Bali as a dental vacation destination
Bali as a dental vacation destination

Are you on the lookout for an affordable dentist and don’t mind traveling for dental treatment? The best dentist in Bali is waiting for you.

Why should you go to Bali for a dental vacation?

If you live in Australia or New Zealand (or even any other part of the world) you should put Bali high on your list of dental tourism destinations. That is because it has the necessary infrastructure to cater to dental tourists, including top quality dental clinics that offer a wide range of services.

These clinics have excellent amenities, use the latest technology and medical devices including carrying out advanced diagnostic tests. They often have onsite laboratories so that restorations can be done quickly and under trained technicians and doctors. Most importantly the doctors are well qualified and experienced, and many of the specialists may have affiliations to recognized local or international organizations. Clinics like Arc Dental in Bali have German trained doctors.

A dental signage in Indonesia
A dental signage in Indonesia

The lure of low price dental treatments

Surely, you can avail all these treatments wherever you live, can’t you? Yes, you can – provided you can pay the high price of these dental procedures. In advanced countries dentistry work is extremely expensive. As for the newer procedures like dental implants, they can be practically unaffordable.

On the other hand, Bali dentist prices are inexpensive. Just think, even with the cost of travel, stay and food included, your dental treatment will still cost you a fraction of the price when compared to the prices of procedures in your home country. And you have a holiday in the bargain, making at an even more attractive deal.

Bali for a holiday

An exotic tropical place, known as the Island of the Gods, Bali has a justifiably well-known reputation as a party destination, thanks to the many clubs, lounges and dance bars that abound. You can party all night if you want. And there is often live music in different places.

The climate is excellent mostly through the year and Bali has a number of beaches. So you can laze at the beach, go swimming, diving, surfing or indulge in other relaxing activities at the beaches.

Beaches apart, Bali has rich historical and cultural traditions. It has a large number of Hindu temples that are archaeological wonders, you can catch Balinese dancers in live shows and you can also check out various UNESCO world heritage sites, if you want.

You can also find hotels to suit your budget, indulge in local cuisines (though Bali caters to international tourists from all countries as well), so you can decide to splurge or go budget as your pocket permits.

A Bali tourist smiles
A Bali tourist smiles

Bali is waiting for you

With low airfares, visa on arrival (or even visa waiver) you don’t need to make elaborate plans before hopping on a flight to Bali. Don’t think twice about going to the best dentist in Bali to get the dental treatment you need or want and just go. A dental vacation in Bali will prove to be a memorable experience.