China travel memorabilias

China travel memorabilia

The China Central to South West Chronicles have ended and to cap it all off would be a summary and details of the trip. From now on, after completing a series I would posts a semi IT which includes the route, the number of days and budget for that trip. Hopefully helpful for those who would want to try the route as well. So after more than 2000 miles within China, 5 provinces, 4 UNESCO sites, 11 days and a budget of less than Php 30,000 which includes all airfares from Manila, transfers within China, park fees, food and accommodations, here’s the recap of the trip.

China Central to South West Route

China Central to South West Route

The China Central to South West travel was for 11 days, from March 14 – 24 2008. On the Google Map was our trail numbered chronologically from the places we visited. (1) Guangzhou which is our Starting and Exit point from/to Manila (2) Chongqing (3) Dazu (4) Leshan (5) Emeishan (6) Chengdu (7) Dujiangyn (8) Tongren (9) Fenghuang (10) Zhangjiajie.

Day 1: Manila to Guangzhou

Day 2: Guangzhou to Chongqing

Day 3: Chongqing to Leshan to Emeishan

Day 4: Emaishan

Day 5: Emeishan to Chengdu

Day 6: Chengdu to Dujiangyan

Day 7: Chengdu to Tongren

Day 8: Tongren to Fenghuang to Zhangjiajie

Day 9: Zhangjiajie

Day 10: Zhangjiajie to Guangzhou

Day 11: Guangzhou to Manila

Budget: Our target budget was about 5000 RMB (35,000 Php) including contingency, but I ended up around 4100 RMB (29000 Pesos) only. This is considering there where change in plans half of the trip and could go lower if I was able to refund my intended flight from Chengdu to Guangzhou worth 4000 Pesos. All this expenses includes airfares from Manila and within China, Taxi and Bus transfers, Hostels, Food and Park Fees.

Airlines: Manila to Guangzhou via Cebu Pacific, Guangzhou to Chongqing via China Southern Airlines

Accommodations: Nanbin Youth Hostel in Chongqing, Teddy Bear Hostel in Emeishan, Sim’s Cozy Guesthouse in Chengdu, Zhongtian International Youth Hostel in Zhangjiajie

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Ferdz Decena is an award-winning travel photographer, writer and blogger. His works has found print in publications such as Singapore Airlines’s Silver Kris, Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay, Cebu Pacific’s Smile and Seair InFlight. He has also lent his expertise to various organizations like the Oceana Philippines, Lopez Group Foundation, Save the Children and World Vision, contributing quality images for their marketing materials.

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  1. Ei Travis! hehehe kamusta na? Most of the IT I must credit to my friend.

    Yeah Dom, malayo-layo din talaga. I also like that Giant Buddha of Leshan site.

    Let’s see Tin-tin

    Yes indeed Snow! Thanks for the visit. Drop by again.

    Barok, since mauubos na archive ko and my next travel will be quite a while. I’ll have time to do a summary of most of the places I visited. Next ko na yang Vietnam.

  2. No problem Kyels. I’m just an email away.

    Yup Estan, it’s also a nice way for people to catch up on old posts.

    Hi Tess, the budget I stated here is for one pax. Yup, I have a friend along with me on this trip.

  3. you just raise the level of blogging a notch higher, Ferdz. you made it more functional for your readers. i wonder though how you were able to manage going around these places without any knowledge of the language. i supose you had a friend with you who speaks Chinese right? Gayahin ko ‘to Ferdz once I get the chance to travel in China but i might probably include a visit to Kaiping Dialou. sana meron din yung Vietnam trip ninyo ni Oggie. i might go to Hanoi next month, hehe. but we will see if this pushes through. good luck with everything Ferdz!

  4. Hi Ferdz…sosyal mo talaga bro……..malaking tulong yang ginawa mo kc..baka balang araw ay isa sa amin ay maligaw sa China dahil sa mga pictures mo na nakakabighani talaga..para bagang guide samin yang map…

  5. Thanks Oggie, hope it would be be useful in the future.

    Backpacking is an enriching experience din Erick. I hope you get your chance to go out-of-the country din.

    Yep, Photo Cache. Much like a reference din, there’s a more detailed expense list, pero napaka haba na.

    Rayts, my friend can speak and read “Passable” Chinese which helped a lot on this trip. Kasi kung ako lang, uuwi na ko ng Pinas hahaha, unless I have a chinese Characters phrase book with me. I’ll post the Vietnam Summary some time next week.

    Hahaha Sosy ba Eric, di naman cguro. Hehe

    Back to China Sidney? hehehe

    Hi Jenny!

    Hey Eds, the budget was mainly done by our common friend. 😀

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