Boquete Twilight Boat

Boquete Twilight Boat

There is more to Puerto Galera than its famed White Beach. Just around 15 minutes drive from Muelle Bay Port to Barangay Sto. Niño and going through the inner roads you find a nice scenic beach adjoining the mainland to the Boquete Island just in front. Its a place where you can enjoy both sunset and sunrise in one stretch of beach.

Boquete Island Sandbar Beach

Boquete Island Sandbar Beach

The beach on this stretch composed of pebbles and some crushed corals. While it may not be as fine it is still good for swimming since the water is clear. Sandbar Resort, a private resort is located on the island and caters to many watersports activities.

Boquete Island Lone Branch at Sunset

Boquete Island Lone Branch at Sunset

The area has also been known as one of the main destinations for windsurfing in the Philippines. Competitions are held on the Muelle Bay side of the SandBar. It’s a pretty scenic area with breath taking sunset and sunrise. A nice secluded beach away from the crowds of the White Beach.

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Ferdz Decena is an award-winning travel photographer, writer and blogger. His works has found print in publications such as Singapore Airlines’s Silver Kris, Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay, Cebu Pacific’s Smile and Seair InFlight. He has also lent his expertise to various organizations like the Oceana Philippines, Lopez Group Foundation, Save the Children and World Vision, contributing quality images for their marketing materials.

22 Responses to “Mindoro: Boquete Island Sandbar”

  1. Wow..the pica are relieving..especially the first one.The stillness of the sunset is illuminating and warm…its refreshing that keeping’s your soul at peace….sarap ng feeling…ano kahit pictures lang…
    Ferdz..hiramin ko minsan ang mga pics na yan kung ok lang sayo….just let me know.Happy New year

  2. Wow! Can’t help to comment on your impressive blog! Geez, and your images! Amazing! I wish to get some of those professional cameras one day, I’m having trouble with my digital camera at the moment, scope is limited…I couldn’t even take a photo from a distance at night. Frustrating I know, I love the night glow specially in historic towns and glary cities…Geez! Lucky you! and Keep it up kabayan! Proud to be Pinoy!!!

  3. Many thanks Photo Cache! Glad to share warmth this holiday season.

    yep Dom. It’s a misconception to say that Puerto Galera is only the White Beach. There is much to discover in Minodoro.

    Thanks Eric. Happy Holidays. You can email me details regarding photos that interest you.

    Thanks Kyels! Happy Holidays!

    yep Pao! And it’s only a few hours away from Manila.

    Hi Lyndsay! Thank you very much for the visit. I also love the night glow of the city. It’s my pleasure to share the wonders we have here in the Philippines.

    Would have done the same Oman if given ample time. Pero relaxing talaga yung place,

    Hey Erick tahimik talaga yung place. Happy New year!

  4. hanep views mi amigo. sunsets are my personal weaknesses so i would have to mark the first and third pics as personal favorites.
    i haven’t stepped on mindoro for more than a decade. maybe, one of these days, i would come back. happy new year my friend 😀

  5. pink_panther007

    hanep! ang gaganda talaga ng mga pictures na nacacapture mo!!! its 12:19am at ang site mo browse ko wala lang tapos na putukan kaya wala na ako magawa kundi magbrowse hehehehe….Happy New Year!!! more pictures pa ferdz

  6. hi ferdz! greet lang kita ng happy new year. thanks sa palaging pagbisita ng blog ko. pati sa comments. salamat din sa magagandang pictures and sa pagpapakita sa amin ng magagandang lugar na di lagi pinupuntahan. sana maging mas matagumpay ang 2009 mo. mas maraming awards ang iyong mapanalunan. at sana maksama na ako sa mga travels mo. hehehe ;p

  7. I’ve gone to that resort..SANDBAR, and YES the sunset is really romantic but behind that perfect scenes the resort offers a very POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE..sorry for the term but it really sucks..the food? Duh!!! the staff? doesn’t even know what customer service means..the rooms was overly priced..not really a good value for money..there are a lot of nice resorts nearby that has the same amenities and services, cheaper, but offers a nice room facility and has an excellent service. I went there with friends and stayed 3d/2n but our vacation was ruined because of the poor service. I will never go back to that resort ever again..I’d rather go to white beach or oceana which I frequently stay. If you will go to SANDBAR think again. Pictures can always be deceiving. Nice shots though.

  8. I just want to share the same experience at Sandbar, yes it is true that the sunset there is perfect but the service isn’t good and it is not really a good place to stay. Walk-ins maybe for photo opps, yes. Me and my colleagues went there but we never enjoyed our stay. I think it is a lodging house turned into a resort!! There are a lot of foreigners maintaning a permanent residency in the area..the owners relatives are also around! There are kids yelling till late night at the third floor the apparently they call the HOTEL, sobrang ingay may hila ng hila ng furnitures! Maybe dun sila nakatira we are at the 2nd floor..hindi kami nakatulog! Food are not ok too, it’s like you eat in a carinderia. Sayang ang money..sayang din yung place it has a lot of potential. We heard na dun din ginagawa ang windsurfing champ, I wonder how san Mig can afford to deal with that kind of place and services. If ever you’re planning for a vacation think of some other place to go..a lot in galera that is a lot better than Sandbar.

  9. I agree sa mga ladies. Sandbar sucks! Apartelle na naging resort! Wala pa iba magawa pang adults lang duon. Ok nga ang sunset pero marami ring mga lugar sa galera na pareho din sunset sa Sandbar kaya kung sunset lang din gusto nyo wag na duon! Hanap nalang ng iba na sulit ang ibabayad sa accomodation and food. Walang iba highlight duon boring pre. Walang life. Mahal pa ng food at other charges ng resort.

  10. My rating for this resort is 4. Ultimate boredom, wala iba magawa after you’ve seen the relaxing sunset. This resort is for “Juan Tamad” tulog na lang after swimming and sunset watching. I am not a windsurfer nor a diver too kaya i did not liked much the place. Good shots you have there.

  11. Hi Alexie, Rebie, Mohinder and Ricky. Thank you for your opinion of the resort and I sorry to hear about your bad experience. But please read closely that this posts is about Boquete island and it’s sandbar, not the resort itself. I haven’t been to the resort to say something about it. Another negative or damaging thread about the resort, it will be deleted.

  12. Carina

    i was living there for 7 month with the owner of sandbar and i just can tell good things about the place. the workers are very friendly to the guests and never talking bad to anybody. Bad from now on everything will be different. somebody killed my friend and owner 6 weeks ago in the restaurant and now nobody knows who will overtake the place. i hope it will stay like this forever but i´m not sure.

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