Five Ways to Guarantee You’ll Have a Memorable Vacation Experience

We all dream of getting away from the grind and going away on vacation, but did you know there are actually scientifically-backed reasons to get away from the office? Taking a vacation is awesome for you because:

We all dream of getting away from the grind and going away on vacation, but did you know there are actually scientifically-backed reasons to get away from the office? Taking a vacation is awesome for you because:

  • It reduces stress long after the vacation is over
  • You’re 30-percent less likely to suffer a heart attack with a yearly vacation
  • It can improve your productivity when you return to work
  • It can interrupt bad sleep habits, helping you sleep better when you get home

You just have to ensure you make your vacation count, which means finding ways to have a relaxing, memorable experience. Here’s how to make sure that’s the case!

Experience Something Brand-New

Have you ever driven home after work and realized that you’ve arrived at your destination without remembering exactly how you got there? That’s because it’s something you do every day. It’s easy to forget, or not notice, the things we’re used to.

Make sure your vacation is more memorable by doing something brand-new that there’s no way you can forget! For example, Nashville has many fun activities, if you are vacationing in the area. A show at the Grand Ole Opry is sure to be unforgettable.

Thrilling activities are sure to get your heart pumping and create long-lasting memories. Learn how to surf if you’re vacationing on the beach, go sky diving, or ride the scariest roller coaster at the theme park. You won’t forget it!

Climb a mountain
Climb a mountain

Pay for Experiences, Not Stuff

Maybe you’ve heard that you should spend your money on experiences and not things. Not only is that true for your day-to-day life, but it is also true while you’re on vacation.

Although you may want to save up so you can shop to your heart’s content while you’re on vacation, it’s not the best way to ensure you take your memories home with you. That’s especially true if shopping is something you do regularly anyway. Buying crummy souvenirs is even worse!

Instead, spend your money doing things that are memorable. That might mean making reservations at a fancy restaurant or catching a show. If you just can’t resist the shopping bug, at least look for a unique shopping experience at malls and stores that you will never forget.

Put down the Camera

Taking pictures is one of the best ways to remember past events. Or is it?

It turns out, taking photos decreases your memory of experiences later on down the road. Multiple studies have shown that the participants who don’t take pictures are the ones who remember an item, location, or event better later.

If you really want to have a memorable vacation experience, put down the physical camera and use your mental camera instead. If there’s an object, a location, or an experience you never want to forget, take a mental picture of it by inspecting all its details. You’ll remember it better than if you snapped an actual picture.

Travel with friends
Travel with friends

Make a New Friend

Traveling by yourself is great because you can do whatever you want. Unfortunately, it can get a bit boring. Not to mention, many of our strongest memories are formed with other people! Make friends while you’re traveling and you’re sure to have clearer memories of your trip.

Don’t think you have to be traveling solo to make friends with others! For example, finding other families so your kids have friends to play with on vacation can be a great way to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Slow Down

It’s normal to want to soak up everything an area has to offer. That means packing in as many activities into your day as possible. Although you’ll have fun, and you’ll definitely be busy, you aren’t likely to walk away with very many clear memories.

Instead, travel slow. Plan a few things here and there, but schedule in plenty of downtime so you can lick an ice cream cone while walking on the beach or sip on a cup of coffee while you watch the locals stroll by. You’ll enjoy your vacation more, you’ll return home more rested and relaxed, and you’ll have better memories of your time spent away from home.

What’s the use in planning a vacation that you won’t really remember a few years from now anyway? Make sure you soak in every moment, and you have the ability to revisit those moments for the rest of your life by following the tips on this list.

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