Batan Island Map

Batan Island Map

(Updates: March 11,2014). The Travel eGuide Batanes now available for download here. It contains latest update with details on where to stay and eat, attractions and maps.

Updated 2015 Batanes Islands Maps can be found here. Just a quick note, this site will be in auto mode for the next two weeks. For the mean time please enjoy these maps of Batanes Islands. I noticed that when searching for Batanes Maps, there wasn’t much information on the internet or even printed books or guides. So the idea suddenly struck me to create a visual, photographic landmark map of each of the Batanes Islands. I love Batanes so much I hope I can fill in some gaps in the future. Especially Itbayat.

Sabtang Island Map

Sabtang Island Map

Each maps are still a work in progress and if you find anything that needs to be corrected somehow or additional info, feel free to drop in a line or two. Large resolution versions can be downloaded when you click each of the images shown.

Itbayat Island Map

Itbayat Island Map

I had fun creating these maps of Batanes. Most graphics and all photos are my property so please refrain from selling or using them for commercial purposes if ever without permission. I made this as a reference for those who would want to explore Batanes. It’s a lot helpful when you know visually where you are going.

Updated 2015 Batanes Maps can be found here.

(Updates: March 11,2014). The Travel eGuide Batanes now available for download here. It contains latest update with details on where to stay and eat, attractions and maps.
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Ferdz Decena is an award-winning travel photographer, writer and blogger. His works has found print in publications such as Singapore Airlines’s Silver Kris, Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay, Cebu Pacific’s Smile and Seair InFlight. He has also lent his expertise to various organizations like the Oceana Philippines, Lopez Group Foundation, Save the Children and World Vision, contributing quality images for their marketing materials.

36 Responses to “Maps of Batanes Islands”

  1. lagal[og]

    oist! so this is what you were doing kahapon. hahaha, ibang klase ka talaga bai 🙂 but i sure appreciate it even though in reality, i know batan island by heart 😀 see ya soon bai!

  2. Kyels

    I’ve been wanting to go to Batanes since I saw the trailer for Batanes; The Movie. The island was so beautiful; the place where it was filmed. Thanks for sharing w/us the map. It’d be of good help when I am going there next time.


  3. I am told that in Batanes, all doors and windows point to the south 🙂 The most typhoon visited place in the Phils and where you can find coconut eating crabs.. kind of a mystical place for me 🙂 … and to think that it is not that far from Taiwan 😯

  4. photocache

    auto mode, this means you’ll be out again exploring, hiking, paddling, rappeling, or climbing. i hope more eating with all these activities. san lakad this time?

  5. ang gandaaaa! sarap mag-reminisce!

    the one labelled “itbayat port” is called Chinapoliran Port daw, according to our guide. As in he made it a point of correcting pa it in my Multiply post because I thought it was the Paganaman 🙂

  6. ang galing nito Ferdz! tama ka, ang laking tulong nito sa mga gustong mag-travel sa Batanes (gaya ko). pwede ba akong humingi ng kopya (kahit may charge okay lang). magagamit ko ‘to para sa trip ko. Ngapala, tuloy na ko sa Mt. Kinabalu, oha. na-inggit ako sa mga photos mo eh. sana marating ko din ang tuktok nang hindi inaatake ng rayuma, hahaha!

  7. christine joy

    Thanks for the map.This would be a great help for us for our Batanes Trip although medyo malayo pa yun
    next year pa yun eh..hehehe.March 2009 pa…Nakakuha kasi kami ng promo fare
    sa zest air,2869 lang Manila to Basco then 499 Basco to Manila(all-in na)…
    Baka may gusto pang sumama sa inyo dyan,2 lang kasi kami eh tapos yung
    tour package at least 4,email u na lang po me, [email protected].

  8. william antonio

    Your map of Batanes Islands is so informative and professionaly done. Can I request if possible
    if you can e-mail me a printable copy of the 3 maps. I need copies for my Travel office here in
    los Angeles and for my future office in Basco. I am in the process of putting up backpacking tours
    of the Islands, featuring the unbeatten trails-trails you may not heard of yet. By the way, Iam an Ivatan,
    and a native of Basco.I owe u this. If you happen to return there in the near future, I will lend you
    my Van for a day free or my Fishing Boat for Sports fishing for a day. Hoping to meet you there.
    If you need further info please E-mail me at [email protected].

    Thanks and regards,

    William Antonio
    World Travel Services Intl.,Inc.

  9. Hi. I didn’t get your name, but thank you so much for the maps. Just came from the bookstore and sadly they don’t have a substantial information on Batanes. I am going to Batanes soon with my daughter and her boy friend but wanted so much to read more about that part of our islands. Is there a book you can recommend? Can I download your maps? God bless.

  10. thanks a lot for the map. actually, i just returned from batanes yesterday noon. i had a hard time looking for some beautiful designs in t-shirts. can we have a copy of this map instead to add more designs in their stocks?

  11. Great job on the maps! Thank you for making them! My friends and I are going to Batanes this April. I hope you do not mind if I print them out so we would have some guide on our trip there.

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