A portion of the interiors of our room at Casa grand Inn
A portion of the interiors of our room at Casa grand Inn

We heard the weather up in these parts is usually gloomy with occasional showers but it was a bright and sunny welcome when we arrived at the town of Claveria. Immediately we went to Casa Grand Inn just beside the boulevard facing the sea. We already booked our accommodations here in advance and was pleasantly surprised how spacious and comfortable our room was. On the first part of the day we did some walking around to get familiar and orient ourselves with the place.

Claveria Town Hall
Claveria Town Hall

Claveria sees only a few tourist in town and there is really is a slim infrastructure to accommodate many. It’s funny that all eyes seems to go our way as we stick out like a sore thumb as we walk by the streets. The structures are mostly low-rise one-story houses and the main transportation are tricycles. The population as of this writing is around 30,200+ and their main livelihood is fishing. The town layout it like a giant grid and can be confusing for a while but with the sight of the sea on one side, it’s easy to get the orientation right.

The Casa Grand Inn
The Casa Grand Inn

Most of the accommodations run along the boulevard facing Claveria Bay and there are a few choices and one with signs of being constructed.

Casa Grand Inn was our home in Claveria. The room we had is spacious for P1700 a night. It has 3 beds (each with pull-out beds), a small TV with cable, air-conditioner and bathroom. The room could easily fit a group of 6-8 persons. The place is well-kept and the staff were very friendly. There were renovations being done on their boat-like bar but it wasn’t an inconvenience during our stay. Even if they don’t offer food at that time, there was an empanada vendor just in front of the hotel.

Our P1700 room can fit up to 6 people
Our P1700 room can fit up to 6 people

Checkout www.casagrandinn.com
landline: (078)866.1039
mobile: 0918.459.9049/ 0920.952.4809

Other accommodations in the are we passed by:

Eldia Beach Resthouse
Eldia Beach Resthouse

Just beside Casa Grande Inn is Eldia Beach Resthouse with its large imposing multi-story building. We weren’t able to go inside to check out their accommodations.
Tel: (078)846.2594/ (078)866.1072/ (078)844.1080

Ocean Inn
Ocean Inn

Ocean Inn also has a three story structure at the boulevard. A group of happy karaoke singers were at the ground floor when we passed by. Seems like a nice place accommodations for 2 starts at P1200 and P1600
mobile: 0949.480.3227

Lakay-lakay Lodge
Lakay-lakay Lodge

There’s also the nice little Lakay-lakay Lodge along the beach boulevard. They don’t have air con rooms but they are fairly cheap for rooms starting at  P600 good for 2.
mobile: 09194343910

Our favorite eatery in town
Our favorite eatery in town

For Eating Out it’s fairly cheap to the market area. No large restaurant chains here except for the small Mister Donut on a street corner. But our favorite was the Chillax/Flores Eatery and Bakery which has really tasty food for a really cheap price. Pancit and spaghetti for P35 and a sizzling Chicken meal for only P75.

It’s fairly safe to walk around the town even at night but most of the commercial establishments shutdown by 7pm. It also surprising looking into some of the houses through their windows that people would mistake their low rise houses as being poor or on a can-do family but inside there were large LCD screens and a lot of them has satellite cable.

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12 Responses to “Cagayan: Small Town Claveria and Beach Side Accommodations”

  1. Photo Cache

    Was this a sidetrip? What made you go there? Business?

    I got confused, my friend hailed from Claveria Masbate and she swears the beaches there are the best unheard of beaches around. Why don’t you go? It’s in Burias Island in Masbate. Have you been in that part of the archipelago?

  2. thepinaysolobackpacker

    sulit nga ang room kung 6 kau! hang mura ha at ang linis! =) madalas nga daw maulan jan. last time I was in Ilocos Norte we’re supposed to head to Claveria, pero my bagyo naman kaya nag-reroute kame south. Will surely return to check out the beaches there. I saw your Adams photos in FB, I think ke Allan or ke Oggie, interesting place, taga dun pala si Mon.

    • Hi Gael! yep, claveria deserves a day or two or more 🙂

      Baka kina Oggie and Allan yung Adams, they recently went there for a few days, I only visited Adams for a day 🙂

      • Vic Abana

        Hi Ferdz,

        Good afternoon!

        Thanks for this post. I have been trying to contact the Casa Grand Inn Hotel for the past few days but no response and their contact nos. are out of coverage.

        Me and my friends plan to visit Claveria this Thursday. Appreciate if you could help us find a affordable hotel good for 12 persons or if you could give me a working contact nos. of Casa Grand Inn. Will appreciate it very much. If it is not to much to ask of, can you give us a good itinerary in Claveria?

        Thank you. 😀

  3. Thanks for taking interest in visiting my town! I only get to visit twice a year now since I’m busy with school and work but I love that I have Claveria to get home to when life here in Manila gets so stressing! Next time you visit Claveria inform me, I’ll be your tour guide for free! 🙂

  4. rEydan

    Great to hear you visited my hometown, Claveria.
    More to explore there, like falls and lagoon.

    Natuwa naman ako sa experience nyo while walking on the town proper.
    Yup bihira lang kasi nagbabakasyon dun, and people will easily recognize pag bakasyunista or hindi 🙂

    The best time to visit my hometown is during summer. 🙂
    Once you get back, try to visit Taggat Lagoon, Portabaga Falls and Macatel Falls. Sentinela Cove is also a great place!

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