Batanes Mono: Basco Lighthouse and Cliffs

Basco Lighthouse, Cliffs and Sea

Aside from finding the range of accommodations in Basco and also discovering places to eat, I spent a lot of my time in Batan Island just chilling out and wandering around. It was after a 4 day of assignment so I didn’t really want to pressure myself to produce as many photos as I needed. I decided to be experimental this time and set my camera to monotone mode and capture Batanes in monochrome hues. At different times of the day, I go to these places walking distances from Basco center and just sit there for at least an hour and just be amazed at this wondrous creation.

Batanes Mono: Valugan Beach Rocks

Valugan Beach Rocks

For a couple of times I went back here in Valugan Beach, maybe to make up for the couple of times I visited Batanes before that I never got to visit the place. It is the place to catch the sunrise and watch the crashing waves hit the rocky shores. I just sit there on one of the large boulders and observe how these large smooth stones differ from each other. Each one is uniqe much like people are but together they look amazing. A beautiful landscape of uniqueness. One of my favorite spots in Batanes. It’s just less than a 45 minutes walk and 15-20 minutes by bike going east out of Basco.

Batanes Mono: Basco Marine Sanctuary

Basco Marine Sanctuary

I always passed by this place. A Marine Sanctuary just south of the border of Basco just after Batanes Resort. Numerous jutting corals rising out from the sea by the corner of the road. It’s a nice place to catch the sunset by the coast. Further on the right is an amazing view of the cliffs of Batan with the Basco lighthouse standing out from the distance. I take my moments here sitting by the roadside un-mindful of the passing vehicles and wait for the sun to come down against those rocky corals by the sea. It’s less than 45 minutes walk from the town center and less than 20 minutes bike going south out of Basco.

Batanes Mono: Basco Lighthouse Night Glow

Basco Lighthouse Night Glow

Ever since my first visit here in 2004, the Basco Lighthouse has been one of my favorite spots, even just to hang out. It’s so close to town but the view is just amazing. Imagine a stupendous view of the South China Sea up hill on a cliff and come sun set, its warm glow showering the hills on your left with warm light. And as the night goes deeper, gazzillion stars lights up. A sight you can never ever see in urban Manila. The lighthouse is only 15 to 20 minutes walk north east from Basco Center along the National Road.

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