My breakfast meal

My breakfast meal

I woke up so early today for some strange unknown reason. I looked into my phone clock and saw that it was 4:44 am which weirded me out and noticed there was no signal around with the “Emergency Calls Only” on the network status. Tossing and turning around to get some shut eye but the zzzz’s has already flown by the window and all I see is the deep blue sky at dawn penetrating this mind boggling early morning wake up call.

I decided to prepare my usual breakfast. First off I heated off a cup of water for my Quaker Oats meal. Yeah, a lot of people would ask how I can keep on eating such a bland tasting meal. Well the trick is to add variety of flavor in it. For the Quaker Oats I usually buy the Blue one where you can cook it quick not the red one which you just add hot water. The quick cooking variety has thicker and tastier oats and still has more nutrients than the refined instant oats. Adding to it are 2 tablespoons of Whole Ground Flaxseed to add a nutty flavor and supercharge it with nutrients. And to add more flavors I add either skim non-fat milk or choco, in this case it’s Milo Fuze. As a sweetener, since I don’t use sugar, I add a handful of raisins for a fruity flavor. Mix them all up and enjoy.

Looking around the fridge I found some leftover spaghetti sauce from the other day. I pulled out 2 whole wheat buns, cut them in half, spread the sauce all over them and grated some cheese and nuked them inside the oven toaster.

While toasting there’s the matter of the eggs. Never a day I miss one of these protein essential. Usually it’s sunny side up, so if I don’t get to finish all, I’ll just bring them on work later on adding a slice of Canadian Back Bacon and cheese for snack.

Lastly some fruits. Only got a banana in the fridge though, so I’ll go with that.

Well that completes it and I’ll be full for a few hours hehehe.

I just hope I don’t get to wake up that early again.

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