Enter February

I feel that it is just the start of the year for me. I never really had “Re”-solutions, only that I feel it will be quite busy for me. So many oppurtunities coming ahead and I hope it will bear fruit. I’m trying to keep myself busy as much as possible by taking up a bunch of freelance job that I can handle. I wanna work hard. Earn more muchos as I go ahead.

Also being a staff of an online mag is quite exciting. Can’t wait to work on the upcoming issues with the other staff.

There’s also this one thing that I really hoped would work out this year. I won’t mention any details for now as it’s quite far from reality as of the moment but the prospect is there, am just hoping it will work out and I would be very happy for it. Will have to wait for it in the coming months.


January Top Search Engine Refers

Was able to get the top referers from some search engine searches going into this site. They are in random order:

+ Takbo Para sa Kalikasan
+ Last of All Days Lyrics by Hourglass
+ Sagada
+ irony in poetry/ visual poetry
+ Mt. Pulag Akiki
+ Pandan Island

If you came here looking for information regarding DZMM’s Takbo Para sa Kalikasan you can post your name and email at the “TalkBack” link and I can email you details of the run. The deadline for registration is Feb 6, so hurry and post!

If you are looking for the Lyrics of “Last Day” by Marilyn Scott, covered by local filipino band “Hourglass”, the Lyrics is somehwere in the December Archive. If you want, you can also post at the “TalkBack” link and I can email you the song Lyrics directly. It’s a really great song, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people are looking for it.

That’ll be all for now. Enjoy the day people.

A Road Trip to TagayTay

It’s one hell of a day today. Well after last night’s food feast at Big Buddha in GreenBelt 3 today it was another day of food, coupled with a crazy road trip.

Well today my officemates (Czar, Kelvin, Ryan and Eds) and I were headed to Ness’ Place near Tagaytay somewhere in Cavite. After we met up that morning in Paseo Center, we were on a crazy roadtrip to Tagaytay, with an all male group in one car, the conversations wet to the mundane, to the crazy, sexual, lost directions and some sing along with songs playing on an FM radio.

I have only known Ness long as I have been employed at PCIT. And I know she’s quite a character, she’s also a fellow Poet, a writer and we were able to swap books to read. Sad though that she will be leaving the company soon to pursue a career in the USA. It was her birthday last January 24th and we were invited to her family vacation house. Her house is very impressive. I like the modern architecture applied, her sister’s photos were a neat addition to the house and they have a nice big garden. As our birthday gift, Rhye asked Eds a photo manipulation of Ness in Joyce Jimenez’ body. And it was quite ironic that what we wrote is seriuosly a catalyst to the edited Picture. We enjoyed the food, we played that crazy but fun “Shaggedy Shaggedy” game.

There was traffic on our way home so some of our individual plans didn’t push through. Were supposed to pay some bills and buy some stuff so we just went to the “Fort” that evening and had dinner at Pho Hoa, which was satisfying.

I’m kinda sleepy now, I still have to jog to prepare for the Takbo para sa Kalikasan thingy. Nighty night…

Site Update

InMotion has a couple of new content. Yeah I’m kinda slow in updating and I’m not even sure if my writing here is any good so please bear with me.

“A Different Heaven” is my narrative on Lakbay’s journey on Mt. Pulag via Akiki Trail. While “Towards the Ridge” narrates the expedition in Tarak-Ridge Mt. Mariveles in Bataan with MMS.

Do check them out both if you have time in the InMotion Section.



Jim Henson's Labyrinth

I get to see again a long time classic Jim Henson Movie “Labyrinth”, when a friend of mine was able to get a copy after he got curiuos about it when we were talking about it the other night.

It was one movie that really influenced my view of fantasy wayback in 1986, I was still in grade school at that time. And after seeing this amazing fantasy world of biting faeries, talking hands, gargoyles, changing labyrinth floors and crytalballs, I thought Jim Henson was a genius. I got sucked into his world.

Seeingit now brought back nostalgia and how this old film could still be in par with the movies of today. It is timeless. I never new that Jennifer Connely was the girl here before I saw her in “A Beautifl Mind”. She looks great here. And David Bowie’s music really captivates here. His “Dance Magic Dance” was really fun.

Labyrinth is a timeless movie that I’m glad I’ve seen again after all these years.

Hey I’m OK!

Hahaha! It’s funny how when a member of your family reads about your thoughts or other stuff. My sister called up the other day after having found my blogand she read allthe entry. 😛

It’s okay though, despite what i write sometimes here I’m okay. It was just those moments and after a few days will be gone. Like my frustration in the recent entry, I just tried out the guys plucking style and was able to do it. It’s just a matter of practice and I decided to continue on with playing my guitar no matter how good or bad I am because I simply enjoy it!

Was able to canvass a few new guitars from Yamaha, JB music and RJ, will have to ask someone who knows to choose a quality guitar than me. Thanks again.

So Frustrated

God! I just got home from a lakbay urban gimmick, we ate Dinner at Don Hen (Don Henlin to Mutts),then went to Sonata in Malate where there was this nice acoustic performer.

You may ask why am I so frustrated, well for some weeks now I have returned on playing with my guitar. Diligently at night I try to remember those chords I use and even started singing with it. Somehow Music has been an unfinished business for me or something that I have dreamed about so big. Happily I was able to play a few songs which I think sounds great though I have to get used to my voice while singing. I got a recorder and listened to my play and it’s kinda acceptable.

Well a while ago I get to listen to a pro perform and I was so frustrated and inspired at the same time. But later on the frustration became stronger because I have so much to learn and he’s so good my self-esteem just went to an all time low.

It got me thinking, am I really up for this? Does my passion for music end just by listening and the dream to perform will only be a distant fantasy that will only stay a dream? Right now I’m really doubting my ability and it seems I would just stay as a frustrated artist as is and let my guitar rot in my room.

Sigh :{