Zambales Masinloc Church

San Andres Church, Masinloc, Zambales

“10 minutes! 10 Minutes Everyone!” I heard Ivan yell in the bus as we sped through the bus exit to head to our rooms at Islandia Hotel in Alaminos. They said to no longer wash up but I can’t stand the salty grime and sticky hair after swimming on ocean waters at the 100 islands. A quick shower and throwing in clothes, gears into my medium sized duffel bag and I’m on the go. I’m sure it’s more than 10 minutes but hey it’s a long road going south to Subic so I better get comfortable in the bus as much as I can.

Zambales Masinloc Church

Beautiful stained glass glow inside San Andres Church

2:30pm in the afternoon we stopped by Masinloc in Zamabales. I heard drums and loud thumps as I got and found out there was a practice happening at the gym there. For a minute there I was relieved. We headed towards the beach side on an open air structure facing the beach. I’m not sure what it was but it looks more like an office with no walls. I later found out it was the Mayor’s Office! How unostentatious and open can you get? The Mayor said he loves the breeze there and anyone the open space means everyone is welcome to approach him.

Zambales Masinloc Church

The grand San Andres Church Zambales

We were led to another office where we were shown a few minutes of AVPs about the reef conservation and other environmental projects. After which we moved on just across the street to San Andres Church or commonly known as Masinloc Church. So what’s so special about this church aside from the chalk white and detailed facade? This church built in 1607 was declared a National Cultural Treasure in the Philippines.

Zambales Masinloc Church

San Andres Church entrance

A 6.8 Richter scale earthquake heavily damaged San Andres Church. In 2000 National Historical Institute (NJI) declared the church as a National Cultural Treasure and National Commission for Culture and Arts helped funded the restoration of the church. There is a polychrome entrance leading to the choir loft which is said to be one of the Church’s unique qualities.

White Rock Resort

The new White Rock Resort at Subic

I enjoyed taking photos of the interiors which seemed to have some new additions but we moved on. There was puto and other rice delicacies we took with us at the bus enough to lay our hunger for a while until we reached Subic. It was sunset when we reached White Rock Resort and I was surprised with the transformation when I last visited the place 3 or 4 years ago. We dropped our bags and didn’t stay long since we have some adventure waiting at the Subic’s Treetop.

Treetop Adventure Superman

Karlo and Izah enjoying the superman ride at Tree Top Adventure

Tree Top Adventure in Subic known for jungle and forest adventure activities. We were treated to one of their rides – The Superman. It’s a zipline where we rode the line Superman style. It was exhilarating but felt a bit short since I wanted to try the other rides. I’m sure to try out the other rides next time I’m here.

We capped the activities there with dinner then headed back to White Rock for a brief tour and a little night entertainment as we close another long day.

Tree Top Adventure
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