Flying high from the human launcher
Flying high from the human launcher

I’m a long time fan of the TV game show Wipeout. It’s one of those shows that simply makes you laugh when contestants get wiped out off the obstacle course. The harsher the better. I’ve always imagined what’s its like to run that course. When I’ve heard of the Inflatable Island in Subic, I thought this would be a cool playground. It’s not Wipeout levels but there are obstacle course that would be a fun challenge for key attractions on the largest floating playground in Asia.

Inflatable Island

With an area of 3,400 sqm, equivalent to eight basketball courts placed side-by-side, Inflatable Island is the largest floating playground in Asia. Vibrantly floating at the Subic Bay waters a little off shore from Samba Bluewater Resort, Olongapo City, Zambales. The island consist of several courses from slides, towers, bridges, human launchers and more.

The Happy Swing
The Happy Swing

Bliimo Adventure Quest

I came to Inflatable Island to attend Bliimo’s launch. Bliimo is a Filipino-developed mobile app where you can book awesome travel experiences in the Philippines like the Inflatable Island. Since they have a contest on who can finish task first we ran off the island to try cross out as many activities as we can.

There are lockers available to leave belongings. A lifevest is required when on the island as waters here goes as deep as 15 feet. Cameras, action cameras and mobile phones are allowed as long as they are in waterproof cases. Selfie sticks are also allowed but extended up to one foot max only.

We got on the course and aimed for the Human Launcher first. We thought it would be an easy way but we had to go through several path obstacles like pillars and slippery floors. We really had to keep steady to avoid slips and falling off. It was fun but exhausting. I loved the human luancher. I felt it was so fast but I felt spinning on the air and fell on my sides. By far my favorite activity there. Then there’s the wall climbing at the fluffy rock and its steep slide. The Unicorn trampoline was fun. And finally the Tarzan slide. I think it took us about an hour to finish the course in a hurried pace since we wanted to try the other activities offered during the event.

The Bali-inspired lounge area
The Bali-inspired lounge area

Essential Information

I enjoyed going through the Inflatable Island course and would do it again. It’s a fun activity for groups and kids too. For those who doesn’t want to partake on the activities, visitors can just hang around the Bali-inspired lounge area where food and drinks are available.

For more information and rates on Inflatable Island visit Follow their social media at:

Facebook: /InflatableIslandPh/
Instagram: @inflatableisland
Twitter: @inflatableislnd

Book your activities through the Bliimo App.

The Inflatable Island
The Inflatable Island
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