Kawa-kawa Cascade Vertical

Kawa-Kawa Falls Cascade in Sta Cruz, Marinduque

It took us almost an hour to reach the town of Sta Cruz coming from Torrijos. We headed into the market area where we also passed by the main Jac Liner station there. We saw the bus we rode already parked. We had a hearty lunch of sinigang with fresh fish and good ol’ home cooked pork chop and calamares at one of the carinderias there. Followed by a serving of ice cream nearby. With afternoon closing midway, we moved on to explore some of the town’s attractions.

Sta Cruz Church

The Sta Cruz Church built in 1714

One of the main attractions of Sta Cruz, Marinduque is its impressive old church. The Sta Cruz church is the oldest church in the island of Marinduque built in 1714. It has an impressive Filipino-Hispanic Gothic design. Quite a different design from what I’ve usually seen on other churches. Inside the altar is elegantly designed but at that time, renovations were being done. At the time a series of funeral services were being held, making it hard to take photos of the structure properly due to human and transport traffic. The drizzle also didn’t help in taking some photos.

Kawa-kawa Cascade Horizontal

Kawa-kawa wide cascade

We were told there were 2 falls found in town. Originally, we were looking for Paadjao falls. An impressive cascade falls which I visited years ago but somehow don’t remember where. We decided to check out the nearby falls first. The first and nearest one we found was disappointing since it was obviously developed. We decided to forego the other one and told our driver to take us to Paadjao Falls which incidentally our driver also has no idea where. They asked around and we were led to another falls, quite a distance from the town proper.

Kawa-kawa Falls pour

Kawa-kawa Falls pour

I was trying to remember if this was the trail I went before since it’s quite similar. But when we actually got there, we saw a roofed and developed area with a sign of Kawa-Kawa falls. It wasn’t the falls we were looking for. But since time’s a bit short and we met Kapitan Romulo Rogelio there. He’s the Captain there in Bangcuangan where the falls is located and he was enthusiastically telling us how he developed the area so we decided to check it out. It was a short climb to where the main basin/pool can be found. It was a pretty small falls bu the basin was ideal for swimming. Hence it’s name “Kawa-Kawa” which also means “Kawali” There were already a number of teens and kids swimming there but Kapitan asked all of them to clear the area for a while so we could take pictures. I guess he also wanted the place to be known.

Kawa-kawa Falls Basin

Kawa-kawa Falls Basin

It was nice but not as impressive as Paadjao Falls as I remembered. I was disappointed seeing some plastics and chip wrappers lying around. After sometime of taking photos, we advised Kapitan regarding garbage control. Even if there are people who are scheduled to clean the trash in the area, it’s better to educate the visitors to take the trash along with them when they leave. It’s much better to minimize the garbage in the area. Kawa-kawa falls is a nice little falls that should not be neglected.

We spent quite some time there that the afternoon is soon coming close. We sped off from the town to head back to Gasan and hopefully be there in time before the sunset.

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Ferdz Decena is an award-winning travel photographer, writer and blogger. His works has found print in publications such as Singapore Airlines’s Silver Kris, Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay, Cebu Pacific’s Smile and Seair InFlight. He has also lent his expertise to various organizations like the Oceana Philippines, Lopez Group Foundation, Save the Children and World Vision, contributing quality images for their marketing materials.

29 Responses to “Marinduque: Falls on Sta Cruz”

  1. that kawa-kawa falls is tricky to shoot. the other cascades also seem to be more spectacular as well.
    sayang din yung paadjao. funny how many locals don’t know where the province’s attractions are. maybe next time 😀

  2. Onga Oggie eh. Quite a tricky shoot since there’s not much room to navigate on.

    Yep iRonnie! The Church is impressive to bad the conditions weren’t that good to shoot at that time.

    Thanks Rorenz! It’s in the town of Sta Cruz

    Haha. I think mas malinis to kesa sa Bokong Falls Benj.

    Thanks for the correction Allan. Corrected the spelling.

  3. the falls look amazing. not that tall but the basin is quite lovely. enjoy na enjoy mga bata. pag nakita ni dom tong post mo matutuwa yun kasi di namin narating yung mga falls na nasa itinerary namin last weekend because of the rains. nagtyaga na lang kami sa mga maliliit na falls sa roadside.

  4. it’s really sad to see plastics on waterfalls. i hope that marinduque residents will learn as early as now the effects of these garbages. it can ruin the waterfalls, the water quality, the creatures depending on that body of water. but ferdz no matter how simple the falls is, looking at it from your camera makes it still look impressive.

  5. HI Oman! I think the basin is the main attraction here as it is ideal for swimming. Kamusta pala lakad nyo ni Dom?

    Thanks Dennis! It’s a small beauty on its own.

    Yep it is. Thanks Sidney!

    Thanks Dom. I hope the captain there would heed our suggestions to educate visitors of the falls as well.

    Haha Onga Pao. Nice stop over at the basin

  6. wow…these shots are awesome! good job!
    i read,photography is just your hobby but i guess it has given you bigger name. hmmm, that makes me think!how about indulging myself to it since we already have our DSLR..no more photos from cellphone.
    thanks for the inspiration..btw,can i add you in my bloglist?

  7. Ferolyn

    Hi, My mom was from Sta. Cruz. I’ve always wanted to visit the place but never had the chance to bring my mom back there…now she’s in her 60’s. Her Dad, my lolo, was the company doctor of MarCopper Mines during its hay days. I wonder if any of you or older relatives of yours remembers Dr. Cesar and Amada Ambalada and their kids…. I dearly love to find lost relatives of my mom as she would greatly appreciate hearing from them. And hopefully, bring her over for a visit.

  8. unica_hija45

    hi…. i can still remember during my high school days tumatakas p aq sa nanay q pra lang makasama with my friends to go there (kawakawa). That falls kc is like a “kawa”—– isang mlaking kwali na pailalim. If it is your first tym to bathe there theres a possibility that youll get drowned kc akla mo lng mbabaw xa pero biglang lalim…

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