Ivana Church Side view

San Jose de Ivana Church

This would be a quick post on one of my favorite looking church in Batanes, the San Jose de Ivana Church. Although built in 1814 with foundation dating back as far as 1795, it is one of the well preserved structures in the island. Right now, it still looks new. I like this church since it looks a bit different from the other churches as it looks more like a fortress at first.

Ivana Church Front view

Ivana Church Facade

The bell tower on the side can be climbed from behind, but steps are rather steep. It will lead you to the roof top of the church where you’ll be able to have a good view of the sea and the port going to Sabtang.

Ivana Church Floor Tiles

Ivana Church Tiles

The said island can be seen on the horizon as well. From that vantage point, if you have a good zoom or binoculars, the church can be clearly seen from Sabtang as well opposite their island’s San Vicente Ferrer Church.

Ivana Sea port view

Ivana Sea port view

The Church doesn’t have huge interiors but it does have elaborate tile patterns and noticeable thick walls.

Ivatan biking locals

Local Ivatans biking on the roadside

The Church is not hard to find as its located along side the main road of Batan Island and also one of the usual ports if you are going to cross the sea and head off to the opposite island of Sabtang.

Honesty Coffeeshop

Honesty Coffeeshop

Just across the street and a few steps from the church is another popular landmark, The Honesty Coffee Shop. I wrote about this coffee shop before but the place has changed now. It has become bigger with a few tables inside. It really looks more like a cafe than a sari-sari store. Yet still, the place is usually un managed. Prices are listed on the counter and you’ll find a drop box where you’ll put your money in. A container also has some change available. It’s only in Batanes where you can find such establishment.

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