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A Year in Travels March 2013 | Leaving El Nido and Reunions

Kayaking in Cadlao Lagoon
Kayaking in Cadlao Lagoon

It’s a sad sad moment when I was about to leave El Nido. One reason is that I will definitely miss the way of life there and the people I already know. It’s so different from the metro that I know it’ll be a major adjustment. Another is that i somehow failed in my attempt to live there longer. I was willing to live a provincial life but I guess fate has other plans. There were work and opportunities back in Manila that I can pass. And I was really slated to go back home somehow this month of March since most my relatives and siblings will be back home for a reunion. A rare time all siblings will be together.

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A Year in Travels February 2013 | El Nido Islands and Off-Beat Trails

Pangulasian Island
View of Pangulasian Island beach

My life in El Nido didn’t turn out as I expected it to be. My plan to stay longer got somehow waylaid due to unforeseen work circumstances. Though I no longer have work commitments I took it as an advantage to do more exploration in El Nido. Visiting more islands and off-beat destinations in the region.

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A Year In Travels January 2013 | El Nido Life

Overlooking Nacpan-Calitang twin beach
Overlooking Nacpan-Calitang twin beach

To change things up a bit, instead of a full year-end post, I’ll put in a series of post for the next 12 days for the 12 months of the 2013 in review. 2013 is such a special year of change and discovery, I wanted to focus more on slow long travels instead of micro-vacations, but bits and pieces of those are always welcome. 2013 started finding myself watching the humble but gorgeous fireworks in El Nido Palawan, temporarily staying with a nice family on where I was living in.

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5 Days in Yogyakarta and Solo Chronicles Itinerary and Travel Budget

Items from my 5 Days in Yogyakarta and Solo
Items from my 5 Days in Yogyakarta and Solo

It all started with a play of words, how the word “Borobudur” fondly rolls out your tongue as you one repeatedly utters it. Then the interest to visit this one of a kind UNESCO site came. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to join my group of friends on their planned visit so I embarked on a journey to Yogyakarta and Solo on my own as a birthday gift to myself. It was 5 Days in Yogyakarta and Solo of discovering mountain slope temples, admiring wonderful batiks, got into a motorbike accident and met hospitable strangers. Here’s recounting the trip with itinerary and trip cost.

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Ironwulf En Route 2012 Travels Chronicle

Dawn breaking at Noa Noa Island
Dawn breaking at Noa Noa Island. Photo print available at 500px and SmugMug

Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun every year. –

~ Unknown

We travel the universe every year whether we are aware of it or not. The Earth just made its annual trip around the sun and we were there for the ride. Three hundred and sixty-five days may not be enough time for most of us to circumnavigate the globe but it is enough time to look back how far we’ve traveled. As the year ends, lets take a look back at Ironwulf En Route 2012 travels.

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5-Days Perhentian Islands and Terengganu

Coral Bay Beach
Coral Bay Beach at Perhentian Islands

If palm-fringed islands with pure white sand beach, abundant marine life, chill-out atmosphere and shacks serving sumptuous barbecue by the seaside is your thing, Perhentian Islands, at Terengganu, Northeast Malaysia offers the perfect island escape. It’s distance that has kept this gem partially hidden fromt he tourist crowd and enjoyed mostly by backpackers and those few whose willing to travel far to this coast of Malaysia. Personally it’s one of my favourite islands since it sets a perfect balance between tamed development and keeping the natural wonders intact. Sharing here is the summary of the trip.

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8 Things to do in Cotabato City

The Road to Cotabato City's Grand Mosque
The Road to Cotabato City’s Grand Mosque

Let’s forget about the violence or the unrest that Cotabato City is known for. This post will sum up what I have posted about this much maligned city and would focus on things you could see and do. While I could say that this city, found at the heart of Mindanao, locked between Sultan Kudarat and Maguindanao, is generally safe, caution is still recommended and I would suggest to ask assistance at the local tourism office.