I was on my way to the office this morning and saw that I still have a lot of time in my hand. After going down the FX I decided to slow my pace and take a look around me, observe the people walking by, passing through. No point in this really but merely observe. Today, majority of people walking have black pants, possibly of corporate offices, they walk fast seemingly to catch the time. Hair styles for men are mostly those fad mushroom like styles where they comb from the back middle on all directions then from their bangs they comb it upward then put on a gel or something to make it stay that way, neat and clean (and mediocre actually). Most women of stereotype office has their black pants and the blaziers(?) which is normal of an office attire. Mostly of them are in a rush of course. But there are those who seems to be taking their time as well. There was this guy with an in-ear-phones on who is just there walking slow listening to his music.

There are familiar faces in the morning as well, there is this fat guy I always walk by as he goes in the opposite direction, he’s in his office attire and would always carry some plastic bags with him aside from his own bag. I dunno why he carries a lot of things but he’s sorta a clock for me which means it’s around 7:40 am.

What’s the point of this actually, nothing, I just have too much time on my hands and thought of people watching. Or maybe just to see how people go by their routines. ROUTINES somehow I loathe them. They they keep order of of some menial task yes, but if it keeps hold of you, you’ll be sort of a zombie without even knowing it.

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