Lakbayan Grade Map

Lakbayan Grade

Hey I got a C+ Hehe. I guess because I’m only starting to explore down south. Want to find out your grade? Check out Lakbayan.

Kudos to Eugene Villar for coming up with this cool program. Now we don’t have to manually place push pin needles on our maps.

The program is still in Beta though but you could still test it. I think it would still improve it’s grading system in the future since there are some places there which isn’t specific or are too general. Like in Palawan, there is no spot for Taytay where Club Noah is so i guess it’s on the remainder. And I’ve noticed that on some other people’s result have the same grade even if their maps somehow differ. Probably a Grade Legend as well?

The generated code also have some problems, I’m using firefox and coding it on wordpress have some troubles, I tried to tweak it but the image doesn’t show. For this post I just have to copy the image instead.

Still this is a great start for the project.

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