Victorian Style Disneyland Hotel
Victorian Style Disneyland Hotel

I was recently on a 3 day 4 night trip in Hong Kong, of those 4 nights, I along with some bloggers from Manila and Malaysia spent our 2 days at Hong Kong Disneyland. I grew up on a generation watching Disney cartoons and looking out every year for the next Disney Animated movie to hit the cinema. With that I was equally excited to finally go to Disneyland. But before that, we went to Disneyland Hotel to drop off our things and Check-in.

The Hotel mini maze facing the bay
The Hotel mini maze facing the bay

The large 310 acres of land in which the Disney Hotel and Park is part of is located at Lantau Island. Coming from the Hong Kong International Airport, it’s merely a 20-30minutes ride. From Hong Kong Central, it’s pretty easy to go there with the country’s efficient transport system. With the MTR, it’s about 20-30minutes. There are also city buses (R11, R22, R33, R42) that regularly ply the Hong Kong and Disneyland Route. From the main public transport hub of the park, there’s a free shuttle bus to Disneyland Hotel and Hollywood Hotel that leaves every 10 minutes.

The Hotel Lobby where free wifi is available
The Hotel Lobby where free wifi is available

The Hotel
It was easy to be overwhelmed with the place because this Victorian-inspired hotel is just huge. In the midst of the constant instrumental Disney songs being played on the background and the astounding details abounding the place, it was easy to be warmed over with the help of the friendly staff. Check-in was easy and leaving our baggage while we enjoy the park (since check-in time is 3pm) was not a problem.

These cutesy little towel characters found across the room
These cutesy little towel characters found across the room

As expected, Disneyland Hotel basically has everything one needs, from a pool, gym, business center, shop etc. It even has that nice little maze facing the bay. There’s internet connection but the in-room is not free. The main lobby and most of the dining areas have free wifi.

Seview Twin Bed Room
Seaview Twin Bed Room

Victorian Room – it’s all in the detail
We got a nice twin bed Sea View Room. It was really huge and elegant. Again, the details here are just overwhelming. From the old fashioned doorknocker, to the cabinet handles, wallpaper, mirror frames with nicely detailed reliefs of seven dwarfs and even the faint patterns on the bath tub. I especially liked the cute character towels they placed on different locations inside the room. It was a nice touch.

How 'bout some Mickey Waffles for you
How 'bout some Mickey Waffles for you

I thoroughly enjoyed the different dining experiences here. From the elegant yet amusing food at Crystal Lotus, the hefty offerings on the dinner buffet at Hong Kong Disneyland Hollywood Hotel (a separate hotel from Disney Hotel) and having breakfast with the Disney Characters at the Enchanted Garden was more than just dining but delving and getting involved at the magical world of Disney. (Check out Happyfoodies for the Crystal Lotus Entry)

Me and Daisy Duck at Enchanted Garden
Me and Daisy Duck at Enchanted Garden

The Disney Experience
There are hotels which you just stay and sleep but Disneyland Hotel is where you stay and experience the so called “Magic”. As cheesy as it may sound, being here is like being a kid again, they don’t just serve dim-sum, they serve delicious dim-sum with character, they don’t just offer a room, they offer a room with a Disney Touch. And it’s not every day you get to have breakfast with the Disney Characters and take picture with (without paying).

My Hong Kong Travel Blogger Buddies Nina and Og with Pluto
My Hong Kong Travel Blogger Friends Nina and Oggie with Pluto

I really enjoyed my stay here. It’s actually good value thinking about it. We had a hotel room at the central for HK$1900 a night, but it was just mediocre while here, the Garden Room cost is HK$1800. But I think you’ll actually get a good deal more with their packages which include the park fees.

This is the 2nd of 4 post for the Hong Kong Disneyland Series, please check the other parts here: Fireworks at Disneyland, Fun Time at Disneyland and Lunch at Crystal Lotus.

Click here for Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket and Reservation

Many thanks to Nuffnang Philippines for Hong Kong Disneyland trip.

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Hong Kong: Entering the Magical World at Disneyland Hotel

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  1. True Og 😀

    Haha Photo Cache! I’m sure bloggers from the US gets the same perks 😉

    Thanks Roch for the visit 🙂

    I like the maze garden as well Dom. Reminds me of the movie Labarynth 😀

  2. this place is probably better than Disneyworld in Orlando, where you queue with rides sometimes for hours, esp in summer.

    BTW that Disney on Ice ad on your post. We were there yesterday with my little girl and I think I slept at the second part of the show hahaha 🙂 ( getting older it seems 😉 )

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