Harry the friendly tiger

Harry the friendly tiger

A new attraction around the Vigan area in Ilocos Sur is Chavit Singson’s Baluarte. If Ilocos Norte is Marcos territory, Vigan is where the Singson’s rule. The Baluarte is a 20 hectare land with a mini zoo, shooting range, and a chapel. It is also known as Chavit’s Fortress. Access to the mini zoo, where Singson’s numerous pet tigers and other animals are found are free for the public, as he considers this as a gift to the people.

Even if the place is still being developed, the place does look good. Harry, the friendly tiger is found at the entrance. Unfortunately, the handler isn’t around because I’d really want to touch that tiger. Seems like a giant stuff toy. I must warn though that if you are going to bring children, watch them closely as the cages for the wild tigers aren’t safe. The cages are too accessible and a child can easily slip their hands as the bars are too wide apart.

Ruffa, the lonely orangutan

Ruffa, the lonely orangutan

There’s also Ruffa a lone Orangutan nearby Harry. She’s quite gloomy at that time as we found out later that her companion orangutan just died.

The Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden

Butterfly macro

A butterfly macro shot

There’s also the butterfly garden there. A walking tour inside would be worth a while. See how they breed and grow their butterflies from cocoons.

A free pony ride

A free palomino ride

Also enjoyable for the kids and kids at heart is the free palomino ride where it will take you to a large field where ostriches are free to roam around. Although it’s free, it would be courteous to give a tip to the driver.


A towering Ostrich

Singson's Baluarte

Singson’s Baluarte

There are still more animals and sights to see at the Baluarte, and I bet once the place has finished in development it would draw more crowds as a recreational activity from visiting Vigan. We asked our caretaker-slash-guide on how much is it to maintain the place, he said it takes around a million pesos a day to maintain the place. Wow! Singson indeed has a lot of money to spare.

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