Ahhh Work!!!

I think this is the busiest I have in my current work. Arrgghh, deadlines and piles of requirements!!! I’m looking forward this weekend, Hundred Islands here I come!!!!

A Laguna Weekend

PCIT IT Challenge in La Corona de Pagsanjan

It’s been a fun weekend in Laguna. Well yesterday our company had our “IT Challenge”, sorta like a team building activity but it was quite enjoyable. We met up at our office building lobby early at 6am, each of us were given an envelope and a piece of a clue on what we should do next. Well it was a bit of an amazing race thing as 2 groups were now in a race headed to La Corona in Laguna, Pagsanjan were we did some challenging rope courses. Well, The Wall was the most challenging I think followed by the High Y (as seen above). I think everyone enjoyed the activity.

Acacia Homes Calamba

I didn’t go back to Manila that day, and since I’m in the vicinity, I headed to my Tito and Tita’s place in Calamba Laguna. I’m not a regular in the place but we do have a house there that’s been neglected for quite a while and I decided to visit since I haven’t been there for quite sometime. Good thing my Tito Jose’s been keeping our unit tidy but it’s deteriorating since no one is actually living there. I do like the view from our street there. Well, I talked to my Tito on the cost on renovating the house and fixing it up. Quite a responsibility but I can’t let a good ol little house left to rot.

Now am finally home, looking at the pictures I took of the IT Challeng event. And will rest up a bit in a while. Catch up on some sleep….

ALIW Summer Issue Call for Submissions

ALiW’s upcoming issue called Pag-iinitan (April 2004 Issue) will focus
on how we Filipinos spend or spent our summer vacations. Share with us
your artworks, prose, essays, poems, stories and other form of write
ups as well as photos that tells us how you spend your hot summer

For write up pieces, please place them in text files (.txt).

For visual pieces, photos and the like, please submit them in JPG
Format with the dimensions of 576 pixels (width) x 768 pixels (height)
with 72 pixels/inch resolution.

And send your entry or entries at this email address
[email protected] or
[email protected]


Are you a creative graphic artist? With a crazy imagination? Have you
seen our past horoscope predictions?

If you are, well this is something you must try.

We are looking for a mascot to fit our Horoscope Predictions in every

Requirements: The mascot to be submitted should be a female. All
entries should be in JPG/JPEG format. Size should not be less than 200
pixels by 200 pixels.

One of our staff suggested: She look great with an eye patch, and is
wearing a “tapis” and is ready to do her laundry the Pinoy way. Or
look mighty disfunctional. (Please note this is only a suggestion and
not a requirement.)

Why should you join the contest? Aside from it is challenging, but the
winner of this contest will have his winning entry as Manang Ethel for
the next six months or so. Imagine what publicity you’ll be getting
and how you’ve contributed to the ezine! And of course, our thanks for
sharing with us your masterpiece.

Send your entry or entries at [email protected]

7 April 2004 11:59 PM (Philippine Time)

A Full Moon

It's a full moon!!

No wonder I feel so erratic today, this afternoon I felt I’m going to blow up. Like there’s so much energy inside I just wanted to scream aloud, punch something or someone. I can barely control myself

A Sorta family Reunion

Mini Antique Wine Bottles

Today we had a family reunion in Cainta, the home of one of our Tito. It’s been a very very long time since I’ve been there. I remember when we were kids, everytime after Christmas all the Decena family would gather in that place, eat share stories while all the kids play around. And most importantly recieve our pamaskos.

I can’t remember the last time I went there. My Tito Nemie, who originally owns the house now lives in the US with his family. My Tito Jun along with Tita Pacing are now here in the Philippines and all of us had a gathering there.

What was quite funny though is that this time there were more elderly here and they are very “Makulit”. I was able to take some videos and photos of the event. There only a few of us younger guys now, and a lot has changed in the house (no more toys of course). But those antique decorations (like the pic above) are still there, nothing much has changed in it’s arrangement through the years. The event took most of the day. I imagine the mid-elderlies had fun with their talks on politics, what ever happened to their families and everything under the sun. It was nice to see them all enjoying their selves.

Things doesn’t always turns out the way you want

Ninoy Aquino Wildlife and Nature Park

Have you ever watched “Bullet Proof Monk”? Do you remember the question “Why does hotdogs comes in packages of 10 while hotdog buns comes only in packages of 8?”. Well the answer is “Because things just doesn’t always turns out the way you want”. I could somehow theme my day to that.

Supposed to be we should have had a badminton game. I wanted to play again since I’m fond of it again since my highschool days. But there were only a few of us and we just decided to cancel.

Supposed to be I was planning to ask An2net to join me in my photoshoot in Manila (intramuros, Fort, Baywalk) but it seems our schedules just couldn’t meet. Sigh.

Supposed to be shooting in Manila, but but I ended up in Quezon City. It wasn’t really that bad as I was able to test my camera still and was able to take some nice photos like the panorama above.

Well the point is I try fitting in too much in one day, playing badminton with Lakbay and having a photoshoot with An2net. I ended up by my lonesome again.

But not all is bad for the day, I went to Henry’s at Hidalgo. They finally were able to give me my free 128MB XD-picture card instead of the cheap printer. Another college friend of mine who I haven’t seen for a while contacted me.

But then I got home… well that’s another story. 😛

There and back again… in Quiapo

It’s so tiring and frustrating at the same time. I just came from Quiapo where had Eds digital camera checked. He just bought it yesterday and this morning while we were testing it, we found a consistent white spot on all the pictures it produced. There must be something wrong with the lens. Jeesh, just when you’re excited to use it, we have to leave it there for a week just so the Olympus technical staff could check it. Sigh.

Well another reason I went there also at Henry’s Camera Store is to get my Promo Item. They said last Saturday that I would be getting their new promo item by the week since they ran out of the “Epson” printer give away the other stores were giving. Well their give away was a 128MB XD-Picture card. I would have preferred that but they were still in negotiation with Olympus if they would allow that. Now I have to wait till Saturday for their decision, wether they should give me the printer or the XD-picture card. Sigh.

What an exhausting day. Aside from that, I’m completely zoned out at work, almost slept halfway through. Sigh.