The wooden cross looking over the port of Sabtang
The wooden cross looking over the port of Sabtang

Hike up the Cross

From the lighthouse we could see the large crosses up on the hills. Jess and I decided to hike them. First was the large cross nearby. We found the path behind the church. There were stone steps. Some were slippery with grass already settling in. I guess people don’t go here often. We reached the cross which is a pilgrim site during holy week. There were a few cows. The area was fenced and we couldn’t get to the road on the other side. The rock formations there looks like it is another idjang. There was another cross we wanted to climb but we had to go down first.

We asked around on how to reach the other cross. We got directions that it is near the cemetery. We followed the road from the municipality leading to the inner streets of Sinakan. It was an interesting to stroll around in this village. Found out there were a few of homestays here. As if luck was on our side, we happened to ask a guy who’s related to the family who owns the property where the other cross is erected.

The cross at Sinakan Idjang
The cross at Sinakan Idjang

Sinakan Idjang

We stumbled upon Neyala’s Homestay where we met Joseph. He said their family placed that cross on that idjang. The hill is also their farm. He looked at us to see if we’re fit enough to climb. We may have passed his mark as we continued on. He says the ground is soft and we should be careful. He led us to a small creek and pointed the way up beyond it.

Jess and I picked up some walking sticks. It was an open trail but I made precautions climbing. Rustling the vegetation and stomping noisily to disturb or scare away any creepy crawlers ahead. The trail goes zigzag up. The hike wasn’t that hard. Just slow after warning of snakes. We finally reached the cross. It was large and we had a great view of Sinakan Village and Batan Island. We enjoyed what’s left of our time enjoying the view. I had to thank my unexpected companion, Jess for prodding me to find this place. On my own, I would get lazy.

We headed back to the Sabtang Lighthouse shortly to prepare for our departure. I think I have exhausted the places to visit in Sabtang already, unless there are other places out of my radar. I enjoyed the company as well. People who have a passion for travel often collide unexpectedly on the road. We never really travel alone all the time if we’re open to people around us.

View of Sinakan Village below
View of Sinakan Village below
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