Penha Church
The Penha Church at Penha Hill Macau

Coming from Lilau Square and Mandarin House, we go to Macau’s 3rd highest area, the Penha Hill (also known as Bishop’s Hill). As we drive to the neighborhood, Joao tells us that Penha Hill is a high-end residence where the rich, famous and powerful of the Macau people lived. Our coach parked and we made a little hike at the ascending slope to the Penha Church on top. But on the way there we get to see some nice views from this hill.

Macau Tower
Macau Tower and Taipa Bridge seen from Penha Hill
Souvenirs at Penha Hill
Souvenirs at Penha Hill

They consider this hill as one of the most scenic in Macau making it a coveted spot that only can be afforded by the wealthy. The view faces the south of the island where the bridges connecting Macau Peninsula to Taipa can be seen and jutting out like slim bishop chess piece is the famous Macau Tower cutting through the sky.

Penha Church dates back to 1622. The Portuguese regularly pay their respects here to thank or wish for a safe journey. We arrived there and saw a group doing a pre-nuptial shoot at the church grounds. It’s a popular church for weddings as well. Going back down there’s a souvenir vendor selling some interesting items which is ironic to see beside the church. If Baguio has the famous man-in-the-barrel souvenir, here they miniatures of couples in various love-making positions.

We went to the Maritime Museum on our next stop. It’s a nice 3 story museum by the A-ma Bay. It has an exceptional display of Macau’s nautical development. The museum is near A-ma temple so we made time for a revisit and also see those Tradition Portuguese Dances being performed there.

Macau Maritime Museum
Macau Maritime Museum

For lunch we went to the exclusive Macau Military Club. “Oh you should try this and that” an nice Old Portuguese lady told me as she points to a blood sausage and another one I forgot the name. She was just happy to recommend some nice meals from this Portuguese Buffet. It was a pretty heavy lunch and for the Portuguese, it’s traditionally followed by a siesta. And good thing we were headed back to Ponte 16 for a few hours or rest and to pack up for our check out.

Club Militar Macau
Club Militar Macau
Portuguese Lunch Buffet
Portuguese Lunch Buffet
Aj Hacket
Macau Tower Bungy Jump

I spent most of my pataca to buy food presents and keepsakes to take home at the food street near St Paul Church Ruin after we checked out. From Leal Senado Square we headed to our last stop of the trip which is Macau Tower. This 338m tower has the highest Bungee Jumping Facility in the world operated by AJ Hacket. Nina went ahead of us earlier as she has a scheduled jump there.

When we arrived at the tower, we immediately headed back to see a jump. We heard a scream as someone was bungee-jumping from the tower. The rebound was so strong the person bounced back half of the height of the jump. “Poor Soul” we thought, then we looked closely at the person dangling helplessly to find out it was Nina! She changed shirt color to wear the white AJ Hackett’s t-shirt that’s why we didn’t recognize her. (See Nina Jump here) We were excited for her and as soon as she got down we congratulated her success. Gahd! I would have wanted to try that but it was way off my budget at that time.

360 Cafe Dinner
Our last Dinner in Macau at 360 Cafe Macau Tower

We had our last dinner at the 360 Café of Macau Tower. It was a glorious buffet of different cuisines, from Japanese, Indian and Asian. I made sure I sit on a well lit table from ceiling lights only to find out the platform where the tables are is gradually spinning 360 degrees. Oh well. Enough with the photos, it was time to eat. It was our last night in Macau and we’ll end it with a feast.

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    you had a fabulous macau trip. uulitin mo ito?

    btw, that bridge connects macau to what?

    and the tower is similar to the tower in toronto – only saw it in photos, but they look similar to me.

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