and settled at the 2nd cheapest at Raon. Just tested it with DVDs, VCDs, MP3s, jpg files and Audio CDs and it’s working OK. Its small, slim and slick beauty!!!

Cool Site Alert!!!

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve seen a site as refreshing as Neave. Cleverly combining both HTML and flash, a very cool fluid design and neat content. Really Nice. check it out.


InMotion in CSSVault

A very big thanks to Paul Scrivens of 9rules for addind InMotion to it’s CSSVault Gallery. Check CSSVault for more CSS designed sites and resources.

CSS Vault

And also check out the showcase section Philweavers.net where InMotion could also be found, along with other sites by Filipino designers.

Where’s the Flash Content?

I apologize again to the people who’s been coming from flash portal or directory sites. I promise to have new flash content in the coming weeks, I will also upload the old versions which were done in flash so it can be viewed again by the public. Been playing around with Flash MX 2004 trial and found some nifty stuff there. Just wait up for some goodies…


Just the other day I signed a contract to regularize my employment in my current company. Also there was this task of specifying 3 goals for the next six months. These goals may be in specializing in certain softwares and gaining certificates or learning new skills that will help the person as well as the company. Up to now, weeks had passed I have not been able to specify two more goals, it made me think a lot really. GOALS.

I’ve been trying to find new softwares to learn but it’s not that easy here as all software in our company are original and adding one would entail buying another pricy original. I’ve also looked into the ICS courses in which my friend/officemate is currently involved right now but there isn’t one that I’m kinda interested in really. I asked our project manager if it’s alright to enroll in some short courses and she said it was okay. Right now I’m still in search actually on what to enroll in.

Well digging deeper, and thinking wider, the search for a goal made me think about my direction and asked myself “What do I really wanna do? Where am I heading here?”. Years back like in college I had a clear picture of this in my mind. I was able to formulate an “Ideal” that would guide me in my decisions until I finished college. An ideal you say, well it’s something of a goal, which is like a guiding star, you can’t reach it but it can guide you to the right direction. I’ve lost that ideal somehow and now I have to fish it out again. There are so much direction to choose, so many paths to follow…Maybe someone from a distance could throw a stone at me from a certain direction so it could call my attention 😛