Singapore: Marina Barrage Night

Marina Barrage

Singapore’s Marina Barrage

Singapore is flooded. I think it was almost waist deep. I could see some old cars toppled on the streets and people carrying their belongings above the water. I would have believed if this scene was taken in the Philippines a few months back but that this was taken in Singapore. It was in the 1960s when Singapore suffered massive floods during the rainy season. I was looking at photographs more than 45 years ago at Marina Barrage and was just amazed how floods are nonexistent at this time since then.


Singapore: Southern Ridge’s Henderson Waves and Forest Walk

Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves at Sunset

I only have a map to guide me though the trial. It was for Hort Park but it also includes the trails on what Singapore calls the “Southern Ridges”. It is a 9km trail connecting different parks on the Southern Ridges of Singapore. From the country’s oldest park, Mt Faber I have to get to Telok Blangah Hill Park but first I have to cross this pedestrian bridge called Henderson Waves connecting both parks.


Singapore: Mt Faber and Climbing the Marang Trail

Mt Faber Singapore View

Singapore buildings view from Mt Faber

When I was staying in Singapore, there’s always the search on where to go next. I know Singapore doesn’t have much in terms of nature and hike trails aside from Pulau Ubin, but it didn’t stop me from visiting Mt Faber located near Bukit Merah. It’s the highest spot in Singapore for a measly 105meters above sea level. But I’m keeping an open mind. So I hopped a bus to Vivo City Mall where the trail starts.


Singapore: MINT Museum of Toys

MINT Museum of Toys

MINT Museum of Toys

I was ogling at the displays encased in glass with even backlighting. It was certainly amusing to see how the Mickey Mouse figures have evolved from those mischievous long nosed mouse to the jolly rounded figure we know now. I squinted through the glass to make sure if the tag price I’m seeing along with the old long nosed Mickey Mouse is right. Yes, it’s priced ridiculously at US$35,000. I heard a voice from behind announce that the figure I’m looking at is one of the rare items in the Mint Museum of Toys.


Singapore: Colors of Chinatown

China Town Busy Street

Singapore Chinatown busy street

Among the sleek and shiny streets of Singapore, Chinatown sparkles at night and during the day have that clean grime along its busy streets which makes it one of my favorite spots in the country. The food there is also worth a bite for those with adventurous taste buds and the few temples nearby makes for an interesting cultural side trip. Yes, Chinatown is one of my favorite places in Singapore. And here’s more reasons why.


Singapore: Visit to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

Buddha Tooth Temple

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Maitreya Hall

I have visited a number of temples already. While some are really grand, they have already aged through time. If their rustic conditions still make them look astonishing. What more if you could see a temple in all its golden age glory. In Singapore, whose major population is Chinese, it’s no surprise to see a temple such as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple rise up at the heart of Chinatown. The temple is considered as a living cultural monument inspired by the golden age of Buddhism in China during the Tang Dynasty.


Singapore: Biking at Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin

Biking is a popular activity at Pulau Ubin

I noticed there are many people who have an active lifestyle in Singapore. Every night I didn’t fail to spot one or more joggers in the street. A few bikers and some people I met regularly go to the gym after their work. But once in a while it can be a drag in the city. The concrete streets and buildings can never replace the rugged outdoors. I do know some friends of mine yearning for something different would head out of the city and go to Pulau Ubin, an Island getaway from urban Singapore and a famous hub for outdoor activities.