Playtime Starts at the SandBox Alviera and a Mini-Raffle!

Let's play at the Sandbox at Alviera Porac Pampanga
Let’s play at the Sandbox at Alviera Porac Pampanga

Summer is definitely here! Time to put on some cool comfortable clothes, splash in some sunblock and let’s get active at the outdoors. A new attraction has popped up in Porac, Pampanga. The SandBox Alviera, within the 1.125 hectare property of Alviera, is a giant playground for both the young and the young at heart. It got some unique rides and activities geared for group of friends, families or even corporations. We recently get to try these rides just before its public opening this April 12, 2014. And I got a treat for you guys. Read on!

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Pampanga: Giant Lanterns Bedazzle Again at Ligligan Parul 2011

Last year's Chamption and crowd favorite Sta Lucia
Last year's Chamption and crowd favorite Sta Lucia

I try not to travel around during the holiday seasons as the vehicular and human traffic is horrendous at this time of the year. But I decided to make an exception on the 17th of December 2011 to witness this year’s Ligligan Parul 2011 or the Giant Lantern Festival in San Fernando, Pampanga. It’s a grand annual lights and music spectacle featuring the Filipino’s traditional Parol (Christmas Lantern) showcased in a gigantic scale. This year, 10 baranggays (villages) take turns to display their sophisticated light design display on their Giant Lanterns in-sync with their choice of music to give us audiences a feast to our senses.

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Pampanga: Candaba Wetlands and the Vanishing Bird Sanctuary

Candaba Birds in Flight
Candaba Wetlands Birds in Flight

There’s what we call the Great Migration, in which living beings move from one place to another to survive and we humans are no exception to this chain. When our habitat condition is deemed unliveable we move to a new location. A perfect example of this of course is the migratory birds that fly endlessly around the world and live temporarily on environments favourable to them. The Philippines, particularly the Candaba Wetlands in Pampanga has been an annual host to these birds

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