Volunteering in Ghana
Volunteering in Ghana

International volunteering is something that many students would like to do, but only a small number of people manage to undertake. If you are currently studying for a healthcare related degree program such as an MSN to DNP online, then you’re probably trying to gain as much voluntary work experience as possible to improve your career prospects upon graduation. Volunteering abroad isn’t just an amazing way of seeing more of the world whilst improving your work experience; it can also be a hugely inspiring and life changing experience that you’ll never forget. We’ve listed some of the best reasons to volunteer abroad whilst studying for your degree.

Reason #1. Gain Work Experience

Along with the study that comes with your nurse practitioner doctorate degree, you will need to gain some practical experience in order to pursue the career of your dreams once you graduate. In many caring professions, employers want their new starters to have had a certain amount of on-the-job experience before they begin their role since working in healthcare is so hands-on. If you decide to volunteer abroad, there are several opportunities that you could choose from when it comes to getting medical and caring experience. For example, overseas hospitals, humanitarian aid, and even working on the site of natural disasters are some popular options for those who are looking to volunteer their time towards good causes.

Reason #2. See More of the World

If traveling is something that you want to do more of, then volunteering overseas could be the perfect method of getting the work experience that you need for your future career whilst also ticking off some items on your travel bucket list. Voluntary work is available in a huge number of different countries around the world and there is no limit to the type of places that you can go to and explore whilst offering your services at the same time.

Reason #3. Start a New Life

For many people who decide to volunteer overseas, it can turn into something even bigger. If you have experience working with an international organization and they are familiar with you and what you can do, then you’ll be in with a better chance of finding a future, full-time paid career with them if that’s what you want for yourself. This is especially true for students in the healthcare industry; every country in the world needs good healthcare professionals, so if you are thinking of moving overseas and starting a new life there, international voluntary work could be the first step of your journey.

Reason #4. Make New Friends

Finally, let’s not forget about the social aspect of overseas voluntary work! When you volunteer abroad, you’ll usually be doing so with a team of people who have similar goals and dreams. Together, you’ll be able to not just work hard and help others, but also go out and have some fun, exploring the area where you’re staying, and discovering more about the culture.

Would you like to volunteer abroad? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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