Chen's Famous Mapo Tofu

Chen’s Famous Mapo Tofu

Tofu has been one of my favorite dishes and whenever I had a chance to eat at a local Chinese Restaurant, I would sometimes order a Mapo Tofu. It’s one of my favorite Chinese dish with tofu, minced beef swimming in the red sea of chili and spicy sauce. This fiery dish has also been popular around the world. When we were in Chengdu, China we made sure not to miss eating Mapo Tofu on where the dish was actually created – at Chen’s Mapo Tofu Restaurant.

Chen Mapo Tofu Restaurant Interiors

Chen Mapo Tofu Restaurant Interiors

Chen’s Mapo Tofu Restaurant
goes way back in 1862 during the Qing Dyansty (1644-1911). First found at Wanfu Bridge, north suburb of Chengdu, the restaurant was called Chen Xingshng Eating House. Mrs Chen was the main chef then. She cooked a tofu dish in bright red color, crispy beef cubes and spicy hot tofu diced in beautiful shapes.

Chili BBQ Fish on sticks

Chili BBQ Fish on sticks

The story of how the name Mapo Tofu came to be is quite interesting. Mrs Chen was a pockmarked woman who was only allowed to stay at the outskirts of the city due to her appearance. She lived by the roadside where travelers usually traverse. During those times, rich merchants usually stay within the city. One stormy night, a father and son had to find shelter at the outskirts and ended up at Mrs Chen’s home. She made them the dish on what we now called Mapo Tofu. The two found it so delicious that whenever they visit the city, they would drop by her place to eat. Soon after more people start visiting her home. Gourmands at those time also frequented the place and soon it became one of China’s famous dish. Some people soon started calling the dish Chen Mapo Tofu which literally means “bean curd made by a pockmarked woman“. The word Ma comes from the word mazi meaning pockmarked while po means old woman.

Chili Rabbit

Chili Rabbit

The restaurant, of course, at this time moved locations yet still retains the way they cook the Mapo Tofu as grandma Chen did. It is now located within the city where we just walked a couple of blocks away from Tian Fu Plaza. It was actually already late at night and thought we wouldn’t catch it open but there were still a few customers inside. I was excited to taste the Mapo Tofu and it didn’t disappoint. I could say the taste was ambrosial. The best tasting mapo tofu ever. And the key was with the numbing spice through the mixture of ground and fried sichuan pepper.

We ordered some other dish like the BBQ Fish on Sticks and Chili Rabbit. The BBQ fish had too many fish bones for me, but the chili toppings on it was also delicious. I’m new to eating a rabbit and the meat taste good, but a bit too bony for me. Well not surprising since Sichuan Cuisines are more often than not has more bones since they believe the meat closer to the bones is more tastier.

Eating at Chen’s Mapo Tofu Restaurant is a dining experience spanning more than a couple centuries old. It’s one of China’s culinary heritage that’s clearly still alive and serving at this time.

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13 Responses to “China: Chen’s Mapo Tofu”

  1. bro wulf, heto pala yung sinasabi mong fiery dish.
    this i gotta try sometime in the future kung kayanin ng powers ko to bear the anghang, hehehe.
    hmmm, kakagutom naman itong post. parang ang sarap humanap ng chinese resto right now :-))

  2. I guess the Mapo Tofu I’ve tried locally is nothing compared to the one at Chen’s in Chengdu where the dish was created. I got to keep Chen’s Mapo Tofu Restaurant in mind, in case I get a chance to go to Chengdu. Thanks for the info.

  3. Nagutom ako! they look so delicious. I’ll try that Mapo Tofu sometime. Yup i agree with oggie parang trip ko rin mag chinese resto yum yum. I could just hear my stomach grumbling hahah

  4. I like the photos, really awesome and it made me hungry Ferdz! By the way, when I read the caption “BBQ fish on sticks” it reminded me of one of my mom’s students from America said that he likes one of the Malaysian local food satay ( slices/dices of meat on bamboo skewers ) and he called it “chicken on a stick” b/c he doesn’t know the name of the food! Haha!


    Musta na?

  5. 1862 – that’s loooong time back man 🙂 I love tofu because it gives me that feeling that it is “healthy”. It is amazing how the Chinese have fashioned so many dishes out of the lowly tofu . THe dishes look tempting 🙂

  6. Bro Og, yeah minsan ou should try the Mapo Tofu. Pero so far, most of them pales in comparisson to this one

    Your welcome BertN. It’s not only sites which I try to share here but the culinary experience as well.

    There are several Chinese restos in Manila Millie. You should order when you get a chance.

    Hahaha. Thanks Carlotta. Ako rin namangha sa history nitong food.

    The BBQ fish taste good Eric, masyado lang matinik ang texture nya para sa akin.

    Hey Acey, the resto interiors is quite common in Chinese restaurants there.

    Love the story as well Leah. I’m sure you’ll love the food too if you like spicy cuisines.

    Hi Kyels, I miss eating Malaysian Satay! I hope to eat that again real soon 😀 Doing fine by the way.

    Masarap at ma-anghang sya DoM!

    Thanks Bingskee, glad you enjoyed it.

    Having a Bicolano heritage, I really enjoy spicy foods Photocache.

    There’s like hundreds of ways on how they cook Tofu there BW. And yeah, it’s a healthy alternative to actual meat.

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