6 Avoidable Accidents That Could Ruin Your Holiday

You go on holiday to relax and enjoy yourself. The stresses and strains of normal life should be left behind so you can take a break and refresh. But you can’t completely switch off. Even when you’re on holiday, you’ve got to be vigilant about potential risks. After all, ignoring them could ruin your holiday. Here are six things to watch out for:

  1. Broken bones

Generally, people slip, trip or fall when they’re rushing around not being careful. You might be excited to be on holiday, but running on the wet floor straight to the pool when you arrive could spell disaster for the rest of the trip. You might forget you’ve got your phone in your pocket or break a bone, meaning you won’t be swimming for a while. Keep your common sense with you.

  1. Swimming accidents

From unpredictable currents to treading on sharp coral, stonefish and sea urchins, the sea can be a dangerous place. As the Secret Traveller recommends, wear appropriate coverage on your feet and listen to all warnings on tides and currents to keep safe. Similarly, when in a swimming pool, pay attention to the rules and safety guidance. It’s there to keep you out of trouble.

6 Avoidable Accidents That Could Ruin Your Holiday

  1. Jellyfish stings

One of the potential dangers of the sea is jellyfish. Avoid any areas known for dangerous populations, and be cautious. A jellyfish sting can be painful and uncomfortable for some time. If you do get stung, never use regular water and beach towels to treat it as this will only hurt more. Instead, the Sunset Beach Club says to follow these steps and get yourself some form of antihistamine quick.

  1. Heat exhaustion

You’ll really kick yourself if you get heat exhaustion because it’s totally avoidable. Symptoms include tiredness and weakness, feeling faint, lower blood pressure, headaches, heavy sweating and being sick. After taking steps to cool down, most people should feel better after half an hour or so.

To avoid heat exhaustion in the first place, drink plenty of water and spend some time out of the midday sun.

  1. Food poisoning

Being stuck in the hotel bathroom feeling unwell is a sure way of ruining your holiday. It quickly takes all the fun out of a trip. To avoid food poisoning, check out reviews of local restaurants and try to eat where the locals do. You should also:

  • Use bottled water (if you’re worried about the local tap water)
  • Avoid ice
  • Eat fresh food
  • Check your meals are thoroughly cooked and piping hot
  • Avoid food that has been kept warm e.g. buffets
  • Be careful with fish and shellfish
  • Avoid salads that could have been washed in contaminated water

Source: The Travel Magazine

6 Avoidable Accidents That Could Ruin Your Holiday

  1. Vehicle accidents

Whether you’re hiring a car or using taxis, road accidents are a possibility. If you’re not a confident driver, it’s probably not the best idea to drive abroad. But always be careful using taxis and public transport. The attitudes to road rules and regulations can be laxer than you’re used to. Always go with reputable companies used to driving tourists.

Have you ever had an avoidable accident on holiday? Share your experiences with us.

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