Baguio: Gear up for Ambuklao and Kennon Road Eco-Adventure

Ambuklao Geared up for Kayak

All geared up for Ambuklao Kayaking

Baguio has always been known as the summer capital. People flock here to enjoy the cool weather, great food and shopping. Aside from that, it’s the gateway to the northern mountains like climbing Mt. Pulag or when heading to Sagada. But Baguio is gearing up to make people stay within city vicinity by introducing eco-adventures around Baguio.


Batanes: Deep Sea Fishing at Bagong Tuklas

Batanes Deep Sea Fishing at Bagong Tuklas

Batanes Deep Sea Fishing at Bagong Tuklas

“You have to be on your own mettle with fishing, but you don’t really succeed at it until you calm down, accept what the weather’s going to give you” – Charles Rangeley, author

I’ve always thought that Batanes is rich in underwater life but it has never been really exploited. It’s remoteness (and pricey flights) really prevented a lot of people for coming here to gamefish. It’s really fortunate that on one of my assignments on Seair Inflight, I was able to observe what it’s like to fish here. Here are some excerpts from writer Chip Childers taken from his article “Desperate Angler”.


Nueva Vizcaya: The Balete Pass

Dalton Balete Pass Markerand Sky

Balete Pass Shrine

My 2nd visit to Imugan, Santa Fe gave me an opportunity to visit one of the historical sights in Nueva Vizcaya popularly known as the Dalton Pass Shrine and Monument, now called the Balete Pass Shrine and Marker. Much like how they renamed the Dalton Pass highway to Maharlika highway. This Zigzagging road is also known as the gateway to the Ifugao Rice Terraces, Central Luzon and the Cagayan Valley.


Nueva Vizcaya: The Historical Malico Ridge and Salacsac Pass

Malico Salacsac Ridge

The narrow road at Malico Ridges and troughs

“It looks like La Trinidad many years ago” I remember my writer companion tell me while we look at the cloud draped expanse of Malico ridges and troughs. Barangay Malico is 10km away from Imugan. It was our jump off point to our climb to Salacsac Pine Forest at Sta Rosa. But there is more to this developing land.


Nueva Vizcaya: Hiking to the Pine Forest of Salacsac

Salacasac Pine Forest Wood and Barn

Salacasac Santa Rosa Pine Forest Wood and Barn

It’s only been at least a month since I went to Imugan Nueva Vizcaya to do a documentation on Forest Carbon Measurement for Trading, I found myself back in Imugan with a few friends. We stayed this time on a dorm near a river frequented by foresters and also closer to the impressive cascades and falls of Imugan can be found. On our second day in Santa Fe, we venture 10km further to Salacsac, where a pine forest can be found.


Nueva Vizcaya: Dipterocarp Forest Carbon Measurement

Imugan's Dipetrocarp Forest

Imugan’s Dipterocarp Forest

The main activity for the day was to do the documentary shoot at the dipterocarp forest in Imugan. We met with the team of Foresters at the Kalahan Academy and they explained to us briefly where we are going. There were about a team of 8 foresters with us to cover everything we need. We’ll be tagging along with them as they work through the forest.


Nueva Vizcaya: Exploring the Imugan Falls

Enjoying at Imugan Falls

Enjoying the waters at Imugan Falls

I was asking around some of the locals there on how long it would take for me to reach the Imugan Falls. Most people would say 30 minutes. But as they say, sense of time between the rural and urban folks have a difference. I’ll find out soon enough as I head to the falls while they are having a workshop that afternoon at Imugan Town.