Kayak and tubbing in Wahig River, Bohol

Kayak and tubbing in Wahig River, Bohol

Note: I’m reposting this entry as before I was asked kindly by the folks at Smile Magazine to remove the post until the issue is out. Now the October/November issue of Smile Magazine is out, and it’s an Adventure Packed issue, so if you are flying via Cebu Pacific Airlines anytime between October and November, don’t forget to check out the latest issue of Smile. You could preview the line up at their website www.cebusmile.com.

For the meantime, forget about anything you commonly know about Bohol. Forget about the chocolate hills, the historical churches, the tarsiers, the beaches and the diving. Now open yourself up as we go inland off-center to the heart of Bohol where extreme adventures awaits for every nature lover and outdoor thrill seekers. Let us now venture into Danao, Bohol’s newest adventure mecca.

Kayaking and an underwater cave

Ian Gonzaga, the Bohol Mayor’s brother kayaking nearby an underwater cave

The province of Danao,located amidst a large expanse of mountain ranges cut by the majestic flow of Wahig River, can be reached by a two hour drive from the city of Tagbilaran. There is a Tourist Center with accommodation in the area which says a lot on how the local government are developing the place. This recently launched tourism project which they call EAT Danao aims to promote new adventure attractions in Bohol aside from what is commonly known in the province. EAT as they like it doesn’t really stand for anything specific, but they allow the individual experience define whether EAT refers to Extreme/Eco/Educational Adventure Tour.

Tubbing is a fun group activity

Tubbing is a fun group activity, perfect for team building

Most of the activities here are centered along the Wahig River, so from the Tourist center we had a short trek down the river. The trek may vary though depending on the difficulty you’ll choose. For this tour, since we only had a day to spare (and normally the tour takes overnight) we went to the tail end of the trail with an easy level of difficulty just to sample what the tour has to offer. The trail here is already developed but not to the extent that they ruin the natural trail of the forest which I must commend them for a great job. Before they developed the area, they consulted with DENR on which area is okay to open for tourist and the extent of development as well.

River trekking along the boulders

River trekking along the boulders

Among the water activities here you could enjoy are tubbing and kayaking. River trail here again varies in difficulty and length but from where we are, it’s already a scenic paddle along this side of the river. Forest is still rich and there are some caves alongside the river as well. River Trekking is also another challenging activity being offered here so you could experience some river crossings, boulder hopping and see the fauna among the lush forest beside the river.

Enjoy a sumptuous feast of organic foods

Enjoy a sumptuous feast of organic foods

I’m sure all these physical activity could make you exhausted, hungry even. Fortunately, the tour is inclusive of meals and they are proud to say they are organic. No junk foods or carbon drinks here folks! But I guarantee that what they offer here is sumptuous and healthy from fresh fruits, to fish and cooked “free reign” chickens paired with a buko juice will give your palate the satisfaction and more enrgy to continue with your activities. Bohol in general is aiming to have most of their products organic as per GMA’s OTOP project (One Town One Product).

Climb the roots of a tree

Climb the roots of a tree

Once you have replenished your energy, it’s time for more riverside activity. And with the cliff and impressive rock formations along the river, this area is also a perfect place to do some rappelling and wall climbing as well. On this one we were at a rock face with a cleanly cut surface which seems a large samurai sword sliced through it, impressive as it was naturally made. And along this rock wall surface are impressive growth of roots from the tree atop, which now also serves as a natural ladder you have to climb up. Exciting really.

Rappel down back to the river

Rappel down back to the river

The first time I rappelled was way back in 2004 when we did an issue for Tuguegarao. That’s a long time so I was quite excited to do this again here in Danao. Another Ian from the Center of Gravity of Cebu which helps set up the rappelling and rock climbing activity here refreshed us on the technicality of rappelling. And once we know what to do he made sure everything was safe and secure and off we got down the rope safely. Aside from rappelling, they also offer Tyrolean Traverse, but we were not able to try since we lack a bit of people to set it up safely.

Explore the natural wonders of Kamaria cave

Explore the natural wonders of Kamaria cave

As if all these adrenaline rush isn’t enough, there are also nearby caves around the area as well. Currently there are 9 defined caves here (but probably more) but only 3 are declared by DENR safe for tourist. One of these caves that we explored is called Kamaria Cave. The cave was named that way because the cave is situated on a lot area which is owned by a woman named Maria. Kamaria is a subterranean cave which has a small octagonal entrance. Once we got inside I was immediately impressed by the stalagmite, stalactites and curtains here. The cave is so alive and is one of the best cave explorations and the most fun I’ve been. The cave has some water and sometimes you have to pass by under the water just to get through some crevices which is really fun. At the end of the cave there is a natural pool where you could swim and also drink water flowing in the cave. Just amazing. The whole exploration would only take around 45 to an hour back and forth, but since I had to take pictures once in a while, it took a bit longer. Oh yeah, you could also find some interesting albino crabs, some cave fishes and some bats as well.

View of Wahig River from the top view deck of Dagohoy Hill

View of Wahig River from the top view deck of Dagohoy Hill

Another interesting activity here is trekking the hill where Francisco Dagohoy stood his impressive final battle against the Spaniards. The Dagohoy Hill has stunning views of the mountain sides and the river as well. Best trekked early morning where the clearing mist adds a mysterious atmosphere to this historically filled site.

All in all, I really enjoyed these taste of adventure of what EAT Danao has to offer and hopefully in the future I could come back here again and experience the whole adventure package. You wanna take a bite? You may call these people from EAT Danao and inquire about their packages and tours, Loin (09173021701) and Ian (09173252426). Also check their website RockTrip2007 for more details, Tell them that Ferdz, the photographer reffered you from here. 😀

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Ferdz Decena is an award-winning travel photographer, writer and blogger. His works has found print in publications such as Singapore Airlines’s Silver Kris, Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay, Cebu Pacific’s Smile and Seair InFlight. He has also lent his expertise to various organizations like the Oceana Philippines, Lopez Group Foundation, Save the Children and World Vision, contributing quality images for their marketing materials.

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  1. wow.. adventure na naman 😀 seems to be really fun and super enjoy ka na naman ferdz!

    hay sana makapunta din ako ng bohol.. well hopefully next year 🙂

    may discount ba kapag sinabi ko na ikaw ang nag-refer?? heheheh sana meron 😀

    keep on blogging

  2. this is what summer is all about! =] screw boracay, island hopping, and all those ‘cool’ places where ‘cool’ people go to! this is more fun… you get to see and appreciate what’s really out there… kaya if i was to choose between boracay and this place you were at,… i’d choose this…. well maybe both. hah.

  3. wow. ive never been to Bohol.. but i will visit there one day.. (laging one day ng one day ano?) hehe.. and i will sure visit DANAo.

    We have tubbing here as well.. minus the caves. Hehe.

  4. Climbing that cliff with the tree roots looks fun and scary at the same time. 😀 I’ve never rappelled before. that also looks scary. I’d much rather climb down using the tree roots instead of rappelling. 😀

    Fresh buko drinks instead of carbonated drinks? Awesome! 🙂

  5. aba naman….haneps ka talaga sa adventure Ferdz! nasulyapan ko lang ang Wahig River nang magpunta kami sa Bohol. Yan pala ang tubbing, galeng. malamang na-try mo na rin ang water rafting sa Chico River noh?

  6. Bohol is close to the exotic island Siquijor..this is the homeprovince of my mother.In fact, it was featured last Sunday program in “Kay Susan Tayo” channel 7.
    Wishing, you can drop by in the island and enjoy the remaining summer days there. you can reach the island from Bohol by just an ordinary pump boat.
    Just bring your team there and you won’t surely disappointed….blame me if you won’t like and enjoy the mystery of Siquijor.
    You can simply check them at: http://www.mysiquijor.com
    Bohol is also a nice island in central visayas..
    I used to drop by there whenever I visited Cebu.The ship coming from Siquijor at that time were usually scheduled to dock in Tagbilaran city ..
    Enjoy your trekking in Kabisayaan Ferdy….hindi ka magsisisi…you’ll won’t see that in Luzon….

  7. I remember the statement of former President Cory Aquino,wag maging dayuhan sa sariling Bayan.So, endulge and seize the day while you still can….
    Honestly, kakainggit ka Ferdy….you’ve been to diff’rent countries in the world.
    My class will be headed to Pagsanjan falls….sana maganda parin dun just what our school was trying to promote.

  8. Hay naku, Ferdz. As usual, I’m awestruck with your photos. Naku, I’ve been to Bohol but I’ve never done all the adventures here. Your blog really shows the best of the Philippines.

  9. wow! bohol.. yung friend ko last last week nagtext ba’t daw ako nagchange ng sim kaya tuloy di nya ko nainvite sumama sa kanya sa bohol.. sayang na sayang.. heheh.. libre pa naman.. 🙂 ngayon, nang makita ko yung mga picture ng nature trip mo, naghihinayang ako sobra.. hehhe..

  10. been there last 2 years ago… loboc river at panglao lang ang katubigan na napuntahan ko.. di ko akalain may ganito pa doon…

    iba talaga ang ganda ng bohol.. nakakainlove na place.. na halos ayaw mo nang iwan.. thanks for sharing this pics!! Ü

  11. I’ve always wanted to try kayaking, But I’ve always thought twice because I am a lousy swimmer.

    That “climbing the roots of a tree” pic looks like a page out of Lost! remember that episode where Boone climbed one to reach the small plane? That is so cool.

    Great pics as always

  12. Wow?! Kayaking, tubbing, mountain climbing, rappelling, river and cave -trekking all in Danao, Bohol?! Astig! Kick-ass na talaga ang pag-unlad ng turismo dyan. I’m really glad… Obvious naman na you had tons of fn. Have a great week! 😀

  13. bohol na si ferdz

    that dagohoy place is something i missed when i was there. will try to visit that

    boholanos should celebrate the 80 long years of Bohol republic under dagohoy more than then celebrate the Sandugo festival which is like glorifying the treachery of the Spaniards even if they performed that visayan rite of the blood compact

  14. I didn’t know Bohol has this!

    My father is from there…I’ve only been to the more famous tourist spots. These looks like a lot of fun…although I probably wouldn’t do it because I am not a good swimmer.

  15. It’s so cool to know that the Philippines has so many beautiful places for visitors–the emphasis on eco-tourism is even cooler. I would love to climb every mountain and cross every river if it gets me to that yummy organic food as part of the journey!!

  16. it gets better. ey ferdz anong aperture at speed ginamit mo sa first shot. ganda ng texture ng tubig.

    ngapala, lapit na ko pumuntang Cambodia at Vietnam, hehe. last week of October na. Looking forward to it. Super.

  17. ferdz the photographer… ang ganda! hehehe

    thanks for this. hindi ko alam ito ha. super bago ito noh? kse after 20 years, ngayon ko lang nalaman ito. yung loboc river, bata pa ako.. alam ko na yun.

    punta ako bohol last week of october.. sana makapunta kme jan. pero parang i doubt it. hehehehe. tsaka di ko alam if kaya ko ganyan na adventure 🙂

  18. Hi, Ferdz!
    I just came back from Iloilo via Cebu Pacific Air and I exactly saw some of these photos here identical to those photos I had seen in the November issue of the inflight magazine. The opening of the article is a fullpage photos of three darlings in walking gears.
    Are those photos in the magazine yours too?

  19. ferdz,

    ian gonzaga here. tnks for a great blog dude……we are getting a lot of milage on this one…..he he he…..by the way i would like to extend an invitation to you and jenny for a river treak in danao in the next few weeks……..just contact jenny she would know the details on this or contact me…….hope to see you in the next adventure……again thank you

  20. ferdz,

    if note posted is too long, kindly delete. My apologies lang if i violated something by posting this…..just like to point out the historical significance of the place…….

    The Rebellion of Dagohoy
    The oppressive methods of the Jesuits once more led to a serious insurrection against Spain. In the year 1744, Francisco Sendrijas alias Dagohoy started a revolt that was to last more than eighty nine years. The cause of this was an incident, in which the brother of Dagohoy was killed. Father Gaspar Morales, the Jesuit curate of Inabanga ordered a this brother, who was a constable, to capture a man who had left the Christian religion. The constable pursued the fugitive, but then was killed by him in a duel. However, when his body was brought back to town, the Jesuit refused the constable a Christian burial.
    Infuriated at the priest, Francisco Dagohoy organised the people in an armed rebellion. The uprising started on 24 January 1744 with the killing of the Italian Jesuit curate of Jagna, Father Guiseppe Lamberti. Not long after that, Dagohoy also killed Father Morales, and the rebellion swept over the entire island. In vain, the Bishop of Cebu, Miguel Lino de Espeleta, attempted to calm down the situation, and restore Spanish rule. Dagohoy defeated the troops of Spanish and Filipino forces sent to subdue him. He established a free government in the mountains, and with his followers, was able to control much of the island. Even after Dagohoy’s death, his rebellion continued, while the Spanish were only able to maintain their power in some settlements along southern coast.
    In the span of 89 years, no less than twenty Spanish governors-generals, from Gasper de la Torre (1739-45) to Juan Antonio Martinez (1822-25), failed to surpress the uprising. In 1825, general Mariano Ricafort (1825-30), became governor-general of the Philippines. He send alcade-mayor Jose Lazaro Cairo to re-establish Spanish power in Bohol. With an army of 2,200 Spanish-Filipino men, he invaded Bohol on May 7, 1827. However, it took more than a year of fierce fighting, and another Spanish expedition under Capitain Manuel Sanz, who landed on Bohol in April 1828, before the patriots were defeated. He captured last remnants of Francisco Dagohoy’s rebel forces from their hideout in the Cave of Caylagon. So, finally, by August 31, 1829, the rebellion was ceased.
    According to Captain Sanz’s combat report, 19,420 Boholanos surrendered while 3,000 fled to other provinces. More than 400 Bohol lanes died in action during the last battle.
    Most of the followers of Dagohoy were pardoned and resettled in new villages in the lowlands. These villages have now become the towns of Batuanan, Cabulao, Catigbian, and Vilar.
    In the mean time, in 1768, the Jesuits had been expelled from the country, and their missions taken over by Augustinian Recollects headed by their former Provincial, Fray Pedro de Santa Barbara. Under their leadership, by 1800, the towns of Tagbilaran, Dimiao, Guindulman, Panglao and Loon had been founded.

  21. Chris Tudtud

    Ian Gonzaga and my favorite cousin Ian Sepulveda.

    I hope all is well. The next time I’m visiting the Philippines, I’ll have this on my to do list. I’m sure you’ll be guiding us on this adventure. The site is very informative about the activities and also the history. Nice Job!

    Take care Gents,

  22. Chris Tudtud

    Suggestion regarding the comments on this site:

    Is there a way to arrange the most recent comment on the top rather than all the way in the bottom? If this can be done, it will be great.

    Your visiting website guests will see the most recent posting. This will give your site an updated feel.

    Just a thought…..I hope this helps.


  23. Hi It’s me..
    This is one tremendous adventure one would never forget. Try it and I’m sure you’re ganna love it!
    I’d Like to extend my thanx and appreciation to all of the staff and crew of E.A.T. Danao:
    Lumen Gonzaga – Area Manager
    Marith Palma – Tour Guide
    Albert Villamor – Tour Guide
    Mhade Villamor – Tour Guide
    Edwin Gimena – Cook
    Telay Bedua – Office Clerk
    Luz Melecio – Food Handler
    Juanita Trazo – Housekeeper
    Teddy Petalcorin – Guide
    Avito Villamor – Guide
    Rufo – Site Commander
    Marizen Colico – Front Desk
    Claudia Mellizza – Cashier
    Cerie Calape – Guide
    Thank you and more power to each and everyone of you..

  24. sa tanang taga amoa,,,,,,taga magtangtang…..kumusta na mo tanan dha?

    maau mo ky natagbaw na cguro mo sa kanindut sa talan-awon dha,,,,, wala lagi ko kita sa cable car,,,, naa na baya kakita man ko sa TV gi-newZZZZZZZZ………………………. hmmmp,,,,,,,,,,

    dugay pa ko kauli kay wala plete,,,, hehehehehehe…

    pila dw entrance fee kay mokuyog daw kauban naku mga professors………………………….???????

  25. Whoa! this is THE place – adventure thats missing from bohol tourism . Loved the ZipLine – it was my first time and definitely wouldn’t be my last =) . Tie up those slippers, cameras, sunglasses and whizzzz!!

    Thanks to the Torregosa/Gonzaga clan in Magtangtang – your hospitality is first-rate!

  26. mewi_etnamas

    …I’ve been der at last (just yesterday)..i luv d place… its really a lot of fun…U will never regret coming there!.. Mouth-watering food,hospitable people specially d Mayor dn d adventure and u will experience u will never encounter @ any place here n d world but its only der in EAT DANAO!!! I also learned not only d glimpse of the History of Dagohoy hu revolted against d Spaniards (the Longest revolt n d Phils.).. One Thing 4 sure i will visit again n EAT DANAO… A Natural Wonder it s something Boholanos must be proud of… !!

  27. We tried their suislide.. And it’s a great experience and worth trying.. Pumping up your adrenalin and enjoying the view is amazing..As I’ve heard its the longest and deepest suislide in Asia.. YOU SHOULD TRY IT!!!
    We also tried hiking to Dagohoy Hill..It’s also cool.. Just don’t forget to bring water when you go there..
    I hope their bungeejump is ready when I get back there..

    I hope the management will always think of taking care of the environment and letting people be aware. Like not letting guests throw trashes,not touching the stones in the caves and not making too much noise as to not to scare the animals who lives there..

  28. Woah! matatapos ko na yung itinerary ko for Cebu-Bohol, pero walang lumabas na ganito sa mga research ko.
    Buti natuklasan ko tong post mo..hehe (haven’t visited in a while actually).
    Btw..magkano yung acitivity?

    Ayan naeexcite na ko sa Bohol, yipee. 🙂

  29. -eds22

    danao, bohol adventure rocks!!! but unluckily we haven’t finished the caving part… must go bak there to finish it, and jump out in the newest bunjee jumping adventure there… bombs away, bombs away!!! the best!!! d kami maka get over of the beauty of the place and the adventure that we had there!!! its a must-see-place ang DANAO< bohol…

  30. Dennis Sumicad

    Had a great time going through the pictures and would definitely love to visit one of these days. Kudos to my friends and brothers, Mayor Tomas and Ian and to the municipal leadership of Danao.

  31. hi! im from the shipping business taking charge of marketing. you’re place seems interesting. wondering how we could be of help to you in terms of promotion. will be visiting the place soon.

  32. wow!!!promise guys,maganda talaga ang danao bohol, espicially their suislide activity para ka tlagang nagpakamatay sa nerbyous pero it is very fun you cannot express it….galing talaga ng mga pinoy

  33. Para sa tanang (Lahat) mga kahigalaan (kaibigan) nga wala pa makaari sa Danao, Bohol…. akung geimbitahan nga moari diri sa Danao aron inyong masaksihan ang kanindot nga talan-awon nga minug-na sa kinaiyahan.. ug mga Caves na puedi kayong pumasok, pag nakita ninyo ang ..ito masabi niyo… wow ang ganda-ganda talaga. tayo na .. punta tayo samaha ko kayo..

  34. Hi!….. musta kayong lahat,… kung masubukan ninyong magbakasyon sa Danao.. at makita timpasaw sa laqmig at malinaw tubig sa loob ng kuweba masamo wow.. oh.ho.hoh. hoh… ang sarap at lamig at napakalinis na tubig na dumadaloy sa bawat hibla nga mga bi-ak na bato na nsa loob nang kuweba … kayo subokan ninyong maligo at mag adventure sa loob nang mga kuweba……ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ,,….. grabeeeeee..eee.ee amazing talaga..



  36. Sr Victoria Doroy

    I was born in Danao Bohol, and I spend my younger up to teenage years but I haven’t gone there in that very beautiful and wonder God’s creation. Since 1995 to 2000 I stayed in Luzon and after that I stayed in Mindanao that is why I did not experience the blessings that God bestowed in my home town. At least I watch it in the net. I really appreciate it, and I really thank God for that wonderful blessing. I congratulate to the people behind it and I hope that everybody will participate to maintain the beauty by respecting it. Remain the sacredness in the sense that the Spiritual aspect will be given a priority. Put God in everything or every plan and I’m sure Danao will soar high.

    I hope I can visit there, my home is not far on that place, only 15 minutes I think to go there.

    I will always include in my meeting with God to bless more to my home town. Thank you Bro.

    Please do not forget to thank God.

  37. Kelet Colico

    Hoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,,,,,,,,,,, Mga kahigalaan ”””””’ ania na usab ako arong mag pahinumdom satanang wa! pa ka kaadto sa Danao, sulaye ninyo pag lantaw ang napaka gandang lugar na made in nature nga lahi sa ubang mga view o talan-awon , busa mangadto na ta sa Danao, aron atong saksihan ang lugar nga sa unang panahon abi nato ug way development pero ngayon sa Pamamahala nang ating, butihin , masipag, masigasig, at verry active mayor sa Danao ever since , Siya ang hulog sa may kapal na mapa-asinso nang ganito ang ating lugar,,,,,,,,,,, maraming maraming sayo Mayor Thum, Your Momy ate Nate all your relatives and friends to help this, for a very successful project in this place, salamat nang marami na naging ganito ang lugar natin.

    Iyong kaibigan o kakampi sa lahat nang panahon,,,. kelet ,dahil dito ako lumaki at nagkaisip kaya ito ang nasasabi ko.

    God always blessing you, ipatuloy mo lang ang tuwid at makatarunganong pamahala sa ating lugar

    ZZZZZZ Muli bisita na kayonasa manila o ibang bansa kaman nakatira hala dalina,,,, at mag adventure sa pinanggalingan kung bayanZZzzZZzzZZzzzzzZzzzzz.

  38. read your post about caving, particularly about “the cave has some water and sometimes you have to pass by under the water just to get through some crevices…”. I’m definitely not a swimmer but I’d like to try caving when I go there in March. How deep is this area where you have to be under the water and how long would it take to pass through the other side. Thanks.

  39. Mildred

    I was born in Bohol, grew up in Manila and now in the U.S. but never heard about Danao place until lately, is there a tour offered to experience the cave, the river, climing the tree, zip lining and others? how many days do you think we have to stay to enjoy all of that, is there a nearby hotel that we can stay? do they have hotel pick-up? can you give us hotel info? transformation priemb
    we are planning to visit Bohol next year, it will be nice to get information regarding this place, sounds really fun.

  40. I am from Inabanga Bohol and I always say that Danao Adventure park is very nice place. You will really enjoy there.. And you will miss half of you life if you will not try to visit there…

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