Bawal! Prohibited! Sign at the mini Japanese Garden

(Update April 16, 2014: Check out the updated post on RAVE of Pasig here)

I’m currently handcuffed on my new job so I think I won’t be able to have any major travels until the end of the year. So trying to find a decent weekender getaway would be my challenge now. And what better way to start would be my neighborhood. Just a short tricycle ride worth 40 pesos for special trip or a jeepney ride to Stella Maris is Pasig then a tricycle worth 7 pesos will take you to one of the neat attractions in Pasig in the Mercedes area – The Rainforest Park Pasig.

At the Butterfly Garden

At the Butterfly Garden

The Rainforest Park Pasig was fully developed three years ago by Mayor Eusebio. It was a gift to Pasigueños that’s why there are no entrance fees here. The Park itself cost about 2 million pesos to maintain daily if I was informed correctly, but the Mayor said that Pasig have enough funds to still make the park free for everyone. The first time I actually went here a couple of years ago, I never expected it to be so grand. The place was well manicured and maintained. The landscaping was great and the place is clean. And two years after, there were additional stuffs there like the new adventure section where you can wall climb and some trashers and bikers can do some ramps.

The Amphitheater

The Amphitheater

The park isn’t high end, but for a park which has a little bit of everything from playgrounds, gardens, fitness centers, swimming pools, mini zoos. It’s worth checking out. From the entrance, you’ll get to see the Butterfly Garden first inside the mini Japanese Garden. There’s this amusing sign at one of the pagodas there though prohibiting indecent acts. Haha. Since the garden is covered with shrubs, people may be caught here doing something isn’t for public eyes to see. Anyways, just there is the butterfly Garden best seen early morning when new butterflies hatch. By the afternoon, their numbers would have dwindled already.

An Ostrich at the Mini Zoo

An Ostrich at the Mini Zoo

Walking on the right path passing by the central Fitness Center Gym you’ll be on the path towards the Children’s Playground and Senior Citizens Park (hey there’s a playground for the old folks?!) which is really cool, a place where the elderlies could walk around. Also if you continue you’ll get to the amphitheater. I remember some morning show being held here.

Walk through waterfall

Walk through waterfall

Continuing from there still on the right, you’ll pass by the Botanical Garden, then the mini zoo. There’s also the man made lake there which has a nice landscaped garden. Really nice. There are more animals around the area from monkeys, chimpanzees, ostrich, and aviary as well. Unfortunately though we didn’t have a chance to get into the aviary and the petting zoo at that time since they only open from 9am to 3pm. The sign said that the “Animals have to Rest“. Tsk tsk. The price of stardom in the zoo.

At the botanical garden

An orchid at the botanical garden

Other facilities included are the usual basketball, tennis, badminton courts and swimming pool. The swimming pool looks great with really nice slides. I should try the pool sometimes. Picnic is really ideal, the breeze is really good and there are enough trees for cover.

The Train

The Train

What I’m really amused with is the new Train which goes around the whole park! Unfortunately the train isn’t operational at that time but the Train itself is really cool! It looks like a giant toy! Geez I’m excited to ride it. Hopefully next time I get back I can ride this train. Hehe. 😀

For more and larger pictures of the Rainforest Park Pasig, head of to the gallery.

(Update April 16, 2014: Check out the updated post on RAVE of Pasig here)

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112 Responses to “Rainforest Park Pasig”

  1. haha, bawal malaswa! dapat lang, the park was made for family to enjoy, there is a proper place for everything, diba?

    good idea! meron palang place na ganyang kaganda sa lugar nyo, i’m sure meron din malapit dito sa amin (i hope). 2 million a day, grabe laki naman nun, mapalad mga Pasigueños kasi ginagastusan ng mayor para makapagrelax naman mga Pasigueños. gusto ko mamakita ng butterfly garden at rainforest sa siyudad, meron pala nya sa pasig 🙂

  2. oo nga.. bawal talaga malaswa… sayang naman ang view..

    ang ganda ng Rainforest Park Pasig. Lalo na yung ampitheater, pwede nakapaglaro ng chess.. kahit walang chessboard. pwede rin dama. hehe

    nagulat ako sa ostrich.. nakagat na kasi ako ng tmalaking manok na yan,.. hehe 🙂

    God bless

  3. How far is Pasig from Malate or Manila?

    Sounds like a good place to visit and since I’ll be in Pinas in December, I might make a trip to this place.

    Love the pictures (especially the ostrich) . They are great Ferdz!!!


  4. psst.. ferdz.. i think i know you thru bloghopping hehe/./
    remember beybe-babe.ciom? umm

    weee! i i found you again!! 😛

    This is rose. check your friendster.. were friendsters 🙂


  5. w0w, ganda naman dyan. heheh..

    inadd ko po kayo sa links ko. ty po sa comment din.

    nga pala, i know you’re a professional photographer… gusto ko lang sanang matuto din kahit mga basics lng. ano po yung kailangan para at least, magkaroon ng magandang results yung mga shots mo? tsaka, ano po ung macro? >.

  6. Fantastic park. Sometimes you don’t have to go that far to find a stunning place like that. Perfect pictures!

    That sign is really funny. Wonder if making people pay for entrance would solve that problem. The fee should definitely be higher than the normal hotel drive thru room rate per hour though, otherwise, the quick tumble on the park grass would still be better value for money.

    The petting zoo. Hmmm. I wonder what sort of action is happening there.

    Cheers Ferdz!

    I stole your idea of having a photoblog. I got a few pictures there…. I wonder if it’s up to your standard. Ha ha ha!

  7. loved the amphitheater shot, the perspective plus the coconut tree’s shadow 🙂

    i didn’t know that pasig has a park to match QC’s ecopark and manila’s paco park, napa-:o nga lang ako sa 2M daily maintenance, must be mostly due to the animals that they keep here.

    may nakalagay bang sign kung pwede sumakay ang adults sa train? 😀

  8. It’s funny how a nice and wholesome park like that would require a sign saying “No indecent acts”… I guess incidents have been filed. People never cease to amaze me.

    The park looks really great! I’ve always had a preference for oriental gardens over its western counterparts. And that train IS so fun! It even has the fire pattern going on.

    Great pics as always!

  9. Hi there 🙂 Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog 🙂 Anyway, just wanna say I like the first image – the sign… I guess the sign serves a purpose because something had happened before 🙂 hehehe 🙂 Hope I can visit there some time 🙂

  10. I like your site it’s very informative,easy on the eyes….BTW,can i ask you on how to go thereby car?any landmarks to look out?any contact numbers there?thank you and more power.

  11. I really wanted to go to Rainforest primarily for my dog, I brought him from Canada kasi and he’s used to running around the park. So we went to Rainforest and to my dismay, they don’t allow dogs inside. Not anywhere inside the gate. I’m so pissed! That doesnt make sense.
    For sure they did this because other dog owners were not responsible siguro to pick after their dog.
    They should allow dogs in some areas at least. Sa zoo area nila yeah dapat restricted ang dogs don, pero sa mga grasses and walking areas, come on! I wish I can do something about this. Any tips?

  12. Lizette Bassig

    Good Day po.I am a resident of Bagong Ilog Pasig.Question ko lang po if how much po ang entrance fee sa swimming pool & kailangan po ba na naka-swimsuit/trunks ang maliligo?pwede po bang shorts lang?Matagal ko na pong gustong pasyalan ang park pero may nakapagsabi po kasi sa akin na mahal ang entrance fee.Is it true?
    Thank you very much po & Congratulations dahil po talagang napakalaki ng improvement ng park na ito kesa sa dati.

  13. Good Day po. I am a resident of Maybunga, Pasig City. Your site is very informative and interesting!! Rainforest Park is located at F. Legaspi St., Barangay Maybunga, Pasig City (near corner is Eusebio Avenue).

    I’m happy that there is a park near our vicinity where families can bond as early as 5 am up to 7 pm. You can bring anyone – friends, relatives, young and old. Just follow the rules. To those interested u can call
    Rainforest Swimming Pool – 6284291
    Rainforest Fitness Center – 6425280
    Rainforest Tennis Club –

    From Libis, Eastwood –
    Commuters : ride a jeep going Ever, De Castro, Jennys, Tramo ( C. Raymundo). Stop at Tramo or Jennys, then Special ride of
    tricycle to Rainforest Park.
    with own car : U turn at Ortigas Ext. (IPI) going Rosario, right turn at Tramo ( after Rosario Church), left turn at F. Legaspi St.
    (after St. Therese Hospital and South Star Drug Store), straight ahead, Market Avenue, Parkwood, Lan Gas Station,
    Jennys Extension, Pasig Science High School, then Rainforest Park.

    See you at Rainforest Park.

    related sites :

  14. erialc78

    Hi! I’m really interested to go here! Kaso lang hindi ko alam kung pano pagpunta. Can anyone tell me how to get here? I’m from Pasig Simbahan lang naman, so I think mejo malapit lang ako d2 since sa Pasig din ito located. If I will be coming from Pasig simbahan, anong jeepney sign ang sasakyan ko? What about if I will be coming from Crossing-Shaw Blvd., ano naman ang mga puede kong sakyan?

  15. hey, really nice pictures,ö we’ve been here but unfortunately it was raining that time so we weren’t able to see the whole park, and to ride that train also, sayang! hehe

  16. oh! how nice! i’d never imagine that there’s a nice place like this in metro manila! i wish one of this days to visit RAINFOREST PARK!!
    wow! so excited to be there! see you RAINFOREST!

  17. julianne torres

    hi! i’m a student of pasig city science high school, and my school is just beside the rainforest park(we even have an entrance their). I agree to this post, especially the amphitheater. a lot of tv shows have been shot there already,”( like betty la fea) and some in the adventure park.( lastikman). Unfortunately, up until now the train is not working. because a lot of renovations have been made. the crocodile shelter is fully renovated, and there are great statues of different animals all around the park. you have not seen everything yet, because you have not been in the seniors citizens park, or the children’s playground. I read a comment, and the entrance in the pool is just 60 pesos if i am not mistaken. also, we students enjoy the amenities of the park, because we always go there whenever we need to learn new things nature has to offer.:D

  18. im working at rainforest park…yeah there were many incidents hapend in the past that’s why d admin put a sign like that.. he.he..there’s no entrance fee except wen u enter d waterpark or d resort. If u r nonpasigueños ph100 but if u r a resident ph60.00 only. pLs bring identification if u r from pasig, ok?
    I’m so glad many people got interested in the park…But it makes me sad wen people destroyed it w/ graffiti.. I mean, C’mon it’s free but still they don’t appreciate it…
    der wer many rules and strict regulations inside d park but pls bear w/ us, dis is a government owned facility. we don’t make the rules wer just implementing it…. tnx for patronizing pasig…!!!!

  19. hi!

    hi im gerald im tour organizer from kairos travel and tours ask ko lang magkano yong rate ng pasig rain forest? ano yong contact number nila? and magkano yong contracted rates niyo?

    i hope to hear you soon.


    Gerald A. Cabalitan
    Team Leader

  20. honeybheybz

    hello guys…im from life homes..inquire ko lng if how much ung rent ng pavillion n pdeng mapagceptionan….sana mura lng,,.can u post ur contact number…ol else hope n walng bayad coz it from government naman po yan….cno pedeng makausap regarding sa reservation?????

  21. what happened to the skatepark the obstacles? last 5months we’ve been there the entrance fee is p50 before the storm ondoy the entrance fee goes p100 i don’t know why can some one tell about this

  22. blushleen

    actually, im a 1st year student at pasig city science high school .. beside rainforest park .. the park dont allow night swimming but you can ask the guards in the gate if you want more accurate answers .. btw try visiting rainforest again, you’ll find it more attractive than before .. 😀 and about the sign in the first picture …. hmmm there are some who are still violating it 😀 .. ENJOY!

  23. angelrose

    i saw this place’s Ad on YTV and was amazed by its beauty… i would like to inquire about the following: entrance fee for adults and children below 10 years old… can bring ba food for lunch and snacks.. if we decided to stay overnight how much will it cost us (cottage rent… outdoor table) exact location of the park… how to go there if we originate in sta. cruz…would appreciate it very much if you reply to this

  24. Good Morning! Mag inquire kami about Pasig Rainforest Park coz may gagawin kaming field trip this coming Feb. 26,2010.
    And we want to visit your vicinity. We would like to know more about it, especially the entrance fee or the other fees we will going to pay. Hope to hear from you asap. Thank you.

  25. hi! i heard mganda jan sa rainforest beach resort.we want to go there can u give us direction pg galing kmi ng SM STA.MESA?PLS..POST THE ANSWER we really want to go there.and how much really the entrance fee?whole family po kc kami pu2nta.

  26. Chris M.

    Very Informative…. Good Work. Come to think of it,, it was always right under my nose di ko pa alam. Susugod kami ngayong week end sa rain forest… LOL….. Nice pics……………..

  27. cristine

    pano ba pumunta sa pasig rainforest? we’re from pandacan. what’s the address? hope someone could give me directions. after seeing that in gma, gustong-gusto na ng anak kong pumunta dyan. thanks.

  28. Joana Junio


    Ask ko lng kung magkanu ung rate sa badminton court?my entrance fee rin po ba? and ung cost din dun sa ibang mga facilities? Also, can you provide us ung contact details nyo para makatawag din kme.


  29. Sa mga nagtatanong ng direction and contact information, will just paste here yung isa sa mga nag-comment dito and also provided me info (especially contact#). Next time backread na lang to prevent repetitive inquiry.

    Rainforest Swimming Pool – 6284291
    Rainforest Fitness Center – 6425280
    Rainforest Tennis Club –

    From Libis, Eastwood –
    Commuters : ride a jeep going Ever, De Castro, Jennys, Tramo ( C. Raymundo). Stop at Tramo or Jennys, then Special ride of
    tricycle to Rainforest Park.
    with own car : U turn at Ortigas Ext. (IPI) going Rosario, right turn at Tramo ( after Rosario Church), left turn at F. Legaspi St.
    (after St. Therese Hospital and South Star Drug Store), straight ahead, Market Avenue, Parkwood, Lan Gas Station,
    Jennys Extension, Pasig Science High School, then Rainforest Park.

    Hope this helps.

  30. louis ignacio

    hello, magkano po ang entrance fee dito?? may discount po ba pag ka student kasi mag conduct kami ng tourguiding activity dito thanks ….

    wala ba silang contact number

  31. Mark Joseph Murallos

    Need urgent response. My daughter will be celebrating her 1st birthday this coming September, does this park have party venues (INDOOR)? if does, how much for a package? Been looking all over the net for an affordable (but worth it) party venues. Thanks!

  32. puede po bang magtanung kung anu pong contact number ng rainforest park in pasig city , at kung magkanu po ang package ??? at kung puede po bng mgdala ng food ?? pls reply po kau kc mgbabalak po kmeng mg swimming sa rainforest park sa pasig city …

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