Pine Trees, white sands and rich mountainscapes in Anawangin

Pine Trees, white sands and rich mountainscapes in Anawangin

May is already here and we only have a month left to enjoy the summer. Let’s go local this time as I want to share another destination perfect for sun worshipers raring for a natural tan. I have been hearing about this place quite a lot lately especially from the mountaineering community. And when a fellow mountaineer from MFPI Ruby, suggested to go to this place I immediately cleared the date a month ahead. Just a few weeks before the actual date, I was already excited since I haven’t been to a beach for quite a while. And last weekend, we finally got to explore the Cove of Anawangin in Zambales. Was it worth the hype?

Lagoon and the Sea

Lagoon and the Sea

I heard my phone ringing Saturday morning, and thought it was my phone alarm. I looked around and saw it was bright already. Oh $#!%! I’m late! I quickly answered the phone. “Nasan ka na? (Where are you?)”, it was my friend Eds on the other line. We were supposed to meet in Makati at 5:30 am with the rest of the group where our Van was waiting and it was already 45 minutes pass 5am. I told him I’m still at the house and apologized for the slip up. I thought I activated my phone alarm, I guess I didn’t. They said they’ll wait for me in Shaw Crossing instead. I tried to juggle my brains hard to wake it up and thought I couldn’t make it there in a short time. And my damn phone’s network is busted. It was Smart’s 3G acting causing my network connection to fail. I decided to switch to GSM only and called them up again and told them to go ahead and I’ll just follow by taking the Bus. I thought that they’ll be able to do more things in San Antonio, like buy supplies and eat lunch while they wait for me to arrive. Sheesh, as one of the organizers, being late like that is shameful. My Bad!

The beach has nice powdery off-white sands

The beach has nice powdery off-white sands

With that out of the way, I quickly prepared myself and my stuff and headed to Victory Liner in Caloocan where there are buses going to Iba, Zambales, leaving every hour. I paid Php 207 for my one-way fare going to San Antonio and had a quick snack while waiting for my 9:30 am bus. The bus did leave on time so I was expecting to arrive in San Antonio around past noon before 1pm, or so I thought. There was a major traffic in NLEX due to roadwork, then at Lubao Pampanga, there was a fiesta and street dancing where a ridiculous re-routing made more delays since they routed vehicles on a single lane dusty road. So imagine huge buses and cars navigating through this. Fortunately we managed to squeeze out of it fast. So I arrived in San Antonio around 3:30pm, 6 hours later and took a tryke there going to Pundakit beach which cost around Php 40. When I arrived in Pundakit Tricycle station, Ruby, Eds and our Driver Deng were already waiting for me. The other group, Benjie and the rest of the guys from Accenture already went ahead. Fortunately I’m quite familiar with the place since it was the same jump-off point going to Capones Island, which I have been to before, so I manged to go around a lot quicker.

The beach seabed has a gentle slope ideal for kids to swim in

The beach seabed has a gentle slope ideal for kids to swim in

We headed off to the beach where our boat was waiting. A boat here going to Anawangin cost around Php 800 going to and fro. A boat can carry 3-4 pax. So off we go on a 30 minute boat ride to Anawangin. The waves were already a bit strong but our boatman seem to navigate through it very well. He knows how to stop and slow down the engines and when to throttle forward. We also passed by the islands Capones and Camara on our right. Then from a cliff, we made a left turn, when I noticed the water suddenly calmed down. We were already at the cove mouth and was headed towards the shore. Wow was all I could say as the afternoon light made the cove landscape look really amazing. And what I immediately noticed aside from it’s white sand beach are the pine trees! How about that! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a beach with pine trees along the shore.

Wide camping areas among the pine trees

Wide camping areas among the pine trees

I noticed there were a lot of other campers in the area. But despite having several people aside from us, the whole cove is big enough to accommodate all of us without feeling crowded. The place is undeveloped so you have to bring your own camping gears here. There is one small Aeta family here living on a kubo who seems to be watching over the place. The only facility you could find here is a basic restroom and a poso (Water pump). We looked for our other companions and set up our tents under the pine trees which still amazes me at that time. I mean, I thought these trees only grow in cool climates so it’s a bit of surprise to find them here. And what more, they are growing on sands near the shore. I wonder what kind of Pine trees are they to grow in an environment like this.

Dusk by the tree

Dusk by the tree

When I made our itinerary here, everything is all about relaxation and exploration. Everyone is free to do what they want when they get here, so after setting up our tents, Benjie’s group decided to trek up the nearby hills where they said you can have a nice overlooking view of the cove, but be wary of wild tamaraws in the area. I thought that wild tamaraws are native in Mindoro, but it seems they can also be found here as well. Since I didn’t want to do some climbing at that time, I thought I explore the beach before sundown.

Surreal landscape at moon light

Surreal landscape at moonlight

The long beach stretch of Anawangin surprisingly has very fine sands. It’s not as white and powdery as Boracay but comparing it to other beaches like in Batangas or Bataan, the sand quality here is very good. Aside from the pine trees and white sands, there’s also a scenic lagoon nearby which you could explore. Anawangin Cove is not a place though to view the sunrise or sunset as they are obstructed by the surrounding mountainscapes on both sides. Still you can enjoy the changing colors over the horizon.

Moonlight over Anawangin stretch of beach

Moonlight over Anawangin stretch of beach

By night time, before, during and after dinner it was an exchange of stories while chilling out. It wasn’t a full moon but the illumination that night was perfect. Some other camps were jamming with their guitars and I saw some just lying around looking at the starry sky. My friend and I decided to hang out by the beach and listen to some tunes, then I experimented on taking photos of the landscape by the moonlight. I had amusing results using long exposures. And while taking photos I was approached by some guys who seem to be interested in my photography. The group also came from Manila and have been going back here more often to explore the place. Since we’re at a relaxed pace, we joined the others by the seashore and went on a night dip at the ocean waters. The water was crystal clear and calm and the sand at the sea bed was soft. It was amazing. I think for some reason, the cove somehow moderated the waves in this beach. With the moon illuminating brightly, you could see strands of light under the sea as you walk. It was just so relaxing there and just talking about anything under the moon. I think I went out of the water past midnight since hunger struck.

Light of Dawn

Light of Dawn

Even with our tents, my friend and I decided to sleep outside with our feet just inside our tents. The cool wind was blowing that night and a slight howl from the passing winds within the pine tree forest could be heard. The sight of the leaves and the trees when looking up lying from my earth pad was a soothing lullaby to my senses as I fall asleep. It was already 5:30 am when I woke up and everything was already blue-bright. I looked at the sea and saw an unusual beam of pink light spreading out of the horizon. I was wondering how this pink light came to be as the sun isn’t up yet and it would rise on the opposite side. Interesting light show nonetheless. Must be one of the wonders of nature, like a rainbow.

Visiting the Capones Lighthouse

Visiting the Capones Lighthouse

After breakfast we packed up our things and prepared ourselves for another boat ride side trip to Capones Island where we’ll visit the Faro de Punta Capones, commonly known as the Capones Island Lighthouse. I was looking forward to visiting this island again since last time we had trouble finding the lighthouse. It was a really splashy 15-20 minutes ride to the island. At first, the boatmen led us to the middle of the island. They said we had to hike more than an hour to get to the lighthouse. We couldn’t afford that time so we asked if there is a shorter way. They said there was a rocky shoreline at the back where there’s a stair going to the lighthouse but we would get wet to our waist going down. Like, Duh? Aren’t we already wet from the boat ride? So we headed to the rocky shoreline and went down the boat. The boats stayed by the water since they couldn’t dock. We had a short climb and quickly found our way to the lighthouse.

The castawaysposing by the lighthouse

The castaways posing by the lighthouse

The lighthouse is very similar to the Cape Bojeador in Burgos, Ilocos Norte, which is one of the reason I also wanted to see it. This lighthouse was built in 1886 and was operational by 1890. Despite its old condition, the lighthouse is still operational and are powered and charged by solar panels attached to the lighthouse. It is being maintained by the Philippine Coast Guards.

Striking similarity in design with Cape Bojeador

Striking similarity in design with Cape Bojeador

Having seen the lighthouse finally, you can’t help notice the striking similarity between its brother structure at the north. From the tiles, windows and the whole design. The only difference is that the Capones Lighthouse is smaller in scale. The winding staircase up the lighthouse is very fragile so we went up in groups. When we got up it was steamy hot at the upper portion. It was different from Burgos as we have to open a hatch at the top that leads to the light bulb itself. It was so hot and the air was thin, I immediately looked for another door going out the view deck. I finally found the small door and figured out how to open it. It was a breath of relief once outside as we enjoyed the view of the sea and the island.

The author, all tanned and sweaty at the Capones Lighthouse

The author, all tanned and sweaty at the Capones Lighthouse

Our visit to the lighthouse capped of our adventure here in Zambales. It was another splashy boat ride back to Pundaquit, but fun nonetheless. It was an amazing weekend and was glad that despite the slip ups of the trip at the start we managed to enjoy what Anawangin has to offer. A personal note here. If you plan to visit Anawangin after reading this, please be responsible and take care of your trash. The place is still unspoilt and I heard rumors that there are plans of building a resort here. I love Anawangin and until that time comes, we can enjoy it for free. The place is one of a kind weekender destination and I do plan to come back here someday to explore the mountain ranges. So keep it clean people!

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Ferdz Decena is an award-winning travel photographer, writer and blogger. His works has found print in publications such as Singapore Airlinesโ€™s Silver Kris, Philippine Airlinesโ€™ Mabuhay, Cebu Pacificโ€™s Smile and Seair InFlight. He has also lent his expertise to various organizations like the Oceana Philippines, Lopez Group Foundation, Save the Children and World Vision, contributing quality images for their marketing materials.

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  1. eric aka senor enrique

    The main picture made me think this was in some faraway foreign land. Zambales? Wow! I would’ve never guessed it.

    Incredibly wonderful pictures, Ferdz. I really need not travel to those places anymore — your photographs and prose have brought me there already ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Alternati

    I am in awe!

    First of all, like eric, I thought the frist pic was abroad… somewhere like Colorado or something. And as I read and saw the pics it looked more and more like the beach from Lost! Especially that amazing starry night shot (Brilliant!)

    And that pink light from the horizon was so eerily amazing. I am so gonna ask about Capones from my friends living in Zambales. I have never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing.

  3. my favorite is the “light of dawn”, there is just something very promising about its beauty.

    thanks for virtually taking us with you:)

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  5. rayts

    hanglufet neto! parang hinde sa Pinas yung first two shots. I swear nakakita na ako ng ganyang photo (almost like that) pero hindi sa atin. ang galing Ferdz. pero pinaka-striking na shot para sa akin ay yung “surreal landscape at moonlight”…anong setting ang ginamit mo? you used your E500 here right?

  6. coldphonics

    Dude! Me and my two girl friends were there over the weekend. I was surprised by the number of campers around. I was expecting a lot less. But it was wonderful. We prolly crossed paths.

  7. at last! a place na nauna kong puntahan before ferdz! that’s a great feat hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

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    My God! I love the pics, the article, and I like what you did with the page.

    It was nice sharing this adventure with you and with the rest of the group ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope, thru this, others can also experience the place as it is now..

    Let us not stop exploring.. ’till next time my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

    *im a new fan :D*

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    amazing!!! and the photos… astig!!! looking at the first photo without reading the entry yet akala ko sa ibang bansa… imagine dito lang pala yan sa pilipinas.. i love your photos ferdz.. ganda.. specially with moon and stars…

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    The experience in exploring the place with you guys was one thing… the pictures, WOW i’m stumped…

    You were really able to capture the beauty of the place with the pictures here… Hat’s off to you ferdz…

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    Good sound advice regarding keeping the place clean. That’s actually good advice for any place, not just Zambales. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Ganda talaga ng Pilipinas!

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    grabe’ sarap tignan nang mga kuha mo, ka inggit ang ganda nun place, Cge kitakitz nlang ulitz.

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  19. cliff

    hi. visited your site again just searching for anawangin and you have nice pics..I’ll be going there mid May. thanks for the info

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  21. thanks for the visit…..Zambales is truly a beautiful place.I grew up in Olongapo and I can still remember how provincially panting place Zambales was….everything was changed just right after the Pinatubo eruption…still the beauty is there….
    Please visit Olongapo..specially Subic(SBMA) you can have your mountain trekking in SBMA….
    Nice pix and you really impressed me of your profesionalism in taking pictures…

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  23. Zielle

    Nakakainis!! We also went to capones last april 21..
    After looking at the pics, i can’t help but feel bad as we’re supposed to go to Anawangin after the boatman suggested the place to us but we opted to settle with Capones instead!.. If only I have known how magnificent and serene it is in that place, I should have argued with my friends and demand that we go that way.. *sigh*

    Nwei, there’s always a next time..
    As always.. splendid pics you have there!

  24. the first two pictures made me thought the place is outside the country.. wow! anawangin is fabulous.. i hope it stays that way.. undeveloped and uncommercialized.

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  27. Shari

    Now tell me you did not photoshop those. Every photo is just absolutely breathtaking and postcard-pretty.

    But anyway, hah. Yeah, shameful that one of the organizers was actually late. Happened to me just last week during the booze night out with the bloggers. But heck, the most important thing is that you were able to come, else I wouldn’t even be seeing these wonderful pics.

    Zambales is my lola’s hometown. I wonder if she knows this place….

  28. mhmm I rarely watch shows from RPN, i just happened to chance upon it while surfing.. and I saw your blog. It was their news *counterpart of TV patrol of ABS*. Janette Toral of digital filipino was interviewed… while different blogs/sites were shown.

    their topic was about websites… how to make it successful or something.

  29. rhodora

    Ang ganda! Nice photos, and nice place!

    Sana, huwag na lang silang gumawa ng resort dito para hindi masira ang natural beauty ng lugar.

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    wow, another anawangin post. Can’t believe it. seems that this beautiful piece of heaven is all over the net. not only that, my trekmates sa mountaineering club is inviting me (again and again) this weekend. pero sayang, di lang talaga ako makapunta since i’ll be in cebu.

    well, you have a nice site pare. thanx for visiting too and for the nice comment. will definitely add your site to my blogroll…

  31. zherwin

    just came from anawangin, the sea’s no longer calm, big waves here and there, at me mga bangkang tumataob dahil sa lakas. but we enjoyed the waves and also the rain (it adds to the adventure). we’ll do anawangin-capones-camara islands next time.

  32. great read and really nice pics! you did justice to the beauty of this place!

    Just to correct the misconception, those “pine-tree” like trees are actually (beach) AGOHOs. They are coastal trees and not at all related to real, cold-weather pine trees… ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love ZAMBALES! Try heading north, (Botolan, Iba, Sta. Cruz, Potipot Is.) there are a lot more interesting areas to explore there. Happy roadtrips!

  33. WOW! I am from Zambales but honesty, I haven’t been there at all! We don’t get to go to places far from the highway. We just go to my parents’ house, stay for a few hours and head home before dark. I’m turning green. Green with envy…

    Maybe we can take that trip when the kids are a little bigger. Traveling with our 11yo is ok but with a 6yo and a 4yo to an island is not quite safe since the waves can be strong and big. Hay…when kaya.

  34. emerissa sarte

    hi…it was a nice place…i already love beaches and nature. can you help me how to exactly get there? and is there any contact person? thank you so much.

  35. I think those pine-tree looking trees were Casuarina (Agoho as its local name). They’re not actually pine trees they’re more related to the common flowering plants.

  36. Hey, my friends and I are planning to go to Anawangin this Feb. I just want to say that because of your very vivid and interesting blow by blow story I am more excited than ever.

    You take pictures real nice. Are you a hobbyist?

  37. hey! am so amazed with the pictures. I “borrowed” your pictures so that my parents will have an idea how beautiful the place is. Credits still goes to you sir….

  38. hi, can you give me tips on places to visit?which island to go to first? Im staying there for the holy week @Nora’s resort , and id want to maximize my vacation =) ur pics are amazing

  39. Behind the beauty of anawangin
    Just a reminder, my ofcmate was unlucky when they visited there on the holy week. He died after he was washed away by some kind of an underwater current just several meters from shore. There are no signs and no warnings from locals that there was same incidents that happened on subsequent holyweek vacationers there. Just be cautious and always think of safety first. Its a beautiful place but we don’t know when ugly times comes.

  40. your descriptive writing makes the place seem so wonderful… be going there this may unfortunately, those coming with me prefers spending the night in an inn over star-gazing and a tent… but I prefer the latter just like what you and your friends did… =)

  41. hi ferdz! may outing kami nila markku, mimi and karl bukas to wednesday sa anawangin. punta rin kami capones! excited na ko! ๐Ÿ™‚

    great shots! ๐Ÿ™‚ *clap clap*

  42. I was touched with your notes on how beautiful nature is…Wish i would have the chance to see that place as well…It’s really amazing,i can feel and really appreciate the power of our Creator and how beautiful the world is. God bless friend.

  43. carmila

    I was at Anawangin last March 20-22 (holy week). Mesmerized by the unspoilt beauty of the place. I would like to advocate the same: “People, please be mindful of your trash esp. cigarette butts”. I didn’t get to enjoy much of our 2nd day though since i witnessed people reviving somebody who got drowned. Thought was not a good idea to proceed and enjoy. Next time I’ll check the lagoon.

  44. Hi po, pede po bang i post yong mga pictures na andito and some anecdotes sa website ng frend ko, ask ko lng po ako ng permission.

    tks to confirm and revert po kayo sa email ko


  45. kuya, me and my troop are coming back to anawangin and will do a campaign to keep safe. a lot of people had been drowned here. some died. my friend miraculously survived the ordeal. i love the beach inspite of what happened. im not sure how will the campaign go. can u give me an idea? 0916 247 0818

  46. i’ve been there 2 weeks ago(april 10-11) and it really is unbelievably here in the philippines. A real amazing place with white sand, mountains and pine trees. Yeah it’s a picture perfect place…. Amazing!

  47. kuya pls visit my site… there’s more to anawangin than it’s beauty..
    madami nalulunod sa lugar na yan at ilang buhay na ang kinuha..

    galing lang kame jan nung weekend.. nito lang… sobra ang nagyre samin…

  48. angelmoon

    Hello! Nice pix there. I just want to ask some questions. Kasi, I’m an amateur photographer. (but i don’t have a dslr yet..). The pictures that you took are mostly landscape, w/c i want to master. But to do that of course ill have to have a good dslr. So, first what dslr are you using?is it canon or nikon?I am just confused right now, i was about to buy canon 400D so that i can start practicing until i used my friend’s nikon D80, he told me that canon is just good with colors but for fix eye (i don’t know what that is..) and focus and plainly everything about a dslr, nikon is a way to go. So again, am just new eh. And with the pictures that you took I would say that you are a pro. I also like traveling one other reason why i am anxious to buy a dslr.

    I hope I am not a bother to you. Anyway, I really like your pictures, “fascinatingly wonderful” i should say. ^_^


  49. gee…i hope they don’t build a resort in capones or anawangin.
    i would rather they keep those 2 beaches that way: untouched.
    and i really wish that everyone who goes there would keep those beaches clean! my god, i think we all should know better than to destroy the beauty of mother nature. its really annoying when i see trash all over the beach. hellooooo the waves will not wash off the trash for you! arrrggghhhh

    anyway, i really enjoyed reading your trip to capones/anawangin. will be going there soon and i can’t wait!

  50. therealmakoy

    sana nga lang ay huwag nang pagnasahan ng mga Panginoong may lupa na pagkakitaan ang pampang ng anawangin.
    mas magiging mahusay at makata ang mga mensahe ng tanawin kung hahayaan nating manatiling sariwa at birhen ang anawangin.
    at sa mga tulad nating mga manlalakbay, tama lang na tayo ang mangalaga. matutuwa ba tayo kung sa pagbalik natin sa anawangin ay puro plastic, basura at pinagkainan ang aabutan natin?

    isang pagpupugay sayo, at sa pampang ng anawangin.

  51. Leanie

    wow…love the pictures and your blog…. yeah astig ng Anawangin and all the other places… i’ve been there last April rin… super WOW talaga…

  52. wafairy

    Nice pics! Nice place! This will definitely included in my list to go to. I’ll post deatils in my blog too.

    Thanks for the information

  53. Ronald Butaran

    I’m from zambales, but then its my first time to see this amazing stuff. Absolutely WOW
    I thought it was from a foreign land and so it’s not, definitely its from my hometown,
    I have to visit this paradise and so to be proud of it. God.. Thanks to the author of this site >>More powers to you

  54. nancy

    yeah they’re probably agoho trees. our town in bicol also has a nice beach, same off-white powdery sand but turns white at around noon when sun’s up and in nearby school just few meters from the beach, same kind of ‘pine-tree looking’ trees abound and we call them agoho. i think these tree varieties really grow near beaches. so there.

  55. the view is terrific, sana makasama kame this wkend, pine trees in white sand sounds interesting… nice place to go to and unwind, i so definitely want to check this place out. to the author, you are totally awesome. thanks for your generosity.

  56. dannish

    pls vote for my entry nmnโ€ฆon NorthFace Photo Challenge

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  57. marge buot

    finally went to anawangin last june 8 and i was awesome!
    also did capones & camara the previous day and it was great!
    and after that weekend my friend and i tried camping in anawangin and we had a blast!

    ….all i can say is the beauty of the philippines shining through….

  58. I’m glad you guys enjoys your visit to this places I grew up in Bo. San Miguel, San Antonio Zambales, this places is not new to me we always go here for picnic when we are kids and i’m glad that everyboby is enjoying this amazing part of San Antonio,I’ve been abroad for very long time and i’m so happy to see this pictures in the net I feel like i’m back home thanks for sharing.

  59. Hi there. We are planning to have a 3-day stay in Zambales but have no idea where to stay and what activities to do yet.. until I saw this entry. Can you please advise a resort with affordable rates near Anawangin and Capones Lighthouse? =) Think there are a lot of things we can do here aside from enjoying the beach… Thanks in advance.

  60. koyang

    san naman sa ganda na anwangin ay wag nating sala ulain ang kagandahan ng anawangin tayo lang mga campers at mounteenirs ang makakatulong upang mapangalagaan ang kagandahan ng kalikasan at sa lahat naman ng pupunta sa anawangin wag naman sana kayo basta magkalat napakaganda ng lugar

  61. koyang

    sa ganda ng anawangin sana naman ay wag nating salaulain tayo lang ang makakapagpaganda ng lugar na yan wag nating hayaan na masira ang kagandahan ng kalikasan para naman sa darating na panahon ay meron pang mapupuntahan ang mga anak natin iilan na lang ang magagandang lugar sa pilipinas alagaan natin to mga tol at sa lahat ng pupunta i uwi nyo mga basura nyo.

  62. Thank you for sharing this place with us. I really thought that the first two pictures were taken abroad…and that there was snow…until I saw the mountain at the back. Really great pictures, too. I do hope that the beach won’t get spoiled eventually by plastic wrappers and other junk. I’d like to visit this place before it gets developed.

  63. laicopene

    omg.. the place is so adorable. i dint think that that place is located here in the philippines. but anyhoo.. that place is a MUST-BE-EXPERIENCED one! ๐Ÿ˜€ haha!

  64. Hello. I am planning to go to Anawangin next week. Pundakit beach looks beautiful. Are there cottages on that area. I’ve never been there before. I would like to spend the night in Pundakit..

  65. anawagin beach is so beautiful.
    but there are scary stories according to oldies about this, have you heard any? I hope those are untrue.
    I also want to visit the place but I won’t let this odd stories deprive me from going there.

  66. wow!,, that is really nice,,, actually im so xcited to visit this place because my frends and i are planing to go this coming october11 and with ol these pix i believe we will be having fun HERE,, tnx for sharing ur wonderful xperience,,, kip up d gud work,, GODSPEED,,,=)

  67. great pics! great sights.. sana maka-visit din ako sa ANAWANGIN. actually, i read articles regarding ANAWANGIN (manila bulletin TRAVEL may 15, 2008 issue) & i was fascinated by the views of the place. ang ganda! nature lover ako kaya lang walang time to visit the place kaya over the internet na lang muna. good luck! sana maka join ako sa inyo sa next escapade nyo to ANAWANGIN. recommend ko din sa mga friends ko ang ANAWANGIN and, of course, your website. thanks again for the sights!

  68. samantha

    my province is zambales and i have not been to awangin though been to pundakit. looking at your pics is a splendid experience and what more if i see it myself. will be visiting the place after next week thanks for your pics it encouraged me to explore more the beauty of my province. keep on clicking and take care.

  69. i am going anawangin island next week!! (oct 28-29) and i am soooo excited! thanks for the info you got here — helped a lot! hope to take a side trip to capones and camara too!

  70. ganda pla tlga s anawangin! my plano ksi kmi pmnta ng mga frndz ko and d namin alam kng pano pmnta and magagastos for the fare…and because of u lam n namin..i hope n mpuntahan n namin ang anawangin..

  71. is there anyway i can tag along on ur other travels? im not much of a traveller and it would be nice to explore the country with a pro. hehe! and it looks like you’re the man!

  72. Conquerโ„ข

    Nice shots dude. What camera are you using? Anyway, my friend from gapo told me that one resort was already built in one part of the cove. I wish there’s still a camp site for those who can’t afford to pay for an overnight stay like me. hehehe.. Keep up the good shots dude!

  73. weow! heard about this place from a friend who’s into photography as well… now i can’t wait to get there myself… great shots, thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

  74. i love your pics. at first i thought your shots was taken somewhere in another country but hey, it’s in zambales. the shots are really wonderful. and i would love to go to anawangin as well and bring my own camera. thanks for posting your shots here and for letting us travel to the place where you’ve been.


    Its soo amazing!!!!!!!!!! A place to be!!!! AAA+ i really like to go camping, but hadnt got a chance coz my mom would really freak out. Since im old enough to do it, i will really love to do it in anawangin! my first time!!!!!!! couldnt wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great journal u got there. thanks much!

  76. Robby John Gomez

    OMG! When I saw some pictures of Anawangin… I told myself that I’m gonna go there because the place looks so serene and romantic… I probably find my soulmate in that wonderful place…

  77. been there last feb 7-8.. it is truly a beautiful place.. thanks to this blogsite.. we were able to know that there is a beauty hiding in the province of zambales..
    thanks po ng mdami.. the only thing na napancin ko is those people na d marunong gumamit ng cr.. its a good thing the locals provide the cr pra namn mejo convenient pero kadlasan d marunong gumamit ung mga campers :(… sad to say.. nangiiwan ng tissues and used napkins.. so sad tlga..
    niwei.. anawangin, one of the best place i ever been….two thumbs up!!

  78. Shame on me! I grew up here in Zambales but haven’t explored this wonderful place of ours. Been heard of the place, yes, yet never knew where it was until I asked my friend and kumare where is this anawangin that she wants to visit. Much to my surprise it’s my very own. The place is inviting and relaxing for a weekend getaway, nice place to unwind. I’ll invite my officemates to visit and be close to one of God’s wonderful creations. Thanks for the post and great shots!

  79. the undertaker

    i love my own pix,kapapangit ng mga kuha mo.nung kalaban ko c bigshow nakita mo?yn ang astig!pnta ako dyn pg nainip ako,para makakita akong mga pangit.wahaha ding!!!!! deng!!!!

  80. thalia

    WoW! I’m so lliking forward to go there. I’ve been to capones island twice before and im excited as to what anawangin has to offer. Your pix are so surreal. Me and my friends are going there end of the month. Can’t wait to get there! Thanks a lot! =)

  81. rafael

    galing po ako dun kahapon, March 4.. alone..i do celebrate my birthday there.. sunog po uli yung bundok katabi nung main island ng Pundakit! FYI lang po!!

  82. hi! i have also been in the same lighthouse in 2007 and i will tell u all that the travel from bats. to zambales is really worthwhile…

    to the author: have you seen the slippers scattered in the rockside or should i say seashore with rocks (before going up in the lighthouse)?! the quantity really amazes me… its bad though i don’t have any copy of our pictures from that vacation, not even a single one. it’s with my friends and sad to say i don’t know where to find them now… hehehe!

  83. wow! it’s a nice place, but I’m really concerned about the restroom and bathing issue.
    How were you able to do this things? Are there any nearby hotels or inn’s? as in super nearby?
    I really want to see the place, but I’m not really used to camping out.

  84. jherwayne

    @Grace there is no hotels in anawangin CR is not a problem theres a 3 cr there, if you want you can stay on pundaquit thats 20 to 30 minutes boatride ๐Ÿ™‚ from anawangin or you can also stay in talisayin but its a bahay kubo not a hotel but if you really want to experience camping this is one of the best place to stay,,,

  85. We went here last weekend, March 14. There were a lot of campers last Saturday. Although, it rained a little bit, we all had great time. Ang ganda talaga ng Pilipinas.

  86. Hi! my cousin, i, and some friends are planning a trip to anawangin and capones island. can u recommend a place where we can stay? were looking for a nice but cheap place to stay in pandaquit. thanks!

  87. Hi i just want to ask pano po makapunta sa anawangin and capones lighthouse island from qc po ako, any terminal from cubao or makati? can you please give me the whole info. salamat!

  88. ang ganda grabe..para ngang hindi tlaga sa pinas..never thought na may gandang kagandang place sa north when it comes to beaches and the likes..i thought sa palawan/boracay lang may ganun..hehe..ang ganda gusto ko ng pumunta waaa!! haha, thanks 4 posting =)

  89. Nice Pictures….

    The place is really beautiful….I myself am amazed of how scenically beautiful my home town is…..

    Thanks for sharing it to others through your amazing pictures…..

    Thanks for promoting the place and advocating to protect it as well…..

  90. very nice place. how can we get there… do we need to have permit or something to be able to camp there. im so excted to experiece paradise! please email me infos. thanks so much.

  91. karl reiner

    Hi Guys,

    I have been reading a lot of things about anawangin. Surely it is a paradise. Other people are hesitant to go because of untoward incidents that had happened.

    I’m pretty sure that you have heard there types of scenarios. they happen in gallera, anawangin, siargao, etc… I don’t want to blame untoward scenarios to these beautiful places. The beach, the mountains, or even in your own house has its dangers.

    Persons drown because of strong underwater currents, undertows, and popular known as riptides. They can occur anywhere waves are breaking on shore.

    I know a number of people has lost their lives due to this. They are dangerous but are relatively easy to escape if you stay calm. I think if people only knew what to do, there would be a lot less deaths. Here are some websites I found on how to survive an underwater current hope this helps and please pass to others:

  92. manilyn

    wow…. my god.. we are going there by may 16 and 17.. we are planning to visit the light house, u said its similar to cape bojeador… we’ve been there last march 27… it is so amazing.. and the place is so rewarding.. i really love travelling.. i hope u can share other adventures of urs……. thanks

  93. Woow! Super ganda tlaga dito sa Anawangin Beach!! Super nag enjoy ako .. ehhe.. lakas ng alon lalu na kpag madaling araw!

    Sana balik kami ulit don ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. irie!

    Man! Me and my friends are going to this place in june and I could really say that I can’t wait anymore!

    I don’t know if it’s just the photos, but I really felt the urge to go there ASAP!

    BTW, the set is really great. Keep it up!


  96. vinci

    anawangin is beautiful place , the rocks , beaches, trees , itc nice place hehehe i shall return … those who wants to know the plce just text me 09198888664 for more info.

  97. sheng

    WOW! ANG GANDA TALAGA SA PILIPINAS!!! i thinked ito dapat ang sabihin natin instead “parang ndi sa pinas”… this is juast one of the many beautiful things we need to be thakful that we are leaving in this beautiful island Philippines!

  98. marian

    for only 1, 500 (manila-zambales-manila) na-explore nmen ang anawangin and capones! it’s really nice! perfect place to unwind..

  99. Surely this place is very beatiful, I want to try this place. But please correct me if Im wrong of my concerns, is this place for adventurers and campers only? I mean there is no hotel, bar/restaurant and no CR I believe. I have no problem sleeping on a tent, but where will you go if you need a comfort room for shower and other things you need to do.

    Another thing I love to do during vacation is to watch the sunset/sunrise, while listening to my ipod and hi-end headphone(grado) connected to a headphone amplifier, then with an ice cold beer on my righ hand yaaaa man.

    So for short what I need are nice Comfort Room and ICE COLD BEER, if there is somehow I can get that at Capones then surely I can stay there. Is that possible? Please forgive me if my question seems so irrelivant, Im not a true adventurers/campers. I just love nature…

  100. Pebbles A. Punzalan

    I was there last weekend – one of the best weekend of my life. Plus – waterfalls at Pundaquit! The Lord is indeed great!

  101. hazel


    If we are going to trek instead of riding the boat to reach anawangin cove can we do it without a local guide? There’s a trail, right? We are not really mountaineers but i guess we are confident aka malakas ang loob at makapal ang mukha. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  102. ,,, i agree.. except on that part where you described the trees as ” pinetrees”..its not.. i jz cnt remember the exact name of it..anyway, anawangin really is a place where you’ll find yourself wondrin’ how diffferent it is to be in such a wondrful place…

  103. two tou or less will do… the place is really fantastic.. parang coffee lang 3 n 1… u’ll xperience white beach as if ur in BORA , pine trees as if ur in BAGUIO, and the beautiful screnery of mountains as if ur in BUKIDNON….

  104. mhark

    me and the entire gang will go there this july..the 3rd week i guess..i’ve been there once..that was last february..and i promised myself to go back there..hehehe…damn its a very beautiful place..^^, si kuya romy ung guide nmin..ung bangkerong may astig na buhok..hehehe

  105. jherwayne

    @carms galing kami last june 27-28 after ng bagyo we are expecting a good weather but too bad maalon pa din pero nakapunta pa din kami sa capones island kaso nagtrek kami going to the lighthouse sobrabg lakas ng alon kaqilangan lang ang bangka nyo medyo malaki dapat parahindi itaob ng alon… july 11-12 capones, anawangin, talisanyin, nagsasa kami i hope ok na ang alon hindi na kagaya nung last na punta ko,,, medyo maalon na ngayon sa zambales dapat ang boat nyo medyo malaki kasi delikado na kapag maliliit ang bangka,, may mga nakasabay pala kami sa anawangin puro mountaineers nagtrek sila papuntang anawangin kami lang ang nagbangka,,,

  106. mhark

    Sana nga po di mabagyo o kaya maalon..last time kasi..ung feb. taas ng alon paguwi namin..kala nga namin katapusan na eh..heheheh..

    BTW taga Accenture din ako^^,..pansin ko isa to sa mga puntahan ng mga taga accenture..dami akong kila2 from other projects na pumunta at planong pumunta d2…

    na move na alis naman..july 25 na..sana walang bagyo..

  107. We r a grp of 8 pax, and excited kami makarating sa place. We r planning to go there dis Nov. Hopefully ok ang weather. Please inform me of the details (expenses, tour guides). If i cud have ur cp # pls. BTW, here’s mine 0922-3190667. Big tnx!

  108. fidel d. carpio

    can you give me an updat e re: wonderful places in the philippines. I love nature ambiance, Boracay is very congested place and its only a night life for foreigner. you have a nice photos. I love it””””’

  109. ,,, i’ve been there for the nth times…my place of solitude…i jz wish commmercialization wont set in…else we will be left with no place to be alone with the creation.

  110. Sir,

    paanopo ba ang pag punta dito kung mang gagaling kami sa Manila? interested lang po para ma enjoy naman ang vactaion ko sa Pinas with my Family i love nature po kasi. salamat…

  111. it is my first time to be in anawangin, at first we planned to stay thereover night only. We left Manila in the morning tapuis nakarating kami ng hapon haist…. At first ang plano ko is to stay there over night since may pasok ako monday night…. Pag dating namin ng anawangin and pagkababa ko ng boat tinanong ako ng kasama ko kung kelan kami uuwi, wala akong ibang nasabi kundi monday morning…. nakalimutan ko na na may work kami ng monday night because napakaganda ng veiw relaxing i cant find the right word to describe how beautiful anawangin is…….. Guys visit anawangin hindi kayo magsisisi talagand sulit napakahabang byahe from manila to zambales….. you’ll forget about everything when you get there ……

  112. Kit Jacinto

    Tomorrow morning is my trip to Anawangin/Capones/Nagsasa I’m excited na tuloy to see the place… I’t’s my first time to travel with the Travel Factor group… Gosh 3:30am for the assembly time… toinkz! have to wake up early, lalo pa I heard your story nalate ka…waaaaaaaaa ayaw ko maiwan sayang binayad ko for d trip… Anyway, a BIG question!!! Advice-able ba to bring a laptop there??? Anyone can answer this question as long as you’ve been to that place… tnxxxxxxxx

  113. Anthony

    Hello Fellow Anawangin Enthusiasts,

    Please help us build a bigger community for Anawangin Cove in Facebook by becoming a fan of our page. Visit and read interesting write-ups about Anawangin. There are very helpful articles to guide you if youโ€™re planning a trip.

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    Thank you,

  114. Tita Beng

    Hi! My first time here! After reading this wonderful entry of yours, I think I won’t allow summer to pass by without visiting this breathtaking place. Awesome photos! Great photog artistry!

  115. Arnee :)

    I enjoyed reading your adventure ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks! I wont let this year pass without getting there. Hopefully things are still the same with what have you shared.

  116. tracker69

    Anawangin cove really is great. We stayed there for 2 nights with nothing but a few canned goods and a tent. The place now has 4 mini stores and 2 deep wells.

    i documented our trip there and you might want to check it out.

  117. Princess

    Markey’s cute.. taha.. niwei..

    my friends and I r planning to go there next week ( may 15 2010), just wanna ask if there is a safe place wer we can park r our car.. we r planning to stay there for 3 days and 2 nyts..


    the place is deffinitely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

    just text me for the info.. thanks again..


  118. Riza Samonte

    Hey there! I really am awed by the beauty of this place. I have to see with my own eyes. Can you please tell me how to get here from Manila? And where to stay? And the best time to go. Will really appreciate your response. Thank you so much.

  119. Melody Joy Jadloc

    Hi All!!

    i just want to say that ANAWANGIN is really a great place to be!!.
    We went there last May 15-16 2010 and we really had a great time even if there is no phone signals there!!
    Punta kau s LIGHTHOUSE kc super ganda ng views. And the nice thing eh nakakuha kmi nung package n 1300 lang..lahat2 n un ndi nga lang ksama ung tent. It includes:
    > beach camp @ anawangin cove,zamables
    > 2nd day island hopping @ capones island
    > transportation via private vehicle from manila-zamabales and back
    > boat rental fee
    > registration fee @ anawangin

    SUPER NAGSAYA KAMI khit nkakapagod ang umakyat ng 3 bundok!.

    • sonny corpus

      hi we’re also having a package and that is one of the most affordable rates here….200.00 per head and surely you can go to any island safely, actually there are standard price that our municipality implemented and this should be mandated by all boatmen…one of the great advantages i might say is that we treat our costumers as if our visitors and also serve them the best we could

  120. setiram

    God gave you eyes to see but your brain chooses to see. Im amaze in your photos its so relaxing… hoping for the next photo like untouch place… Bod Bless your plans everyday.

  121. wow! ganda ng mga pix pang professional….ma’am melody anu pong mga bundok ang inakyat nyo dun? can you please send me your IT pati na rin sidetrip ng Anawangin. thanks so much!

  122. thepinaysolobackpacker

    If I rmmbr it correctly, this is one of the 1st post that I read from Ironwulf. Since then I became a fan. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Kaya naman na-starstruck tlga ako ng na-meet ko si Ironwulf noon! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I thought I should drop a line to the man behind this blog.
    Beyond the stunning captures and great write up, what I like about Ferdz is his humility kahet pa blogger royalty xa! ๐Ÿ™‚ While some bloggers are busy sharing (and some sounded like bragging) about their travels or experiences, etc. wether online or in person, Ferdz remains silent, and just sits with the rest, listening to their stories. ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay kind and humble Ferdz! Napahanga mu tlga ako! Isa kang idolo! ๐Ÿ™‚ happy travels!

  123. we went to capones island and lighthouse 5yrs ago,,, i must say it’s a wonderful place. i wonder if it’s still the same.
    coming may 27, we are planning to go to anawangin.. i hope it’s going to be fun since it’s our first time to go camping!