Maira-ira Beach at Blue Lagoon

Maira-ira Beach at Blue Lagoon

My recent visit to the North finally gave us a chance to visit a more secluded beach beyond the Saud beach in Pagudpud. The scenic cove of Maira-ira beach also known as Blue Lagoon is a 20 minutes drive from Saud Beach. I don’t know why they coined the place as “Blue Lagoon” since it’s more of a cove than a lagoon. I guess the title has a more mysterious or romantic feel to it. Romantic may be a better term as this once secret beach has only one resort available and is perfectly tucked away from the crowds. There are exotic cottages there for rent for only Php 20 if you are not planning on staying by the nearby Kapuluan Vista Resort.

The beach has off-white grainy sand and really blue waters like a gigantic swimming pool. The depth could get deep short distance from the shore but the floor is all sand so it’s safe to swim on your bare feet. There’s a slight undertow as well. We really have fun at this beach since it’s not crowded and the water is enjoyable.

Patapat Bridge

Cavity at Patapat Bridge

Driving for 20 more minutes, we wound up at the winding bridge of Patapat. This scenic bridge at the foot of the North Cordillera Mountains connects the Northern east and west tip of Luzon. From Ilocos Norte you can have a scenic drive here all the way to Cagayan Valley. Those who do the Northen Luzon Horse-Shoe trip usually pass by this bridge. During heavy rainfall it’s quite dangerous though as large rocks usually fall from the mountains and crash on the bridge causing cavities along it.

Agua Grande river stream

Freshen up and a good back massage at Agua Grande

Just at the end of Patapat you’ll find yourself at the Agua Grande resort, where a stream of water coming from the nearby Mabugabog Falls heading out to the sea will give you a fresh rinse from the salt of the sea and a nice back massage as well.

Agua Grande

Relax and view the south China Sea at Agua Grande

At the end of the day, we really enjoyed our time here at the land edge of Luzon, where the South China Sea hugs its shores, and where historical landmarks merge with the natural wonders around it.