South Cotabato: Wandering Around Lake Sebu

Morning at Lake Sebu
Morning at Lake Sebu

I was careful not to step into the water getting as close as possible to capture my subject. It was early morning and the light was perfect. The placid water only interrupted by the slow moving boat while a gentle mist lifts up on its surface. A boy, probably at least ten in age, sitting on the edge of the lake signature narrow boats was tending the nets. It’s a familiar scene on this part of the world known as Lake Sebu, yet a welcome and relaxing sight for a city dweller like me.


Macau: Taipa Evening Stroll

Taipa Waterfront
Taipa Waterfront with artificial lake and view of Cotai Strip

Our coach sped through the scenic lights of Macau-Taipa bridge coming from Macau Central. It didn’t take long before we stopped and alighted our coach again. Joao led us to a waterfront park with steel benches by the lake. Afar we could see the towering buildings of the City of Dreams at the Cotai Strip. Despite the dimness it was nice scenery. I could sit down on one of those benches and just space out.


Macau: Fun and Wonder at Macau Science Center

Macau Science Centre

Macau Museum Children’s Science Exploration Gallery

I drop in a red rubber ball inside a large transparent water container with a simulation of a whirlpool inside. It looks fascinating seeing this small cross section on what is definitely an ocean phenomenon to be avoided. I watched as the red rubber ball get sucked into the pool and get discharged under the container. I wouldn’t want that ball be a boat with me in it at sea. It’s amazing I get fascinated by scientific displays as this whirlpool simulation inside the Macau Science Center whereas if I was a kid, I’d just be satisfied by pushing buttons and pulling levers to see what happens.


Macau: The Ruins of St Paul’s Church and the Macau Museum

Ruins of St Paul

The Ruins of St Paul’s Church

We zigzagged along the streets of commercial establishments and restaurants coming from Senado Square and St Dominic’s Church until we reach the narrower souvenir street heading to St Paul’s Church Ruins. The street here filled with souvenir shops and Macau’s favourite take home gifts from pastelarias selling peanut cookies, plums and beef jerky to mention a few goodies.