Hadefe Cottages

View from Hadefe Cottages

I felt the driver crank up the speed as he leaned forward the tricycle looking at him from the back seat. It’s not that the three of us were heavy along with our baggage coming from Lio Airport, it’s just that the road going to El Nido town slopes prominently high. Once past that it was a breezy 10-15minutes ride into town. The group was split into half, Melo and I would be staying in Hadefe Cottages in Caalan Beach.

Road to Caalan

The Road to Caalan

Following directions from one of the owners of Hadefe Cottages, we went through the small alley along Lally and Abet resort along M. Quezon Ave (Formerly known as Hama) and went by the beach. First time on the beach and it already struck us on how amazing El Nido is. We continued on the road by the beach anxious from the mid-day walk carrying our bags. We found a cemetery by the beach and thought we lost our way until we came across a couple who said they were looking into some resorts there since they find the town very noisy.

Hadefe Cottages

Hadefe Cottages in the afternoon

We were relieved to finally found the place walking further by the beach. The resort has an open ground with several cottages fronting a rugged beach. We looked for Hane my contact who we were trying to call earlier but learned he was on his way to Puerto Princessa. Instead we met his sister Del. The resorts name actually came from the siblings first syllables in their names Ha-De-Fe. We were led to our Family Cottage which could fit 3 people. It was really nice and tropical. It has 2 beds, a couple of fans and a clean bathroom. It’s a bit of a 10-min walk to and fro town but it was perfect for the price for PHP 750 a night. I only paid PHP 1500 for four nights since we shared cost.

Hadefe Cottages

Cottage number 6

When it comes to budget travel like this one I never spend too much than I need when choosing accommodations. Chances are I will only be spending 20-30% of my day in that room to sleep and wash-up. In El Nido Electricity is not 24 hours as it only runs from 2pm to 6am the next day so a fan room would suffice since nights are cool there. There are certain criteria I have in mind when choosing an accommodation:

(1) The place is secure and I can leave things there with a peace of mind

(2) It got the basic amenities like a Fan, clean sheets on bed and a functioning and clean toilet and bath. Before I may opt to have communal but when I have expensive equipments with me I often choose the one with en suite T&B. Besides, I no longer worry if toilets are occupied when nature calls.

(3) Manageable Location. If I can walk to reach important places, like a store or eatery, that’s fine by me.

(4) Friendly Staff and Service.

(5) Place is quiet and I can Sleep Well to recharge for the next day.

(6) Reasonably priced.

Hadefe Cottages

Double bed room

So far, Hadefe Cottages met these criteria well with the excitement of walking by a cemetery every night under the moon light, and the never tiring view of the beach and nearby islands with Cadlao on each walk to and fro town. I measured the distance from further street of the town and it’s around 400 meters one way. So it’s a nice walk as well. The beach is rugged but best for snorkeling and Caalan beach has the best view of the sunset coming from El Nido.

Hadefe Cottages
Zone 3 Caalan, El Nido, Palawan.
Mobile: +63920.952.3280
Telephone: +6348.725.3032
URL: www.hadefecottages.tk
Email: [email protected]

Hadefe Cottages

Toilet and Bath

There were other Budget Accommodations in my list at that time but unfortunately they were fully booked but I was able to see them when we were roaming around El Nido. All of them have rooms ranging from Php 500 to Php 1000 which are mostly good for 2. Lualhati and Cliffside are not beachfront headed to the road to Corong-Corong but they have very nice cottages as low as Php 350. Chizlyk and Tandikan are on the northern end of M. Quezon Street. They have picturesque beachfront and nice cottages. Stunning Vista Lodge was a discovery there. They have a great restaurant and beach front that offers a lot of activities like volleyball and windsurfing. Beach in Corong-corong is great fro swimming and has an unobstructed view of the sunset.

Chizlyk Cottages
M. Quezon Street (formerly Calle Hama)
Mobile: +63919.879.9333
Email: [email protected]

Tandikan Cottages
M. Quezon Street (formerly Calle Hama)
Mobile: +63920.318.4882 / +63927.562.6350
Email: [email protected]

The Alternative
Serena Street, Bgy. Buena Suerte
Mobile: +639178963408
Email: [email protected]

Lualhati Cottage
Rizal Street, Brg. Maligaya
Mobile: +63919.319.6683
Email: [email protected]

Cliffside Cottage

Rizal Street
Mobile: +63919.785.6625

Stunning Vistas Beach Resort
Lodging, Dining and Recreation
Corong-Corong, El Nido Palawan
Mobile : Gary McLean +63908.1667.405 / Eden Mclean +63921.751.5783
Email : [email protected] or [email protected]
URL : www.elnidostunningvistas.com

Seair has flights twice a week to El Nido. By April 14, flights will be every Wednesday, Sunday and Monday. This schedule will only be until June 30, 2010. Round trip flights cost approximately Php 11,500.

Purchase tickets to El Nido via www.flyseair.com or call (+632) 8490100. For packages call SEAIR Leisure Escape Packages at (+632) 8437308.

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13 Responses to “El Nido: Hadefe Cottages and other Budget Accommodations”

  1. Agree Agree! haha I don’t like spending much on accommodation since I only stay at the inn to sleep at night. I remember having walked that road (to Caalan) but I didn’t know those cottages are for rent. I like staying in accommodations like that, I love the laid-back feel, probinsya feel. Asteeg ka tlga Ferdz! 🙂

  2. Haha! Thanks PinaySolo Backpacker! I actually prefer the rustic feel of these cottages than those concrete once. It makes the country feel authentic.

    Haha! I would love to keep El Nido a secret too Jaki but we can’t hide a beautiful place like this for a long time.

    Thanks Oman! I’m sure mapupuntahan mo rin tong lugar na to.

    Thanks Lorenzo!

    It’s a nice place to stay Eric if you don’t mind the walk

  3. Booked for 4 rooms at Hadefe Cottages and we arrived there and there where only 3 rooms available. Not very professional. They should have sticked on what we agreed upon! That really ruined our vacation!

      • Thank you for your comments, but you must also appreciate the effort that we made, on the first night , I assign to your @ el Nido Beach Hotel for overnight , which is too much expensive compare to hadefe, to offset the mis communication of our reservation officer. Hope you will balance the situations

  4. Stayed at Hadefes for about two months and enjoyed it very much. The family running the business are very friendly. It’s cheap, you have what you need and its in a quiet area just a walk away from the town. We helped a kitten that was lost from it’s litter and the family took it in after we left. We hope the kitty is alright and have only but good memories of our stay there.

  5. So glad to find this blog next to SoleSister’s. Just phoned the guy whose name starts with HA, lol! I’m definitely sooo excited to be there soon with my workmates. Thanks for sharing!

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