Lake Sebu travel buddy, Oggie, in action at Falls 2

Lake Sebu travel buddy, Oggie, in action at Falls 2

The second falls, simply named as Falls 2, is not far from the first waterfall, Dongon Falls. Just a short habal-habal going down the road from Dongon falls, you’ll reach the entrance gate. The place has been developed into a park and there’s an entrance fee of Php 5.00 per person. The thought of the place being developed somehow irked me at first as those developments on some natural sights did much worse than improving them. Does Falls 2 suffer the same fate?

Bouncing mist and trinket falls

Bouncing mist and trinket falls

Thankfully the development of the area here as a park was done well enough as not to disrupt the natural state of the environment. The cemented pathways and stairs were actually pretty helpful in reaching different points around the waterfalls. At the time, there were also some girl scouts doing some camping activities. Very fitting location for them.

The towering height of falls 2

The towering height of falls 2

We took this rightmost pathway just beside the mountain walls which eventually took us to the foot of the waterfalls. And what can I say about this waterfalls? Just impressively unique and surreal in quality. The whole inlet which the falls plunge into is a universe in itself. It’s one of the best if not the best waterfalls I’ve seen due to its unique characteristics. On the bottom where the falls plunge into is a triangular rock formation where the water splashes bounces off. And with the force of the of the air on the plunge, this bounced water turns into a mist which flies up in the air hitting the opposite cavern walls creating this trinkets of mini-terraced waterfalls. And with the light from above penetrating the hovering mist casting heavenly beams of light from above.

Falls 2 peeking through the gorge and girl scouts by the bridge

Falls 2 peeking through the gorge and girl scouts by the bridge

The fall’s seems to tower about 70 to 80 feet in height. It is during these times where I wish I had an ultra wide angle lens with me as my 14mm (28mm) wide isn’t sufficient enough to fit the composition I really wanted. I had wanted to get an Olympus Zuiko 7-14mm (14-28mm) wide angle lens, which is currently the worlds widest angle lens on all camera brands without distortion and end to end sharpness, but it’s hefty price tag of $1520 is too much for me right now, so I have to wait for their upcoming budget wide angle lens from them and settle for what I have now. Given the surrounding, it was also quite hard to move around and position yourself properly to get that wanted shot. Good thing Oggie brought his dry bag with him and we were a bit confident enough to cross to the boulders on the other side on above mid-thigh waters with our cameras protected from splashes. Still, I’m not satisfied with my shots here but that’ll do for now.

Top view of Falls 2

Top view of Falls 2

If you want another view of the waterfalls, there is another point up the hills where you can see the falls on a bird’s-eye view. You have to do a very short hike to reach that viewing point and be warned that mist and moisture from the waterfalls reaches that area.

Falls 2 of the seven waterfalls of Lake Sebu is truly and impressive and unique waterfall that one has too see for themselves to appreciate. Now I’m wondering how the other 5 waterfalls looks like. Hopefully next time I come back here, we could visit all of them.

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Ferdz Decena is an award-winning travel photographer, writer and blogger. His works has found print in publications such as Singapore Airlines’s Silver Kris, Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay, Cebu Pacific’s Smile and Seair InFlight. He has also lent his expertise to various organizations like the Oceana Philippines, Lopez Group Foundation, Save the Children and World Vision, contributing quality images for their marketing materials.

42 Responses to “Lake Sebu: Falls Two of 7 waterfalls”

  1. This is glorious.the water mist forms like foamy smoke and the water was captured in just right speed by nit really freezing it but by blurring a bit to give that really continuos look on its surface.

  2. I hope you would try the huge tilapias there. It was so luscious for me when once i was there. Sayang hindi kami nakapunta sa mga falls na yan, they simply look majestic; natural beuties they are. And there are seven of such there—amazing.

  3. ang ganda naman ng falls namin promise pag nag punta kayo doon hinding hindi kayo magsisi dahil maganda talaga ang ginawa ni God sayang lang wala ako doon pero pag nakauwi ako maliligo ako doon kita kits tayo doon.

  4. joyjean

    Ganda talaga nyan as in super duper nice nang VIew,, mararamdaman mo un talsik ng tubig parang umaambon,, sulit talaga ang pagpunta mo dun,,
    Hope Makapunta rin kayo,,
    God bless you all,,
    Take Care c”,

  5. wowowowowowowowowowowowoooooooooooooooow……ang ganda talaga ng lake cebu nakakalula ang falls kc ang lakas ng agos ng tubig sana makarating na ako dyan………..hahahahahahaha akala nyo ano nakarating na ako dyan sa picture lang oi……nakarating na ako pero totoo maganda talaga cya kaya nga gusto ko mag punta dyan.

  6. scheundt

    Hi to all.

    this place is now being developed. I think you can now go from Falls 1 (Dongon Falls) to Falls 2 via stairs. If I’m not mistaken, there are 700+ steps in that stairs.

  7. Ronald balili

    I’am proud to say na nakaPunTa nA ako jAd,.,.
    at suPer gAndA tAlaGa suLit na suLit aNd lonG trAveL from dAvAo,.,.
    perO hanGgang fAlls 2 lang ang napuntahan ko nakakaPagod na kasi lalong-lalo na sa 774steps na pababa,.,.
    from falls1 to falls2,.,.
    sana mAy piC cLA sa iBang falls pRa maKita knG gano ka gAnda,.,.,..,

  8. Joniel Duman

    Sana pangalagaan ng mga mamamayan ng taga lake sebu ang lugar nila, kasi yan lang ang kabuhayan nila..Specially sa mga basura na tinatapaon lang kahit saan, Huwag lang po sana nating isipin na pera pera lang lahat..Dapat kailangan rin nating protektahan ang kalikasan para sa susunod na hinirasyon…I admit lake sebu is one of the best tourist spot in south cotabato.

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