The Cherry Bus in El Nido
The Cherry Bus in El Nido

(Updated February 12, 2015) It’s always nice to have a healthy competition around. With El Nido growing into popularity, people wouldn’t mind traveling the 6-7 hours length just to enjoy El Nido, the northern beaches and islands of Palawan. Now with the entry of another bus company, Cherry Bus, there’s more frequency, convenience and cheaper travel to one of my favorite destinations in Palawan. Here’s how the new bus compares.

Inside their new bus
Inside their new bus

Cherry Buses

The new gray Cherry Buses are slightly larger and has decent leg room. We could see they are new since most of the seat covers haven’t been removed yet. Airconditioning system works well and the sound system too. It’s just that they have a weird taste of music for me which is a personal preference. Just put on your personal headphones.

(Updated February 12, 2015) Cherry Buses now have on-board WiFi. Just ask for the password from the conductor. I saw that they were using a pocket WiFi from Globe. From the areas where there were signal, internet connection works.

Comfortable leg room
Comfortable leg room but they should remove those seat covers so I can use those net pockets

On the Road

Like RORO Bus, Cherry also picks up and drop passengers along the way so expect travel time to get longer in busy days especially at day time. They also stop at Taytay station and in Roxas but in a different station from RORO. How was their driving? It’s fair to say they did well despite the speed, but we can never really tell how all of them do judging from one of their drivers.

Empty seats
Empty seats

Cherry Bus Schedule

Puerto Princesa to El Nido El Nido to Puerto Princesa
Non-Aircon Aircon Non-Aircon Aircon
7:00 am 9:00 am 7:00 am 9:00 am
11:00 am 1:00 pm 11:00 am 1:00 pm
15:00 pm 9:00 pm 5:00 pm 9:00 pm
*Updated February 12, 2015
** Contact numbers
0907.332.8797 (El Nido Custodian)
0919.346.3200 (El Nido Dispatcher)
0935.866.6569 (PPC Office)

Facebook: /cherrybus.palawan

email: [email protected]

Online booking (at least 3-days before) at

(Updated February 12, 2015) Aircon Bus Fare is Php 380 Php 480 while non-aircon bus fare is Php 270 Php 385.

Going to the San Jose Bus Terminal from the airport

The Cherry Bus is also stationed at the new San Jose Market and Bus terminal. The easiest way from the Puerto Princesa airport is not necessarily the cheapest. Tricycles can take passengers directly to the bus station from Php100-140 depending on your haggling skills. Travel time is 20-30 minutes depending on the traffic.

If you want it cheap and not in a hurry, just walk outside the airport and take the Php 8 blue tricycle to the junction. Ask to be dropped there and you can take a multicab to the San Jose market for Php 13. The multicab’s last stop is at the San Jose Bus Terminal.

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67 Responses to “Transit | Cherry Bus to El Nido from Puerto Princesa”

  1. hi! u have a great blog. can u help me out with El Nido. My cousin and I got a cheap airfare via airasia, dated June 02 to 05. We’ll be leaving Manila at 5pm, our flight back is at 11:50am. I understand the travel time from PP to El NIdo is 6hours? Do u have suggestions for any cheaper accomodation?..thanks in advance

  2. Hi! I am planning to visit El Nido next week, which I understand is part of the peak season. My flight from Manila will arrive in PPS at around 6-7pm. If I want to take the bus from the terminal, do you think I should reserve or can I just go there and buy tickets directly from the terminal? Also, will the blue tricycle to junction and multicab to bus terminal be available at this time? Thanks a lot!

  3. very2 helpful glad i bumped into ur blog..though nxt year p plan namin, im soo excited na to visit pp and el nido..thanks a lot..btw, if 7pm dating namin sa PP airport, me mlapit ba na cheap inn/pension house for 2 from the airport and hm if overnight lang kmi kc we plan on heading to el nido kinabukasan din..tnx so much..

  4. Beauty

    Thanks for this very informative blog. I will be in El Nido on Aug.2-4, can you please help me find an affordable place to stay in El Nido? Yung less than 1k per night po. Maraming salamat:)

  5. Michel

    Hello, I will be in P.P and El Nido this Aug.2-5, i’ve read your past post on the affordable place to stay in P.P.
    Can you please help me find a good and affordable place to stay in El Nido? Thank you po.

  6. hi ferdz! as usual, great info. we’re going to el nido next year and we’re thinking of the best way to get to el nido from pp without needing an extra night. i see from your other post that RORO bus has the latest departure from pps (10pm). would you know if they have plans to extend beyond that (say, 12mn)? 🙂 in which case definitely morning na pagdating sa el nido 🙂

    maraming salamat and more power to you and your blog!

  7. Hi! May I know if it’s safe to travel at night from PPS to El Nido?
    I’m planning to take 6pm travel going to El Nido. Would there be still tricycles in El Nido and electricity at 12am? Thanks,

  8. Hi! Very useful info. Do you happen to have the contact number of Cherry Bus? Are they operational? I’ve read somewhere that Roro is suspended as of Sept (tho it didn’t say the year) Could you confirm this please? Which of the two bus companies do you recommend? 🙂 Thank you so much!

  9. We are planning to go to palawan april 14-16 in el nido and heading back to PPS at 9pm via cherry bus so around 3am we will reach PPS but then we want to stay in mangrove resort located in sabang area, it is safe? We choose sabang area so that we are near to UR which a must to visit in PPS. THANKS.. ?

  10. Hi, meron po ba kayong updated fare ng Cherry Bus from Puerto Prinsesa to El Nido? The konduktor charged me around 380 ata for a non airconditioned bus ride. Feel ko di talaga yun ang rate e :))

  11. Cherry Bus


    Sir, this is from cherry bus. Thank you for patronizing our bus and we hope that we can communicate with you so that we can arrange all the information according to the bus company and so that we from cherry bus can give you permission to all you want to post…

    Thank you,
    Ms. Angie Lamayra
    HR admin / Cherry Bus

  12. just dropping you a note to thank you for your efforts in keeping the most updated information! I’m travelling to El Nido in two months and your site (with the bus information) was extremely helpful!

    Thank you once again 🙂 Have a good day!

  13. You are an absolute life-saver! I’m DIY-ing a trip next month with my family, and I’m ever thankful that I came across your blog. Papasalubungan kita ng kasoy! LOL. 🙂

  14. arthur

    Hi there, can you guys pls give an idea about going to El nido? Which is more cheaper? Is it more cheaper with tour package or cheaper travel by my own? Thanks guys

  15. Hi! Nice blog. A lot of helpful info. Me and my friends will be going to PP / El Nido on June 13 – 16. Do you know a nice and cheap accommodation in El Nido? Thank you,

  16. maine

    We’re having a hard time estimating our travel time from El nido. our return flight would depart at 6pm. Is El nido terminal far from Corong Corong?

  17. Reese

    Hi Ferdz, do you have any personal contact with RORO or Cherry bus? I cant seem to contact them. I just need to secure my transfers to and from EL Nido/. Thank you!

  18. Cherry naval

    My flight from puerto princesato manila is at 7:55am. Is it safe if i take the airconditioned cherry bus at 9pm? Is there a safe place I can stay for 2 to 3 hrs before going to airport? Or i can directly head to airport and just stay there to wait for my check in?

    • Hi Cherry! From my experience if you take the 9pm Cherry bus you’ll be in Puerto Princesa by 4-430 am. Quite early but you could stay this new 24hr diner along Rizal road opposite Shakey’s where you can stay. The airport is just on the same road. You could also have breakfast at Fersal Hotel restaurant just opposite the airport entrance. It’s better to be at the airport by 6am

  19. Honeybee

    Hello .. We’re going to PP on NOv 23rd .. I do find your blogs helpful. But I want to know your personal opinion on what you would prefer between the RoRo and the Cherry Bus .
    SO the most updated price would be the one shown on your Feb post right?

  20. sarahdee

    Thanks for this informative post! BTW, what do you think is the best thing to do/where to stay at 4-5am at El Nido? I think that’s my ETA if I’ll ride the 9pm bus from PP-ElNido right? Thanks!!! 🙂

  21. Hi, I’m so glad I came across your blog. ☺
    Ask ko lang, with the Pinoytravel.. safe ba magbook dun? And sure na ba seats namin kapag ganun? Anong mode of payment ang available?

    Thank you! ☺?

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