Sun City Resort Casino Building
Sun City Resort Casino Building

For a while there I thought I was in a land somewhere in China with all the facilities and style of architecture similar to the ones found in the mentioned country. It doesn’t help that the cable channels are mostly Chinese with only a couple of English speaking channels in line. If not for the, tropical climate, Filipino staffs and their hospitable vibe here, I’d be lost at this high-end Cagayan Holiday and Leisure Resort (Sun City) in Sta Ana Cagayan. They’ve been up here in Cagayan Valley for years now and was enjoyed exclusively by tourists from Mainland China and Hong Kong. Now they are ready to open the doors to Filipinos as well.

Sun City Reception lobby
At the Sun City Reception lobby

Opening Doors for Filipinos
Yes, the Chinese love it here, especially those who came from the landlocked areas in mainland China who doesn’t see much ocean on their sides. To them, the coastal scenery of North Cagayan resembles that of Hawaii, rugged and lined with a bunch of coconut trees for that tropical feel that the resort became really popular not only for the sights but also for gambling.

Bar area
Sun City Bar Area overlooking the Villas

I’m guessing with the recent shaky relations with China, which started with that Bus Hostage fiasco, tourists numbers have dropped significantly which may also be one reason why Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA), the operator of the resort, are opening Sun City up for domestic tourists as well. I think this will be a good thing as Filipinos can experience the same luxury which used to be exclusive only to foreign guest.

A stylish lamp at the Sun City Reception
A stylish lamp at the Sun City Reception

Immaculate City
With our flight delay we arrived rather late at Sun City and the rains didn’t really help much to go around and look at the facilities. In the short span we were there, we only get to scratch the surface. There’s the facade of their Casinos which at that time of our visit, there were only 4 High-Roller players inside the facility.

Sun City Buffet at Dining Hall
Sun City Buffet at Dining Hall

The streets are a repetitive pattern of neat and clean white villas which I found too plain like a townhouse to look at but then the details inside these white washed walls spells the opposite. There’s the reception and restaurant area where architecture seems simple but if you look closely, the details of the place is also astounding. Different tiles on different walls, stylish lamps, minimalist sculptures, intelligent lighting. Did I mention their food is really good too.

Twin Bed Room at the Grand Villa
Twin Bed Room at the Grand Villa

The Grand Villas
Despite the drab exteriors of the villa, the interiors is quite the opposite. We stayed at a Grand Villa with 2 bedrooms and a living room. One room with a queen sized bed and own bathroom and the other room has a twin bed room. The interior is definitely tasteful in its design and very spacious. It doesn’t have a wifi but they do have paid internet LAN. This Grand Villa is their cheapest at HK$680 (P3800) per day which I thought is a good value. They have VIP and Sea side view villas which costs around HK$3000.

Sun City Grand Villa Living Room
Sun City Grand Villa Living Room

Eastern Hawaii
On the neighborhood is Eastern Hawaii Resort which was also exclusive to Chinese Mainland guests until recently. It seems to be a lot cheaper and less luxurious as Sun City but it has reliable facilities and spacious rooms. We didn’t get to go around to see much of the resort because of the rains. But we did get to try their 15minute relaxing massage, complimentary for guests, good old comfort food and comfy rooms. Eastern Hawaii is also known for their Online Gambling Center, which they are one of the first in the region.

Our room at Eastern Hawaii Resort
Our room at Eastern Hawaii Resort

Sta Ana is 2 hours away by road from Tuguegarao.

mobile: 09175889916, 09088947042
email: [email protected]

Eastern Hawaii
mobile: 0918-9160645, 0927-8085432, 09174482123

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31 Responses to “Cagayan: Sun City and Eastern Hawaii in Sta Ana”

  1. Blacksands

    economics at its finest…. since they need the cash, that’s probably one of the reasons why they’re opening their doors to all comers now as they need more revenue other than just tourists. nice place though.

    • Not really denied BertN, it’s just that when these resorts started, the contract stated that their sole clients would be foreign nationals. Now this contract is close to ending and now they would have a choice to open it to both foreign and domestic tourist.

  2. Thesz Liwanag

    Hi ferdz

    Hope u are doing well wherever on earth you are now 🙂

    Thank you for the visit here…I hope u can return again someday soon!!! Keep in touch

    Thesz Liwanag

  3. Amante J. Dulay

    Hi Ferdz, its Carl Dulay, the FO Supervisor from Eastern, we’re so happy that you guys enjoyed our facilities…Bitin nga lang sana next time you guys can truly enjoy our other facilities…If you guys need to reach me, my cell is 0927 808 5432…Thanks again!

  4. Thank you for featuring Sun City and Eastern Hawaii in Sta Ana as best in our town. Tourist will surely love staying in this place and experience the same luxury which used to be only for foreign guest.Even though you didn’t get to go around to see much of the Eastern Hawaii resort because of the rains. But you did get to try their relaxing massage, complimentary for guests, good old comfort food and comfy rooms.

  5. Hi I’m from Cagayan but never been to all this places and never heard of it before.I haven’t been home for the past 10 years and planning to visit Sun City. My question now is how much is the hotel fee per day at Sun City?

  6. cynthia rowena marquez

    hi ferdz, c weng i2,sis ni nixon. thanx alot sa pag assist mo sa amin last june 29 jan sa sun city, it was great! da place is awesome, i wish i could go back der to stay overnyt one day.

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