Ironwulf on ANC Shop Talk

Ironwulf on ANC Shop Talk with Christine Cunanan of Travelife Mag

Just this afternoon I was a guest at ANC’s (ABS-CBN News Channel) Shop Talk. Honestly, appearing in live television isn’t really on top of my list but is a welcome development. The topic of the show was about your “Not so usual Asian Travel Destinations” and I’m to share my insights and experiences on traveling in Cambodia and Vietnam. I’m joined by Christine Cunanan, publisher of Travelife Magazine as she promotes a tour of another not usual destination which is North Korea.

Ironwulf on ANC Shop Talk

Pia Hontiveros interviews guests at ANC’s Shop Talk

In truth I would rather go more on backpacking travel and delve more on China as a much more unusual travel destination for Filipinos. But I’m still happy to share what I know about the said destinations which are somehow not a typical Filipino destination as well. If you want to read more on the places, archive for Vietnam is here and Cambodia here.

Ironwulf on ANC Shop Talk

Is my mike still ok?

It’s my first time to appear on tv and I was a bit nervous at first if I can pull this off. Good thing the staff was helpful enough to provide prior information and Pia was a good host to lead the conversation to be more natural. Of course support from my friends and my buddy Oggie who accompanied me at the studio. Whew! I can breath now.

I think, if I’m not mistaken, there would be a re-run of the episode this Saturday on ANC Sky Cable as well as TFC (The Filipino Channel).

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