Sonya's Secret Garden

Enter Sonya’s Bed and Breakfast

I know Valentines just around so some of you may be looking for a nice fine dining restaurant. If you would ask me Antonio’s Restaurant takes the cake for ultimate dining pleasure, but you have to book at the place in advance. But also nearby is another worthy destination which inspired Antonio’s Resto as well. It’s Sonya’s Bed and Breakfast.

Dining at Sonya's Secret Garden

Dining at Sonya’s Secret Garden

This place has been well publicized well recently, and I think it deserves it. I’ve been here twice, first time we just went to see the place and took pictures of its colorful garden. But recently we went back and finally got to taste its gourmet.


Have a pasta

Dining cost around 500 pesos per head and it’s all consumable from salads to deserts. The way they do it here is they place all the basic cooked food unmixed so it’s all your choice how much sauce or dressings or other ingredients you put in your plate. I’m not a food stylist so pardon my food shots. Hahaha! Anyways, the food overall is really good and fresh. The taste is very subtle but in a very good sense that you’ll be able to taste each flavor that comes to your palate. I really enjoy the tea they gave the last, I forgot the plant in the tea but it’s very soothing with mint. Kinds of washes away some of the heaviness in eating.

Menthol Tea sums up the meal

Menthol Tea sums up the meal

Sonya’s doesn’t stop on dining. Go around the place! It’s really nice. Don’t forget the restrooms. CR pa lang panalo na! Hehe. But do look around there are a lot of photo opportunity here as well. Also a lot of beds scattered around for you to rest.

CR with a view

Very comfortable room with a view

If you are looking for a massage to help you relax with your partner in tow, you can find a “Quiet Zone” there where you can have a massage. Haven’t tried it though, maybe next time.

The Quiet Zone

The Quiet Zone

Well there you go. If you are interested in going to this place you can contact them at 09175335140 and their site

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