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Zambales: The Nagsasa Outback

The golden fields and a lone tree at Nagsasa Outback

No this ain’t Colorado or some far-flung out of the country outback, it’s still in the Philippines. And if there are any place within the country that resembles these landscapes, Nagsasa Zambales is definitely one of them. Nagsasa is more than its beautiful cove, while we explored deeper along the river, I can’t help but feel elated with the scenery I’m seeing. Along with this is the disappointing reality of what a few selfish hunters would go through just to get their prized game.

Zambales: Wonders of Nagsasa Cove

A man deep in thought at the rocky shores of Nagsasa during sunset

Sometimes I just want to be selfish and keep a place to myself, I thought while I was gently swaying on a hammock, under the trees, with refreshing breeze blowing, view of blinding white sands, deep blue horizon and birds enthusiastically in concert above me. But then again, people will always find a way to discover a place like this Nagsasa Cove in San Antonio Zambales. And once word gets out, people would flock here. Just the thought of this quiet cove turning into another crowded tent city beach makes me cringe. I know it’ll be inevitable but for now I’ll make sure I enjoy and every minute I’m here.