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Backpack Photography 101 in Corregidor

Photography 101 in Corregidor

For me Photography is like learning how to ride a bike or driving, once you learn the basics, it should be second nature to you in order for you to speed away and shoot. We invite you to learn the fundamentals in photography and apply them on a weekend in Corregidor Island for Backpack Photography 101. Learn about history while you learn about photography. Explore the Rock while you explore your photographic talents. See Corregidor in a new light.

Batanes Backpack Photography and Itbayat Chronicles 2010


I have written plenty about Batanes on this blog and I’m sure when I go back there, I’ll find more things to write about again. It just shows how I love the place. It’s like being in a foreign land yet with the familiar warmth and hospitality the Filipinos are known for. For the mean time, here’s the chronicles summary from my recent visit to Batanes in conjunction to the Backpack Photography Workshops to cap off this series. I also hope you enjoy the Batanes Islands video I put together.

Batanes: A Road Trip to Raele Itbayat


I felt the wind from the fan blowing through the mosquito net that morning. It was like an alarm clock waking me up. It’s 6 o’clock I guess, since electricity on the island resumes at this time. It was already bright when I looked through the window. We’ll be leaving the Island today but not before we do little exploration down south. I asked Nanay Gordo downstairs if the municipal truck was available and we were lucky it was. We got our things ready and headed for a quick breakfast.

Batanes: Afternoon at the Port of Pagganaman Itbayat


I always like to trace back places I’ve been before and see how has time changed it. Walking from the plaza of Mayon Centro after taking shots of Sta Maria Church, I try to recall the steps we went through heading to Pagganaman Port. Just to be sure, we asked this nice lady who looked like a school teacher for directions. We were heading on the right trail. This is the 1.7 kilometers walk to Pagganaman Port.

Batanes: Itbayat’s Sta Maria Mayon Centro and Church


I didn’t remember this road trek to be so exhausting. Or it must be the unrelenting mid-day sun bearing down on our backs as we walk the paved sloping road from Chinapoliran Port to the town Mayon Centro. It seemed so easy back then. Maybe because I was 5 years younger when we walked this path in a breeze back then. It seems so long and the thought of it make me feel old. But it’s nice to be back on this large rock called Itbayat. After walking half a kilometer and occasional stops where there are tree shades, a white pickup truck pulled over and offered us a ride to town. Nothing beats a welcome with kindness like this.