glenbrittle - the nicest campsite ever by Andreea Chelaru, on Flickr
glenbrittle – the nicest campsite ever by Andreea Chelaru, on Flickr

Summer is fast approaching. Who doesn’t think of caravanning at this time of year? The sunny days and long nights beckon us to spend our time out of doors. Now is the time that we are airing out our campers, cleaning our gear, updating our caravan insurance, and replenishing our supplies.

However, while summer camping does have its allure, caravanning at other times of year also has its advantages. Fewer crowds and different perspectives await the year round caravanner. Read on to find some of the best places to camp in the UK in all seasons.


Let’s start with summer, since that season is almost upon us. Summer caravanning brings visions of beaches, lakes and oceans. There are so many choices for summer travel, where does one even begin?

Isle of Skye

At the Isle of Skye in Scotland, you can set up on the bay at the Glenbrittle Campsite. Here you will encounter amazing views of the Small Isles, in the shadows of the peaks of Black Cuillin. The contrast of the beautiful waters and the gothic peaks provides a dramatic feel to your caravan holiday.

Although you may feel you are roughing it at the edge of the world, in fact if you need a taste of civilization you are only a short trip away from Talisker Bay.


In autumn, though the temperatures are cooler, the views can be quite spectacular. Campfires and tea can certainly chase away a chill, and you will be left with an experience to warm your heart.


In Derbyshire, Central England, award winning Callow Top Holiday Park invites you to experience England’s autumn splendor. Where else can you watch the leaves change color surrounded by macaque monkeys? Head over to the Trentham Estate to experience the exotic Monkey Forest in the heart of England. To get through a nippy autumn evening, head over to the on site microbrewery to fight back with a nip of your own.


Winter caravanning is not for the faint of heart. If you are up for the challenge, however, you will be rewarded with views that few get to experience.


Head over to Teifi Meadows in Ceredigion, Wales, for a beautiful winter’s view. If you are new to winter caravanning, and want to start slow, then instead of roughing it, you can rent a shepherd’s hut. Insulated and heated to protect you from the elements, yet with amazing views of winter in Wales. Or, if you love your caravan and feel you are equipped for winter, you can set up on site. The Caravan Club is a good resource to protect your caravan so all you need to worry about it having a great time.

View from Slieve Mish Mountains by Andrew Bennett
View from Slieve Mish Mountains by Andrew Bennett


County Kerry, Ireland

At the Anchor Caravan Park in County Kerry, Ireland, is set in the Slieve Mish Mountains in Castlegregory. The spectacular views of mountains and coastline are a sight to behold. Come in early May and you might just have the amazing golden sands of the beach all to yourself!

As you can see, with a little planning and a lot of wanderlust, caravanning in the UK can be a year round pleasure. So buckle up and head out for the rides of your life. Again and again. You’ll be glad you did.