Eat Danao Suislide
Eat Danao Suislide (Shot with Seair Inflight)

I kept telling people that there is more to Bohol than the usual Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers and Panglao. I had a chance to go back to Bohol several times this year and coincidentally, most of the activities I had there is to sample exciting adventure activities on different spots. Bohol is turning out to be one exciting adventure hub along with the popular attractions the island is known for. Here’s a nice itinerary for a Three Day Adventure in Bohol.

Hanging before The Plunge
Hanging before The Plunge at EAT Danao (Shot with Seair Inflight)

The Itinerary is not what I did but just a suggestion

Day 1: Of Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers and Loboc River Cruise
if you’re a first timer in Bohol, it’s nice to get acquainted to what made Bohol popular in the first place. The Chocolate Hills is nice but not something I would go back to again and again. For seeing the Tarsiers, I would recommend going to Corella instead of Loboc since they take proper care of the Tarsiers there than the later. There are two competing Loboc River Cruises now, I would go to the one near the bridge not in Loboc Proper, since they have better tasting food.

Swinging high on the gorge
Swinging high on the gorge (Shot with Seair Inflight)

Day 2: Extreme Adventure at EAT Danao
Eat Danao saw just recently saw its popularity recently after a few years of appreciation. And it’s hard not to talk about it since EAT Danao is one of a king. A hive of exciting activities here for those seeking for an adrenaline rush. The Plunge, the Philippine’s one and only canyon-swing can be found here and it’s one hell of an experience.

Day 3: Baclayon’s Dolphin Watching at Pamilacan, Buggy Ride Trail and Biking at Mongo-ol
Wake up early in the morning for Pamilacan Dolphin watching, there’s a high percentage of sightings if jumping off from Baclayon. Then after lunch go for a trilling 1 and a half hour Dune Buggy Ride. If you’re into biking, challenge the trails at Mongo-ol. Then after all the adventure, chill-out at Baclayon Baluarte.

A 60meter drop rapel
A 60meter drop rapel along the EAT Danao cliff gorge (Shot with Seair Inflight)

That should give you an idea when planning an adventure escape in Bohol. Looking for a place to stay? Don’t forget to check out the lovely Peacock Garden Boutique Resort in Baclayon. Also do check the Bohol Archive.

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  1. Thanks Nomadic PinoyThanks Happy Trails! It’s really worth the visit

    There’s the easy Skycoaster and the relaxed Dolphin Watching Photo CacheThanks Happy Trails

    Thanks SaggiThanks Happy Trails!

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time here DomThanks Happy Trails

    Hmm I think it would be around 3k+ per person for all these activities alone LeviThanks Happy Trails. Of course it would be cheaper if there’s more in a group

    The plunge is really esciting FreezeThanks Happy Trails! Worth coming back for.

    Hi OmanThanks Happy Trails! The Plunge is not a zipline but more like a horizontal bungy jump 🙂

    Thanks Happy Trails

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