Gasan Beach Dramatic Clouds

Gasan Beach Dramatic Night Clouds

After shooting the impressive Cathedral in Boac, we just walked down the main street and bought some arrow root pasalubong at Boac Hotel just across the church. Hired a tricycle to take us back to Gasan. The mid day ride seems long and I was dozing off through the ride. It took at least 40 minutes until we reached Barangay Pinggan. Finally we arrived in Club Marinduque Resort.

Club marinduque Pool

Club marinduque Pool

I recommended to stay here in Barangay Pinggan in Gasan so we’d be near by the Tres Reyes Islands. Chanced upon Club Marinduque through recommendations from the locals when we arrived. There’s another resort there owned by a German but is currently finishing construction. We knew at once we would stay here when we checked out the rooms. They’re spacious, neatly designed and has complete facilities. The single rooms with large double beds cost Php 1080.00 an additional Php 200.00 per each person. Then there’s the double room which has 2 large beds and can accommodate 6-8 persons costing Php 1800.00. We took the latter since we thought it more practical and comfortable.

Club Marinduque Pavillion and rooms

Club Marinduque Pavillion and rooms

Being an off-peak season, we have the resort all to ourselves. The resort is located near a pebbly beach. The beach isn’t really the type I would swim in but it’s a great jump-off point to the Tres Reyes islands. It also has a very scenic view of the nearby Mt Malindig. The addition of a pool however is a wise choice, we enjoyed it very much for the night swim. The structures, cabins and rooms are well made which explains the price.

Gasan Beach Mt Malindig View

Gasan Beach Mt Malindig View

Food is another thing to consider here. Since it’s quite a way from town proper and the market area is around 20 minutes away you may be obliged to order food from them. Their food is expensive and not really that good. It’s best you bring your own or eat outside. Or you can buy from the market and let them cook the food for you for a marginal fee.

Gasan Night Beach

Gasan Night Beach

Resort staffs however are very friendly and accommodating. They keep tabs on what you need during meals and would give you suggestions on getting around the island. On our last day, they even hailed the bus heading back to Manila on the road for us while we rest at the comforts of their resort. We had a pleasing stay in Club Marinduque in Pinggan. We left Sunday afternoon and started again our long Ro-Ro ride back home. It’s great to visit Marinduque again after a few years. Another journey closes.

Club Marinduque – visit

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Ferdz Decena is an award-winning travel photographer, writer and blogger. His works has found print in publications such as Singapore Airlines’s Silver Kris, Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay, Cebu Pacific’s Smile and Seair InFlight. He has also lent his expertise to various organizations like the Oceana Philippines, Lopez Group Foundation, Save the Children and World Vision, contributing quality images for their marketing materials.

14 Responses to “Marinduque: Sleeping in Pinggan”

  1. we’ll take note of your tips ferdz specially on the food. pebbly nga yung beach pero pwede na rin para kung gusto lang magrelax along the beach. parang ok naman yata ang accomodation at buti na rin na mababait ang mga staff.

  2. it’s nice to look back on this trip. mahaba man yung biyahe dahil sa paghihintay.
    club marinduque is nice. it was well and good that we stumbled upon it as if dictated by fate.
    salamat for accompanying us to marinduque amigo 😀

  3. this place looks nice and quiet siguro iba ang atmosphere kapag peak season. ganda ng first and last shots, ganda ng epekto ng clouds, ias if they are moving. looks all surreal to me. galing mo talaga mag-lagay ng emotions sa mga shots mo.

  4. Hi Photo Cache! Peak Season’s usually around summer and especially the moriones season. The first photo was exposed around 4 minutes 😀

    The accommodations are OK Dom, yung food lang nila kelangan i-improve. The beach is ok. A number of people are still enjoying it when we were there.

    No prob Og, it’s a nice island and wouldn’t mind going back there.

    Thanks Tina!

    Thanks Rayts! The long exposure gave them an illusion of movement.

    Thanks Sidney!

  5. teacher_allan

    SARAP ng food sa CluB Marinduque and very friendly ang may-ari and crew.Very clean ang rooms at comfy sarap matulog.Malinis din ang pool at malapit sa ibat-ibang islands like Baltazar.

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