Lake Sebu: Dongon waterfalls of the seven waterfalls

The Dongon Falls, first of the 7 Falls in Lake Sebu

The Dongon Falls, first of the 7 Falls in Lake Sebu

Aside from Lake Sebu being the name of the natural lake, Lake Sebu is also the name of the whole municipal area in the province south west of South Cotabato. The lake is not the only attraction in the area as there are 2 more lakes and 7 waterfalls in which visitors may explore. So early the next day, we rode our habal-habal and headed to see two of the 7 waterfalls. First one of which is the Dongon Waterfalls.


Road to Cambulo

Jump Off at Kinakin

Jump Off at Kinakin [K800i]

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been out on the road. So when a fellow climber and one of the officers of MFPI Ms Ruby, invited me to join an Akyat-Aklat Outreach Project by Batch 19 of of MFPI’s individual members, I jumped at the opportunity and hey it would be a great start for the year to do an outreach. Last outreach I’ve done was way back in 2001. So off we go to Cambulo, Ifugao.


We’re way off the off-beaten path

Kagbuho Falls, Pagbilao

Kagbuho Falls in Pagbilao is another off-the beaten track destination in southern Luzon region. It was so way off-the-beaten path that we were also so off-beaten lost to find this falls to the point of almost giving up. The fact that we have no guide with us and have to rely on directions from the locals we pass by, it took at least 3 hours to find it inside the forest. We only have the Palsabangon river as our guide and as much as possible never to loose it in our sight if we dare not to get deeper lost. After 2 hours of lots of river crossings we came to where the locals called the “Lihisan“, the second river tributary where we were supposed to go to the right. That’s where we got really lost looking for the right trail. Fortunately after we almost decided to give up the search, a local came by and we managed to convince the guy to point us to the right direction. The local himself haven’t been there yet but he knows where it is. I noticed this on a number of places we have been that a lot of locals haven’t even been to their own Natural Wonders.

River Trail

Alas after 20 min of hiking upstream, and thanks to our guide’s help in paving our trail with his bolo and managing the rocky streams, we managed to get to the Kagbuho Falls. What a relief! Had our lunch and dipped on its cool pool. There were other smaller falls on the upper ground but we have niether time nor energy to explore. Maybe next time though we could explore more of pagbilao. The locals told us there’s a much higher waterfalls 2 hours from there, and Kagbuho is less than half of it’s size. After taking pictures and enjoying the waters, we headed back through the now familiar paths faster than before. When asking for water from a store in “Sentro” they were amused that we managed to find the falls and thought that it was our thesis or sumtin. It was then we knew that there were some military insurgence around and were lucky not to bump on any of them there. Again it was a relief for us. Another day of adventure weekend has ended.

Hectic Week

ME at Tappia Falls, Batad

Well it’s been one hectic week. After my second trip to Batad in Benguet, I just realized that there’s a whole bunch of project ahead of me. I guess I’ll be spending a lot of my time at home finishing them.

Well I need the money anyways, and I’m in a saving mood. I’m aiming to get that new Siemens M65 outdoor phone to replace my more than 2 years old Siemens C45.

Well gotta go and rest now. Need all the energy I could get.