I just got home from our recent Food trip with Lakbay. Yeah a food trip I wasn’t expecting for the night. We went to QC after one Rod invited us all to “Mister Kababs”, one of the best Shawarma Eateries in the metro. Eds and I decided to go but first we went to Vidge’s office which was much nearer to us and decided to chat for a while, while we wait for Marco to arrive. It has been some time since we have seen each other. Like Christmas party I think.

In one of our discussions we were talking about drugs and how they effect people and how people would do the most “Pathethic” (in my opinion) things just to get themselves high. Those devices they make to induce themselves into a sort of frenzy. I never know how or why do people get involve in drugs, curiosity maybe, or some sort of “Pakikisama” (camaraderie), but to get themselves into something that they know is to be a junkie makes me think. For many times I have been offered those things but never did I accept even a single zip even to satisfy my curiosity, I guess I just don’t need them all this time. But I do admire those people who were able to got out into it or were able to control themselves from becoming junkies.

Anyways the night was great, getting together for some stories was really nice somehow. Especially the food. Our first stop first was “World Toppings”, tasted their Crispy Adobo Flakes, which was quite satisfying for it’s price. Then we moved on to Kababs and ended our food trip there. It’s nice to get along with these people once in a while. Hear what their future plans are, share their thoughts and experiences and laugh once in a while. It’s been more than a year since I’ve been with these guys and I’mreally glad to have met them somehow as i think of it now.

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