Fort Ilocandia Fountain

Fort Ilocandia Fountain

Spanning 77 hectares in area, Fort Ilocandia, the only five-star hotel resort in northern Luzon, is also considered as one of the largest resorts in Asia. This historical fort is adorned with terra-cotta brick walls highlighted by warm lightings in the hallways and numerous paintings on the walls. It will surely warp you back in the Grand Spanish era.


Hallway Guardian

It’s huge garden just captivated us. It was my second time visiting the place and its garden never fails to grab you. It’s like a slice of the royal palace garden in Europe with its central fountain meserizing you with its play of colors at night. This time around, I’m grateful because we had a chance to stay here and make it our base on touring the north. Although there were some boboos in arranging our accommodation here, we managed to enjoy our stay.

Presidential Suite

The luxurious Presidential Suite’s bed

Our guide told me that this Fort was hurried in contruction during Marcos time so it would make it in time for Imee Marcos’ wedding. Haven’t verified that info yet though, but I’ve learned from the past, that when the Marcoses wants it done, it should be. Right now, most of the stocks and ownership are owned by a foreign cooperative JIMEI of Hongkong. Which explains its regular crowds of Chinese, Koreans and Japanese which are whisked immediately from the Laoag International Airport.

I just wish though I was able to stay at their Presidential Suite. I could live there for days. Hehehe.

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